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• In today’s Journal, I brought you the lowdown on Georgia Tech’s offense, led by sophomore QB Josh Nesbitt.

• If any of you are making the trek to Atlanta, here’s the word on Tech’s game day atmosphere.

• And here’s a piece on Tech RB Lucas Cox.



24 Responses to “On the Links”

  1. msu21 Says:

    Can we get a segment on the likes of Tyler Russell, Montrell Conner, Chad Bumphis, Pat Patterson, and maybe the Boyd kid??? You know….just to see whats going on with them…how they’re doing…let them know that the MSU fanbase still loves them….what kind of car do they want…etc!!

  2. theconquistador2 Says:

    I turned the TV on my cell phone and it was on ESPN Mobile and guess what game was on and which play was being run?

    MSU vs Auburn…4th and 15. Great timing on my part!!!

  3. msu21 Says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t put it on ESPN Classic yet!

  4. thespear Says:

    guys, i was at the game last week and understand everyone’s frustration. But please don’t be so quick to criticize the players. The guys are kids and they played that game with a lot of intensity, maybe not their best effort, but certainly a strong effort. This loss fell on the shoulders of the coaching staff who failed to have any offensive production whatsoever. All im saying is, go a little easier on the kids….

    not talking to msu21 or theconquistador, just speakin in general

  5. imabulldog Says:

    A win this weekend is not impossible. I had us winning this game at the beginning of the year, and to be honest-if our Offense can score we have a chance…its that simple. I still believe we could easily rock Hotlanta!

  6. imabulldog Says:

    BTW, anybody read their fans comments-dogging their school and stadium out.

  7. msu21 Says:

    Yes I did ima! Just to let everyone know this kind of non-sense goes on at every school in America…not just MSU…so us fans are not our of the norm here! I guarantee there are fans at USC and everywhere else complaining about something

  8. msu21 Says:

    I know this is off the subject…but what happened to that Farley guy?? It seemed like he left when GG left! He must not like you Brad!

  9. bigdraws Says:

    He went to a nice restaraunt, and ordered the steak. The chef beat him to death when he caught him dipping his steak in A1 sauce.

  10. Braves Dawg Says:


  11. carwwest Says:

    spear, i think the majority of us realize it is not all the players fault….that is why we want wxxdy’s head….

  12. goldendawg Says:

    Although I am disappointed in the them and mad as heck at Wxxdy, I still love my bulldogs!

  13. Brad Locke Says:

    Yeah, I’ve been meaning to check on Farley. I don’t know what’s up. I guess he’s got a lot on his plate. Or, maybe he just doesn’t like me. :/

  14. cnd46 Says:

    He is in Las Vegas for his birthday

  15. farley662 Says:

    I’m around. Just not posting. Trying the whole, “If ya don’t have nothing nice to say……..” thing out.

  16. carwwest Says:

    better than i am farley….golden, i agree, i think we are all mad BECAUSE we love our bulldogs….

  17. bigdraws Says:

    Who are we kidding. We bitch about the basketball team every year. And all they do is win the west.

  18. carwwest Says:

    yeah well i have come to understand why we do stuff like that…. 5 years, same problem=no offense in football….and i know we have dominated the west in basketball but last year was the first time we have made it our of the first round in how long??…baseball, we have been spoiled and have been good for a long time until recently….we all just love our school and want it to do well and when we have the same problems occur over and over, it just burns us up…at least thats the way i look at it….but ill be a bulldog till i die to say the least…

  19. bigdraws Says:

    I think 05 was the last time carwwest. If you look at it though. We almost beat Memphis this past year, and the time before that we gave Duke all they wanted. Can’t blame em for how we were seated.

  20. imabulldog Says:

    So yesterday, Im at my school, and its ring day for the students. So we were in the gym all day. Anyway, the guy selling rings is like best friends with Coach Stanz, and offers me two free tix to the GT game.

    Awesome! Too bad I can’t go!!! Worst timing ever!!!

    Guess I’ll watch it on the computer on espn360 😦

  21. bigdraws Says:

    I ordered it on Direct TV ima. You can’t ever tell when 360 will black you out. It was about $20.

  22. theconquistador2 Says:

    No reason to complain about the basketball program. Maybe the Tourney, but nothing else. And the people who want to fire Stansbury are completely insane.

    Plenty to complain about in football and it’s all justified.

    Baseball…we’ve had every right to complain about where that program had fallen. And it has fallen. Five more months and we get to hear Cohen’s name anounced over the speakers and the ping of a metal bat!

  23. bigdraws Says:

    I agree with everything you just said conquistador.

  24. carwwest Says:

    oh i think stans is a GREAT recruiter and a good coach and has done a fantastic job with our program but ya’ll are right about where we are seeded…i dont want him fired AT ALL….i wasnt complaining as much as i was just saying things seem to reoccur at state…

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