Georgia Tech: An Early Look


Two words: Josh Nesbitt. The Georgia Tech QB accounted for 260 yards – 151 on the ground – in his team’s 20-17 loss to Virginia Tech on Saturday. Here is the game story. And here’s a closer look at Nesbitt. My early thought: G-Tech’s offense is going to have trouble.

I suppose you could’ve found all that yourself. But why do all that work on a Sunday? That’s what I’m here for.

3-2. Still hasn’t sunk in.


16 Responses to “Georgia Tech: An Early Look”

  1. thingreenline Says:

    I don’t know much about GT, but there are some things to consider.

    The defense has to be heartbroken about giving 110%, only to lose 3-2. And those two points were their’s!! How will this play into things? I’m not thinking this will happen, but I could see some D’s out there wondering what good does it do to bust your a** out there, knowing your offense can’t do anything. But, we’re also talking about kids wanting to do great and try to make it to the next level.

    Like other MSU D’s in the past three years, this one (like last night) can give up a big 3rd down and long play. Especially when it’s thrown toward the middle of the field. With a good GT quarterback, this may cause problems.

    I like the GT matchup, but I think their goal is to at least score 10 points. That will basically guarantee a win against our offense.

  2. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Just a suggestion: Take the State baseball team and leave that, what suppose to be football offense at home, when you travel to Ga Tech. State possibly could score more points with the baseball team. At least, that baseball team can hit homeruns. Just a suggestion from an ole rebel fly boy. Go luck!! We are rooting for you!!!

  3. bigdraws Says:

    If I heard one baseball joke last night, I heard a million of em.

  4. carwwest Says:

    georgia tech will win by 2 TDs if we cant come up with more than 116 yards and 0 effing points….im very up in the air about the rest of the season now…croom and mccrovey have lost us two games this year….i dont see this team making a big leap in production but thats just me…i hope we do but i dont see it happening while woody is still at mississippi state….what will happen if we win 3 games again??…who gets fired if anybody….

  5. dawgbones Says:

    Well I have calmed down now but am still mad. A 4th and 1 call got Orgeron called. A 4th and 15??? When we haven’t even converted one third down all night and it is obviously at that point a field position game. If I am Harbison I would have been in Croom’s face because he took it out of the defense’s hands at that point. Heck another safety would have won it. Since Croom is too stubborn to admit a mistake there isn’t a snowball’s chance that he will replace McCorvey. McCorvey should do the honorable thing and use his loss of a kidney as an excuse to retire (NOW). The Starkville paper sports writer asked a good question in his article this morning–summarize–If it wasn’t Croom’s fault, McCorvey’s fault or Carroll’s fault, it was someone’s fault and changes must be made. It is time for the press to turn up the heat. 5 year’s is plenty of honeymoon — even for a black coach. I encourage each of you to contact Greg Byrne, his email is on the MSU sports website. It is time to build the heat. Even if by some miracle the defense scores enough to save the season like last year, it is time for at least an offensive coaching change. For Sale signs need to be placed in both Croom’s and McCorvey’s yards. Maybe it will make Croom as mad as last time and he will resign and save us some money.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    like I said, I love Croom, but McCorvey gots to go!

    For last 3 yrs the D has been in top 50, and in the last 4 our O hasn’t cracked the top 100- woody has to go

  7. thingreenline Says:

    dawgbones, I agree with you on everything except the For Sale signs. Nobody, not even Orgeron, deserves that. Not unless they slap a handicapped kid on the sidelines.

    But I fully agree that Byrne should get plenty of emails about Woody.

    It’s just now starting to sink in that someone as unproductive as Woody still has a job with a SEC team after this long. Belhaven would have fired his butt by now!

  8. bantyrooster1 Says:

    McCorvey should be tested for brain activity. I know we have talent on the offensive side of the football. We’ve got to do better than being the worst offense in the SEC. I’m so tired of watching State look like crap on offense.

  9. dawgface52 Says:

    I thought about email Greg the other night, but I wanted to cool off. But I plan to email him this morning. In a Corp, board members and CEO’s are held accountable. We are the stock holders, so we have a right to express our feelings on the matter. Heh heh, a fair comparison considering what’s going on this morning in the financial markets. Hope we don’t end up like Lehman Brothers. 😦

  10. bamamanreturns Says:

    The meltdown is on BABAY

  11. thingreenline Says:

    If we just ignore him, he’ll go back to washing the crusty stains out of his underpants.

  12. bantyrooster1 Says:

    The meltdown has been on for a while now. I knew that dang loss to Louisiana Tech was going to end up being bad. Now we know just how terrible our offense really is. Defenses CAN’T win CHAMPIONSHIPS if the OFFENSE doesn’t score. When will STATE people admit we have someone incapable of running an SEC Football program in CROOM. We are now the joke of the SEC. Vanderbilt counts us as a win and complains that they don’t play us every year.

  13. thingreenline Says:

    We’ve been the joke of the SEC. That’s nothing new. After a winning season last year, we fit back into it like a comfortable slipper.

  14. bamamanreturns Says:

    See, this is all good. Admitting the problem is the first step to recovery.

  15. thingreenline Says:

    That’s what we tell Bama fans about their Bear-syndrome.

  16. skydawg706 Says:

    It seems for many years now all State had they kept them in the game was its defense…….I was very proud of our defense for not giving up….had to be hard – stay motivated.

    QUESTION: Does McCorvey ever make any comments about the game – after the game teleconference. Or have I just missed them – do not recall hearing or reading anything from him.


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