AP Top 25


Here ’tis. Five SEC teams in the top 10. Auburn dropped a spot:

Record    Pts    Pvs
1. Southern Cal (61)    2-0    1,596    1
2. Oklahoma    3-0    1,485    3
3. Georgia (2)    3-0    1,437    2
4. Florida (1)    2-0    1,414    4
5. Missouri    3-0    1,389    6
6. LSU 2-0    1,274    7
7. Texas    2-0    1,140    8
8. Wisconsin    3-0    1,076    10
9. Alabama 3-0    982    11
10. Auburn 3-0    958    9
11. Texas Tech    3-0    904    12
12. South Florida    3-0    801    19
13. Ohio St.    2-1    800    5
14. BYU    3-0    788    18
15. East Carolina    3-0    781    14
16. Penn St.    3-0    779    17
17. Oregon    3-0    679    16
18. Wake Forest    2-0    482    20
19. Kansas    2-1    445    13
20. Utah    3-0    428    22
21. West Virginia    1-1    179    25
22. Illinois    2-1    163    24
23. Clemson    2-1    160    —
24. Florida St.    2-0    146    —
25. Fresno St.    1-1    121    21

Others receiving votes: Vanderbilt 63, Oklahoma St. 62, TCU 45, Boise St. 38, Arizona St. 36, North Carolina 31, Virginia Tech 28, Nebraska 21, Tennessee 15, Connecticut 13, Iowa 12, Kentucky 6, Tulsa 6, Minnesota 4, Northwestern 4, Notre Dame 4, Arizona 2, Ball St. 1, South Carolina 1, UCF 1.


21 Responses to “AP Top 25”

  1. carwwest Says:

    who voted for south carolina??

  2. thingreenline Says:

    I just saw a closer replay of the INT toward the end of the game. Yep, our guy should have made a better play on that. That was nothing but catchable for us. You can see the mentality difference between us a other teams on that play; while our guy (whose a tall receiver) doesn’t think to go up and get the ball, there makes the catch and has the mindset to make sure he’s clearly in-bounds afterward. Smart players make great plays. On the other hand, dumb coaches make dumb calls (that’s in reference to the 4th and 15 call; I actually liked the play call on the INT, just not the result).

  3. thingreenline Says:

    BTW, I saw that replay on wtva. That dude on there that used to work at wcbi is goofy as hell.

  4. www.tupelopix.com Says:

    Why do I have such a hard time saying “Woody Mcorvy” without dropping an F-bomb in front of it?

  5. msu21 Says:

    And it begins…….

    “They just can’t throw the ball,” added Pat Patterson. “I had really decided around three weeks ago that I wanted to decommit (from MSU), but after going to the game Saturday, I came to a final decision. I am looking at some more schools now.”

    Which schools are now in the running?

    “Mainly USM and Auburn.”

    What stands out about USM?

    “USM is throwing the ball a whole lot. In the first game, they threw it 55 times and against Auburn, they threw it 50.”

    Although Auburn’s offense has also had troubles throwing the ball, Patterson has been impressed.

    “I just like how they compete. They compete at a championship level.”

    Anybody else still in the picture?

    “Yes sir, Ole Miss is telling me that I have a chance to come in and start, and I see they are throwing the ball a lot too. I think I am going up there this weekend to see them play. I hear their QB is for real.”

    Is MSU still an option?

    “Yes, they are still an option but so are some other schools too.”

    When it comes decision time; what will be the main factors?

    “I want a good throwing offense that can provide me a good education. That is basically it.”

    Patterson has 10 catches for 208 yards and 4 TD’s for the first two games of action

  6. theconquistador2 Says:

    Not related to the Top 25, but I’ve heard several people bring up the “no talent” excuse and I don’t get that argument. Of course our offensive talent isn’t as good as other SEC schools. But our offensive talent is as good or better than most teams in this country and yet 100+ teams are more effecient at it. We don’t just struggle to score against SEC teams. We struggle against every team no matter what conference.

    I think there is enough talent on this team to put a competive offense on the field. The WCO hides it.

  7. bamamanreturns Says:

    0 Talent + gross Incompetence = MSU O

  8. cnd46 Says:

    0 Intelligence + Superiority Complex= Bamamanreturns

  9. moorebs Says:

    OH don’t worry BAMAMAN your day is coming…when you stop playing LA school for the blind you will find out real quick that your Bammers aren’t what you think they are.

    And you can throw out the Clemson game all you want but you and I both know they would get spanked by most of the SEC teams on your schedule coming up.

  10. cnd46 Says:

    And Bamaman you never answered my question

  11. imabulldog Says:

    Littleboyinbamapajamas, shut your hole- atleast we have beaten them in the last 6 years

  12. imabulldog Says:

    12 proclaimed titles (-) about 8 self proclaimed titles= a T Shirt that should read, we’ve really got 4.

    And BTW, that “no talent as you say” has whooped your rear end that last 2 years

  13. msu21 Says:

    What happen to this blog’s dignity? We’ve got high profile recruits de-committing and everybody on here wants to bash some kid in his pajamas! I used to love getting on here and getting some valid information throughout the week about MSU sports, but now this blog gets cluttered with nonsense.

  14. imabulldog Says:

    thats funny 21, its all turned into standing up to bammaman, and firing McCorey

  15. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Croom probably voted for South Carolina. That’s about what I’d expect from our GREAT coach.

  16. bamamanreturns Says:

    Wow 2 years in a row and 1981 too!

  17. bamamanreturns Says:

    moorebs…I don’t know if you noticed, but AU was the first non-louisiana team you guys have played yet…maybe you should get Maine back on the schedule

  18. moorebs Says:

    We will put Maine back on the schedule when you guys schedule LA-Monroe again.

    Just a couple more questions. How long has it been since the Bammers scored a touchdown against our defense? And when was the last time you guys beat Auburn?

  19. thingreenline Says:

    I wouldn’t worry too much with it, moorebs. That’s just someone with an alter-ego trying to get people worked up. He doesn’t have anything better to do after mopping up the mess in the back room of the video store he works at.

  20. moorebs Says:

    Thanks greenline…Unfortunately I live in South Alabama and listen to this crapp all of the time. I almost hate dealing with bama fans more than our brothers up north.

    By the way did you know that Bama has won 12 national championships?

  21. thingreenline Says:

    Yep, and The Bear pushed Hurricane Ike to the west b/c they think they give LSU enough of a beating. They’re delirious I tell you! Ten times worse than UM and the Archie days.

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