Auburn-MSU Postgame


Some quotes first:

• Coach Sylvester Croom on the fourth-and-15 play: “I wasn’t sure we’d have a chance to get the ball back. From their field position, we punt the ball, there’s a strong chance the ball could go in the end zone. I figured hey, that point in the game, I was very concerned that we might not have a chance to get the ball back. Even if we didn’t get it, I felt like our defense could hold them right there.”

• QB Wesley Carroll: “They had great effort all game, and I think we had great effort all game. There was no problem in how we played effort-wise, we’ve just got to put it all together.”

• Croom: “I don’t blame anybody. The coaches are coaching hard, the kids are working hard. The thing about offense is, if one guy makes a mistake, you’ve got problems.”

• Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville: “We knew coming in we were going to be conservative (on offense). They played zone defense, so we didn’t want to throw the ball down the field much, just take a few chances, because all they were doing was dropping their safeties off.”

Now, some notes and numbers:

• This was the first 3-2 game MSU has been involved in.

Blake McAdams punted 10 times for a 38.1-yard average. Two of his kicks were downed inside the 5-yard line.

• QB comparison: Carroll 10-25-1, 78 yards, 0 TDs; Chris Todd 14-26-0, 154 yards, 0 TDs.

• Total yards: Auburn 315, MSU 116.

• First downs: Auburn 14, MSU 6

• State on third-down conversions: zero out of 14. Auburn’s opponents were 3 of 32 coming in.

Good night.


36 Responses to “Auburn-MSU Postgame”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    Good night to you and to all our miserable fans. 🙂

  2. lollipopkid Says:

    Complete microcosm of what it means to follow MSU sports. Here’s the news State fans haven’t yet figured out. Our defense really isn’t that good. Auburn killed themselves with poor play calling (why not throw the post more often, they only hit it or got P.I. every time they tried, plus they line up in the shotgun 3 times on our 2 yard line), constant penalties, missed chip-shot field goals and several turnovers. We are terrible on offense and mediocre on defense. If there’s an offense that’s worse than ours over the last five years (D-I, I-AA, D-II, D-III, NAIA, JuCo, High School, Pop “freaking” Warner) I’ve never seen it. If McCorvey is not fired then Croom shouldn’t see 2010 with this team. You cannot be worse than we are. Last year, our defense (which was MUCH better than this year’s version) compensated for our offense stupidity and ineptitude. Anyone who thinks we’ll win a conference game is either ignorant, stupid, blind, or all of the above. We CERTAINLY won’t be favored again all year (and that includes MTSU).

  3. lollipopkid Says:

    Also, Chris Garrett is driving a brand new black Jeep Wrangler. Make of that what you will. I just report the facts.

  4. Brad Locke Says:

    Fact: His grandma bought it for him as a reward (for what precisely, I forget). Be careful what you imply. Get all the facts.

  5. imabulldog Says:

    pop, our D is that good! The only plays that were that big of a deal were on the shoulders of Tay Bowser, because 3 of the 4 plays up the middle were only possible because Piggy and Fitz were playing underneath instead of back. They gave up 315 yds, and I’ll take that vs anybody, anybody. And so what if they busted like 5 “ok” plays- they were on the field all nite, 3 points on 71 plays- like I said I’ll take that too.

    The only truth is…
    if our O plays like that again, there is not a team on our schedule we can beat. I don’t think they’ll play that bad again, but if its the way we are going to…I’m worried.

    BTW anybody want to help me bubble wrap his stuff

  6. imabulldog Says:

    sorry, by that I meant Woody

  7. dawgface52 Says:

    • Coach Sylvester Croom on the fourth-and-15 play: “I wasn’t sure we’d have a chance to get the ball back.

    The only way we were going to score is for the defense to fall on a fumble deep in their territory and we kick a field goal. Anyone could see it mattered not if we got the ball back by them punting. Why was that so hard to see?

  8. mathistondawg Says:

    I am very concerned. State played good enough to win on defense, and Auburn played poorly enough to lose. They committed turnovers (our defense helped them here), too many penalties to count, and missed a chip shot FG.

    Our offense is by far the worst I’ve seen, ever from an MSU squad. Croom is too loyal to his assistants – much like coach Cut at U of M – and guess what they did there?

    For those fans of MSU that say we were one play away from winning I agree – however Auburn came in flat, and their coaches are in hot water now. Go to and read what their fans are saying. Tubby is a moron. “Conservative offense” my rear. They weren’t prepared.

    Croom got a huge raise and extension on his contract after last year. The defense carried the team LY. That team reminded me so much of our last trip to Atlanta as the West Division champs – our defense was awesome then too. However our offense was better.

    Croom should spend the week finding a new home for his good friend so he can save face, or this will be a long year because he will be questioned on every move he makes through Thanksgiving.

  9. hburgbully Says:

    On a more positive note (I had to dig deep to come up with this) State was a very disciplined team last night. I have never seen them commit fewer penalties. Obviously, Croom got to them on making stupid mistakes. Now he is making them, 4th & 15 call. That call had zero chance of being successful based on game performance; Carroll looked awful, Dixon didn’t show up, give Ducree credit, offensive line didn’t open a hole all night, wide recvrs need coaching on how to catch a ball (go up for it), McAdams inconsistency is bewildering, D looked good for the most part. Now it looks like I am back to my old game mode of hoping we don’t get embarrassed by our opponents; not a good way to watch your team play.

  10. thingreenline Says:

    If Croom doesn’t drop the “WCO” crap or replace the guy making the offensive calls (Woody), then he shouldn’t even see the ’09 season. Anyone who constantly produces pathetic result like that year after year, in any profession, would be in the unemployement line. “We just have to put it all together.” ? Really? Hasn’t MSU’s offense been trying to do that since Croom got here? There should be an either-or decision forced on Croom as soon as the Egg Bowl ends. Either get rid of Woody, Or you go as well.
    The defense did more than it needed to do in order to win this game. I doesn’t matter if you think the defense “really isn’t that good.” I though that before the game as well, but I dropped that crap after last night. Maybe they’ll suck it up for the next two weeks, for last night they deserved to have a W in the results column. ANY other SEC team, with that kind of defensive performance, would have won. Any of the other eleven! What happened to opening up the offense? Just because you run one or two trick “wacky” plays in a game does not mean you’ve opened up anything.

    My new season prediction — 2-10. Last year was a fluke, and it’s a shame how well some MSU teams could have been in the past five years if they just had a decent offense.

  11. thingreenline Says:

    “IT doesn’t matter…”
    “…, but last nigt….”

    darn typos

  12. hburgbully Says:

    How ’bout them golden eagles! Fedora is a force to be reckoned with on the recruiting trail. He has already plucked a top 10’r in DeAndre Brown from Ocean Springs; this kid is for real and will play on Sundays. Now Croom has to recruit against Fedora and Nutt not to mention Miles, Fulmer, Sabin, & Tuberville who routinely reach in and grab one or two. Back to Fedora, he may not last very long at USM (someone will grab him) but he will make his mark in Miss. recruiting. His style is wide-open, exciting and he is dynamic, young, and relentless. Hold on dogs, because we will feel his impact.

  13. theconquistador2 Says:

    Well our offense has made it back home…

    Total offense: 103
    Rushing: 93
    Passing: 89
    Scoring: 105

    It’s a shame because…

    Total defense: 20
    Pass: 16
    Rush: 36
    Scoring: 18

  14. msstate1 Says:

    I am new to acctually posting to the blog, but I have followed it for some time now and I think in this situation I could put down a comment or two.

    First- This offense needs a complete overhaul. From pass protection, new looks, and more speed!!! If we dont give speed a chance(hints: Lee, Bonner, and Elliot) we will never have a chance against SEC opponents. What does it take for Croom to give these boys a chance. AT LEAST A SERIES to try a new look that maybe most teams we play my not expect. They talked about Elliot’s speed and elusiveness all summer and preseason. Well lets see it. I mean we cant be selfish enough to think that we have the only defense in the sec with good speed.

    Second-I must compliment on McAdams efforts as well as the defense for keeping us in the game all night. I believe that conditioning was there bc I dont know of many defenses who could play at that level all night. Now I will admit this was not the best looking Auburn offense that we have seen in a while; penalties, fumbles, etc. But regardless the defense never lost focus and there were some popping hits by our boys. I believe at least one coordinator is doing his part.

    I agree with many of you. McCorvey is or should be on the ropes. I know Croom has his old school ethics but somethins gotta give.

  15. 2thdoc Says:

    Credit to Center Z on sixpack for this:

    Also Crxxm and Wxxdy can no longer be spelled with an “o” since none exists in Vegas. Not my idea but I like it…That is all.

  16. skydawg706 Says:

    Defense gave the offense many opportunties. Again as in the past, defense kep us in the game. Auburn number 68 helped us out also – need to thank him for his support.

    I was waiting all night to see Carrol get intercepted at a crucial opptortunity – Auburn 18 yar line, 2 mins plus seconds to go in the game – debate may be ball was “slightly underthrown” which Carrol threw others “sligthtly away from the receivers”. Yes, maybe McRae should have gone up & gotten the ball since he was taller, etc., etc.

    I’m frustrated like every one esle is – want to see our guys win for a change.

    Again defense was impressive – admire them playing hard to the end. They did what was asked of them.

  17. bigdraws Says:

    “• Croom: “I don’t blame anybody”

    Guess what? I do!! I blame your ass. Pack your crap now!!!

  18. bikerdawg Says:

    State is supposed to be a running team. Our 1000 yard rusher gets 5 yards on 7 carries. Our next best (?) rusher gets 3 yards per carry.

    Speed will not help if the defense on the other side of the ball is just as fast and our offensive line cannot open holes. Give Auburn’s defense its due. They stuffed the run every time we tried.

    Give the MS defense its due also. Auburn had a 1st and 2 and did not get in the end zone. Between the 2 teams I think there were 27 third down situations that were NOT converted, 14 for MSU and 13 for Auburn. Our defense stood tall in spite of what the lollypop thinks.

  19. thingreenline Says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to take lollypopkid seriously. He calls himself “lollypopkid” for crying out loud! Does he rollerskate in daisy dukes too?

  20. bigdraws Says:

    AD wasn’t 100%. Just sayin.

  21. bigdraws Says:

    I just read lollipops post. You’ve got to be the dumbest SOB alive.

  22. dadwithpride Says:

    I asked in the first “Readers Questions” this year if Croom would throw Woody under the bus if necessary to save his own job this year. Greg said “no way”. What do ya’ll think?

    I was there and heard more than one person say on way out “if they dont fire that ,..,.,.98.//.. then I’m done with STATE.”
    I know it was a hearbreaker, but does it always have to be on TV? Just how stupid is going for it on 4tha dn15 whe we didn’t convert a 3rd down all nite?

  23. bigdraws Says:

    He won’t do it. I was there also, and the offense was a running joke outside of the stadium all night. Totally agree with your take on the 4th down. I just stood there with my mouth open.

  24. mathistondawg Says:

    I agree as well. It is obvious to me Croom will not condemn the bad call – even though many say it was the biggest blunder in more than a decade. We still had two time outs left. Not going to get the ball back? Of course they were. AND probably with a chance for a return of a punt, INT or fumble to get closer than we were. I know I am only an armchair QB, but when you can’t convert a 3rd or 4th down all night, don’t try for a long one with several minutes remaining, and when your punter is on target.

    Croom is a wonderful person, committed and strong in his beliefs, however his loyalty to his assistants will get him.

  25. bigdraws Says:

    “however his loyalty to his assistants will get him.”

    Sounds like a stubby lil baseball coach I’ve heard of.

  26. carwwest Says:

    defense played amazing….it is going to be a sad day when croom leaves his players at state because he hired his less qualified best friend and now will not fire him….even if it is not all woody’s fault (but it is), there has to be a change made….you cant change all of your starters so you have to change the head guy that has constantly kept us at the bottom of the nation….but croom deserves to go if he isnt going to do whats best for the school…croom is a good players coach but his in-game coaching is still lacking….

  27. thingreenline Says:

    Lacking it is, carwwest. That was what I meant earlier this week when I asked Brad in the Blogbag about his SEC-coach-mindset. I just don’t think he has it.

    And I’ll just throw this question out there: Can the AD not go around the head coach to get rid of an assistant?

  28. hburgbully Says:

    No way thingreenline. that would be a disaster.

  29. thingreenline Says:

    I wasn’t sure if that had been done anywhere before. Now that I think about it, that was the huge deal with Cuttcliffe at UM. But in our case, what would be a disaster is for the head coach to keep an assistant based on the close relationship.

  30. midnightdawg Says:

    Our defense is good, but as someone here referred to, not THAT good in the Auburn game. Their LT Ziemba and 68 bailed us out plenty. At least 2 of their fumbles had nothing to do with pressure or hard hits. Love the silver lining, but let’s be real.

    Thank goodness Lester is ok. That was pretty scary.

    As for the offense, don’t have much to add to the frustration expressed already. Got a boy in first year of pop warner, watched his team lose bad Saturday morning. In all seriousness, didn’t see a big difference in play calling Saturday PM. Maybe it’s not all McCorvey’s fault, just little talent to work with?

    Probably a little of both, but something that few if any have expressed on this site is the signifigance of losing Gates at LT. Sherrod STRUGGLED all night, and the domino effect of the Gates loss I believe is the reason we can’t run the ball and have (?) to roll out all the time, cutting the field in half, to protect the QB.

    Love the Dawgs, ALWAYS! But I’m sitting in a booster seat with 2 seatbelts going across the middle seat as far as the season goes. The Auburn loss, to me, was more discouraging than the La Tech loss. 3 games, no offense. Can’t see LSU or even GT bringing it out of us.

  31. bantyrooster1 Says:

    We can’t win with the offense we run. West Coast, Left Coast, We need a bar of Coast to cover up the stink our offense leaves on the field.
    Woody or Sly must go. If Sly doesn’t fire Woody, then he should be shown the door. Year after Year, it’s the same thing with MSU and offense. We will not win a conference game this season. Our win total might be 3. Could be 2. What a letdown. After all the hype and positive feelings going into this season, we’re stuck with this crap. Croom doesn’t blame anybody. He should look in the mirror and he’ll find the person responsible for this mess on offense.

  32. dadwithpride Says:

    How lon must we suffer. I’m scard to look at the stats thus far into the year. Nationwide, we’re probably where we were last year , near the bottom. Don’t blame the players, this is Crooms fifth year, they’re his recruits. He needs to be given a directive from the AD, improve offense or Fire Woody.

  33. thingreenline Says:

    Amen to that

  34. carwwest Says:

    i have said it and im going to keep saying it…if croom cant do what is best for the school because of his personal agenda then he needs to go….college football is a business and he preaches a business type attitude but yet rewards failure to his best friend….i call BS….

  35. skydawg706 Says:

    Besides the defense staying in the game – I thought the fans did a great job – there were a lot that stayed till the end – hoping for something to break open and score in the end – been great for sure.

    Hard to say if its the coaches fault or the offensive players fault – have to take into consideration maybe the West Coast is over their head – know it is a tuff offense to learn – but if you cannot execute but a few plays – not much the defense has to defend against.

    What is it with our offense year-after-year, excuses-after-excuses?

    I’m frustrated big time like the everyone else – want to see my Dawgs have a wining season – past due.

    It is for certain Wxxdy is not going to resign – (has no where to go – milk this job as long as he can).

    Again hard to blame it all on the coaches – matter of excuting – got to get receivers when they are wide open – 3 & 7 got go deep than 7 yards – offense line – maybe to many players playing out of position – no depth to fall back on.

    Like the t-shirt said given out SELU game – Skydawgs want more.

  36. Link Digest 9/16/2008 Says:

    […] Auburn-MSU PostgameSome quotes first: • Coach Sylvester Croom on the fourth-and-15 play: “I wasn’t sure we’d have a chance to get the ball back. From their field position, we punt the ball, there’s a strong chance the ball could go in the end zone. I figured hey, that point in the game, I was very concerned that we might not have a chance to get the ball back. Even if we didn’t get it, I felt like our defense could hold them right there.” • QB Wesley Carroll : “They had great effort all game, and I think… […]

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