Crank Up Mr. Cristil


Or be ready to dole out some dough for ESPN GamePlan. Looks like Raycom won’t be able to televise the Georgia Tech game here. There’s the possibility of FSN picking it up, but I don’t know. Will have more details by tomorrow, I hope.


6 Responses to “Crank Up Mr. Cristil”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    Dough for ESPN game plan? No way I’m paying to watch a zero productive offense. I’ll watch a ‘free’ game on cable.

  2. dadwithpride Says:

    I was at game Saturday. So who can tell us how Mr. Cristil felt about our dominating offense? He usually doesnt sugarcoat it, and usually you can hear the frustration in his voice.

  3. msudawginbama Says:

    is there a website that has Jack giving the play by play? i’m too far away to get any of the radio broadcasts & i’d rather hear him than any of the TV bozos anyways… i tried a couple of the obvious ones… any help would be appreciated…


  4. bigdraws Says:

    you gotta get on Get you a maroon to the max scription.

  5. msudawginbama Says:

    ah, ok. i wondered about that. is it worth the price?

  6. bigdraws Says:

    If you’re wanting to listen to the game it is. I got it mainly for baseball, because sometimes you can pick them up and sometimes you can’t where I live.

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