Mississippi State Game Day …


Sorry to break in Brad, but I wanted to share some video Daily Journal photographer Deste Lee shot last Saturday from Starkville. It even includes a Gregg Ellis sighting. Our video equipment is still a work in progress so some of the shots might be a little unclear, but Deste did a great job capturing the Game Day feel in Starkville. Thanks for watching.

Todd Vinyard
Online Editor


7 Responses to “Mississippi State Game Day …”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    I would love to see the same happy faces after the Auburn game.

  2. imabulldog Says:

    I would love to see the pictures period, I guess apples cant view it or something

  3. dawgfaninva Says:

    That was pretty good! Im so far away and cant attend the games so its good to bring a little piece of it to me!! Thanks alot DJ…is there going to be one after every game?

  4. toddv Says:

    Thanks for the comments dawgfaninva. I think we may wait until the State-Ole Miss game to do this again. Glad you enjoyed it.

  5. theconquistador2 Says:

    I’ll have to remember to check this out when I get home. Unable to view it here at work.

  6. skydawg706 Says:

    Todd – thanks for the video – I missed the dedication of the Bully statue.

    I know my son in TN will enjoy it also – stranded bulldog.

  7. msubsebal Says:

    Higher resolution of the video:

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