Les Miles Says …


LSU just came off a big win over SEC West foe Auburn, and it has an open week coming up after Saturday’s showdown with Mississippi State. LSU coach Les Miles sees no reason for a letdown, though.

“If you watch their film and you see how talented they are, and you see what their abilities can be, you put it together, and that’s the team you have to play. I don’t believe there will be a letdown,” he said on the SEC telconference this morning. “I think going into an open week is certainly a reason to let it rip.”

He also said that when judging MSU’s defense, he prefers to look at the Auburn game, not the Georgia Tech game. “if you watch that defense, you watch that Auburn game and see how they played in that Auburn game to really see what is their strength.”

State coach Sylvester Croom will be on the telecon around 11 a.m.


12 Responses to “Les Miles Says …”

  1. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Les Miles will have to do a good job this week just getting his team to not overlook State. This can’t be an easy job because players read the paper and watch ESPN. I’m sure LSU players don’t consider State a serious opponent the way we’ve started this season. Might be a good time to sneak up on them. I can Dream, can’t I?

  2. imabulldog Says:

    Banty, you sure can, and I’ll dream with you, let’s not tell anyone though

  3. deaddawg1 Says:

    Banty and Bulldog, I hope you guys aren’t at work. They fire people for smoking pot on the job.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    I gots da munchies

  5. bigdraws Says:

    Bad thing is, he’s a school teacher too.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    be cooool my babies

  7. goldendawg Says:

    What’s sad is that they could overlook us and not bring their best game and still beat us be two touchdowns

  8. imabulldog Says:

    As yall know by now- I’m a optimist…

    – even though I’m upset with the season so far, I’m still enjoying this fball season because we wait on it all year, and I don’t want to waste it.

    -it would be nice to see our boys pull a couple of games out.

    -I still think these dawgs still have some bite left in them!

    -I think some of yall need to take a step back and realize we are in this together, so when the dust settles and we have something to celebrate about like last year- yall won’t be on the outside looking in.

  9. imabulldog Says:

    and I love looking at my stack of season tickets, knowing I get to drive down to Gods country, ring my bell, and watch those dawgs!

    Win or Lose,
    Maroon Forever

  10. db33 Says:

    What IF the Bulldogs upset LSU in Baton Rouge?? How big of an upset would that be? Where would everyone rank it?

    My answer, NUMBER ONE. Considering how we’ve played, how they’ve played, how they’ve beaten us DOWN since forever ago, their high ranking, and the fact we’re coming off of a beat down, I’d say it would be the biggest upset in school, maybe SEC, history.

  11. goldendawg Says:

    Allow me to clarify my point: Auburn did not bring their A game, but we did not capitalize on their mistakes. I’m worried that even if LSU had a breakdown and tried to give us the game, we wouldn’t know how to take it. As a State alum, I am very proud of my school and will always support my Dawgs.

    I do think we can turn it around, I’m just dying to see some evidence that we will.


  12. imabulldog Says:

    There we go guys…it would be huge

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