‘Hard-Stuff Football’: Dixon Speaks


Firstly, today’s stories: On Auburn’s defense, and a notebook featuring Karlin Brown, Marcus Green and Derek Sherrod.

Secondly, I chatted yesterday with the always quotable Anthony Dixon, MSU’s junior tailback. He’s rushed for 171 yards and two TDs so far.

• On getting the tough yards: “That’s what comes with this offense – hard stuff, physical football. I ain’t going to sit up and say I don’t wish we could run through gaping holes, but hard-stuff football, that’s what we do, that’s what we’re accustomed to, so we don’t have no problem with it.”

• On the return of Sherrod at LT: “It’s going to be a beautiful thing to see him up in there.”

• On Tuesday’s practice: “It was a tough, physical practice. Everybody’s getting that mindset for Auburn. Coach (Pat) Washington came in the meeting room, he gave us, I won’t say a big speech, but he told us like it is. He told us what was on the line, what we had to do to beat these guys.”

I’ll check back after this morning’s SEC teleconference.


6 Responses to “‘Hard-Stuff Football’: Dixon Speaks”

  1. meridiandog Says:

    It’s good to read that Dixon knows what it will take for him to run against Auburn. Like him, I wish the holes were there but if they aren’t, we still need 4-6 yards each time he touches the ball. Don’t missunderstand – I would love to see 15-20, but I’d take 4-6 and be happy.

    Hopefully the O line realizes that they must step up and play better than any game this year. I have said that wrong. They must play to 100% of their capability, which they never have. They must push Auburn off the line and open holes for Dixon & Company to move through. They also must give Wes as much time as possible when he needs to throw. We might all be surprised how good our passing game would be if we had 4 more seconds before a desperation throw, or eating the ball.

    Having said that, Wes and Company must complete those short passes to open up the box. We must have the run to beat Auburn and an 8-D box will shut us down. Honestly, I could care less about the bomb. It makes great game highlight footage, but long successful drives will win the game for us and depress the heck out of Auburn.

    I hope the tean heard what Coach Washington said. This game is a must win. The rest of the SEC teams are anything but Gimmies. I’m even worried about Vandy. If we think of playing a bowl anywhere, we must beat Auburn or it will be a very long and difficult season.

    GO DOGS!!

  2. maroon1white Says:

    If Vanderbilt can create “gaping” holes why can’t we? We have to win the battle in the trenches. Jedi mind trick’em if you have to, whatever it takes.


  3. theconquistador2 Says:

    I often find myself asking the “If they can….why can’t we?” question more than I would like.

  4. msu21 Says:

    Question for Brad: Did you ever see or hear of CC and Dixon getting into an argument last week over him missing classes this fall??

  5. imabulldog Says:

    I’d love to see us put up 225 running, but like I said I’d love to see it 🙂

  6. Brad Locke Says:

    Negatory, msu21. Haven’t heard a peep about that. And at last report, the two were getting along swimmingly.

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