Blog Bag: The Answers


Well, I couldn’t answers for all of them. Perhaps I can get a couple figured out over the weekend. But here is what I came up with. Enjoy.

Q: Is CC thinking about running the fball for the majority of the game to wear down Auby’s starters?
A: In talking to OC Woody McCorvey, it sounds like he wants to do a lot better job passing the ball than the Bulldogs did against Auburn last year. He might play it safe, especially considering Auburn’s front four, but I expect McCorvey to put his receivers to work early.

Q: Has the coach hinted at throwing blitz packages at the QB instead of just sending the 4 down linemen at Auburn’s QB?
A: Says coach Sylvester Croom: “Each quarterback has his strengths, and the players have to be aware of what they can do an and what they can’t do. As far as adjusting, we’re surely not gonna discuss that in media. It just creates more work, and more preparation on part of coaches and players.”

Q: Who is our fastest WR?
A: McCorvey: “ What I always look at is game speed, and that’s what Brandon McRae gives us. He has really been playing fast.”

Q: What’s going on with Jamayel Smith?
A: Croom: “ We’ll do the same things (in practice) with all of them. We’ll do the ball security drills we do every week. … It’s just a matter of carrying the ball right. You’re supposed to carry it high and tight, he was carrying it low and loose.”

Q: When will the basketball schedule be released?
A: Gregg Ellis: “Hopefully soon.” Within the next week, I’d guess.

Q: Devil’s Advocate:
Brad, do you think Coach Croom will ever obtain the mindset needed for a SEC-caliber head coach. Meaning – one that doesn’t constantly battle clock management issues, indecision, etc.
A: That deal at the end of the first half last week was disconcerting, although it’s not like QB Wesley Carroll was in a hurry. I don’t feel like I can make a judgment on him having an SEC mindset; I’ve been paying attention the past five years, but not as closely as y’all have.


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  1. 2thdoc Says:

    It is going to be packed today in Vegas and can’t wait to see the crowd. The maroon endzones look awesome and they have the lower crossbar up for the video board.

    Here’s some pics:

    See yall there.

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