Blog Bag: The Answers


Well, I’m sufficiently stuffed after dinner at Mike Anderson’s. I’ve actually had better catfish, but it was very fresh. And I tried oysters for the first time. Not bad.

Didn’t have a lot of questions this week. The Blog Bag sort of devolved into a pissing contest between a few posters. I know that happens sometimes, but personal attacks aren’t going to be tolerated here. So can it.

Anyway, here’s what I’ve got.

Q: When is OL Derek Sherrod supposed to be back to 100%?
A: Line coach J.B. Grimes: “I’d say he’s pretty close.” Sherrod: “I’d have to say I’m full 100 percent ready to go.”

Q: Offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey’s health.
A: They don’t want to talk about it, but he’s doing OK.

Q: Why in the fifth year of Coach Sylvester Croom do we look the same as the first year?
A: Croom: “Any time you go into building a program or rebuilding a program, it’s a long haul. I knew there were certain things we were going to have to go through. One was, did I really want to go on that journey, and was everybody going to be on board for going through the process we had to go through. … I’ve enjoyed it. It’s been a very difficult task. I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m still enjoying it, and the process continues. … I felt like we’ve made tremendous progress. If my tenure was to end today, this program would be a lot better off than when I came.”

Q: Why does MSU run the West Coast offense when so many schools don’t?
A: Croom: “I think a lot of people, first of all, a lot of people do run, in all these offenses, are running West Coast concepts. Nobody runs the entire system … A lot of quarterbacks are coming from the spread offense in high school, and that makes it extremely difficult to train a guy under center and learn the drops. It’s easier to just back a guy into the shotgun and throw from there.”


12 Responses to “Blog Bag: The Answers”

  1. carwwest Says:

    so what did we learn from this???…crxxm still makes the same lame excuses and doesnt give real answers….keep up the good work though BL

  2. mathistondawg Says:

    I didn’t know McCorvey had health issues. What does he have?

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    “It’s easier to just back a guy into the shotgun and throw from there.”

    Hmmmm………..I guess that is why so many schools are going with the spread. Not saying we should go to the spread but it seems that the west coast offense is just too complicated. Oh well, Croom knows best.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    I’m a Croom supporter, buy man does his comments sound the same

  5. dpmoule Says:

    I heard that McCorvey has cancer of the kidneys. Not sure if it is true or not. Isn’t it also true he once battled prostate cancer?

  6. dadwithpride Says:

    I guess I should have reposted my question from earleir in the week, and that is “Has anybody had the nerve to ask CC at press conferences about stepping down or making coaching changes

  7. waltron Says:

    I know everyone’s disappointed in the season so far, but calling for his job on the third game in? That’s pretty childish. How quickly people turn.

    I agree with Ima, hearing the same comments over and over again really does get frustrating. Then again, I don’t know what I expect him to say … “The wheels are falling off, and we’ve got serious problems.” ?

    Croom did answer the question about coaching changes a week or so ago on a call in show, and he summarily dismissed dismissing McCorvey.

  8. If Oregon State Can Beat USC, Anything Can Happen….Such As Mississippi State Covering The Spread Against LSU « Bulldog Maroon & White Says:

    […] The Blog Bag at Inside Mississippi Sports has some hard hitting questions for Croom, but the fact is, only wins can satisfy people, not answers. Speaking of Brad Locke, he’s predicting a 34-10 win for LSU. […]

  9. spaceghost1 Says:


    Where have you been for the last 5 years? Did you see the score from last week’s game against GaTech? Did you know we lost to LameTech? Unlike you, most of us are tired of losing. As this season goes on, it is more and more obvious that last year was a fluke season. We lost any momentum we had from last year when we laid an egg against LameTech. Do you think we are going to all of the sudden be able to score against LSU? Did you take a look at the rest of our schedule? Crxxm has had almost 5 years and we are back to square one. Wake up.

  10. waltron Says:

    I’ve been a student and now alumni during the past 5 years, and part of the Miss. State faithful for my entire life. If you think you’ve got a monopoly on bad Saturdays due to the Bulldogs’ intercollegiate tackle football ineptitude, you’ve got another thing coming. Everybody feels the pain, some of us just deal with it differently.

  11. db33 Says:

    Croom said:

    A lot of quarterbacks are coming from the spread offense in high school, and that makes it extremely difficult to train a guy under center and learn the drops. It’s easier to just back a guy into the shotgun and throw from there.”

    Yet, what did he do to Omarr Conner’s CAREER??? Answer – WASTE IT.

  12. carwwest Says:

    thanks db, i have been saying that ever since henig became QB…conner was not a great QB but could have won us a lot more games if crxxxm knew how to use him at all….but as we can all see now, crxxm has no idea how to use any talent on xffense….

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