Blog Bag Time


It’s back. Drop off your questions here, free of charge. I’ll do what I can this week over in Starkville.

But first, a question for y’all: How do you expect the defense to perform Saturday coming off a couple of rough games? I’ll have a story on that later in the week, by the way.

Remember, press conference tomorrow. FYI, like today, the team will practice at 3 p.m. Fall break.


12 Responses to “Blog Bag Time”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    Brad, there’s no doubt our D, literally ‘feast’ off the energy of the crowd and cowbells.

    I say coming back home, defending their own turf- and knowing that, that fact will play a huge role in us having a chance to win and salvage ‘something or part’ of our season = a strong outing defensively.

    They’ll be up for the challenge, and I predict a great performance, getting turnovers on downs, fumbles, and picks.

    Plus, they know they’ve not been as strong as expected, but keep in mind the O, hasn’t helped either.

    Great play on both sides of the ball, and we sing the Hey song at the end, while the #13 team in the country exits with heads lowered

  2. bulldog22 Says:

    I agree with ima! I think playing at home will help us and the week of rest and regrouping…go bulldogs!!!

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    I’ve been down on the dogs pretty much all year but I have to agree with imadog. I think the timing is right for a good win.

  4. carwwest Says:

    i like yall’s optimism…im not going to get my hopes very high but i think they (vandy) are ripe for a loss….my question might be a stupid one but who cares….

    i heard it would cost us $3 million to buy out crxxm at the end of the season….is there going to be new money coming in from the learfield media deal we signed a few months ago and the new espn deal??…if so could this possibly help us buy him out??

    cause i think we all know if we dont start playing better, recruits and fans are all going to jump ship and that would probably cost us more in the long run….

  5. darkcooger Says:

    If Woody doesn’t go (and possibly even if he does), I’d be willing to drop a few bucks in the “Let’s Croom Croom” bucket. The first three years I forgave because he was building a program. Last year I guess I got caught up in the excitement of a winning season and a bowl game. This year, I’m paying attention and I’m pissed.

    As for Vandy, I agree with ima as well. It’s also encouraging to see so much optimism!

  6. BirdZ! Says:

    Blog bag question:

    Will the Video Board/Mega-tron be ready for the UK game?

  7. maroon1white Says:

    Q1) BL, Why is it Tay “TOAST” Bowser is struggling in the secondary on the deep routes? How can we correct this?

    Q2) If you talk to Tyson Lee please, for me, ask him not to look back while he’s on a QB run. Other than that tell him to keep up the good work.

    Q3) Crxxm said AD is going to get the ball until he’s tired, but what about Mcrae? He’s such a weapon that I believe isn’t used fully.

    thx, looking forward to the responses later today.

  8. dadwithpride Says:

    a. I think Defense will play its heart out as usual, IF the offense will just give it a lil’ hope (and rest).
    B. Blog bag : How much thought goes into the schools minds as far as trying to make game day a more fun(and therefore and more attractive place to spend your entertainment dollar)?

  9. nashdawg Says:

    BL—I have only one question for you to ask. Please get a firm answer. Who is calling the plays during the game? McCorvey or Croom or Felker or the waterboy…

  10. msudawginbama Says:

    Brad, has Robert Elliot had surgery yet?
    i know he’s out for this year, but what are they saying about him being able to bounce back?

  11. maroon1white Says:

    Good question Nashdawg. I’d like to add to that question. BL, ask him what is the play call process? Does Croom treat McCorvey like a QB give him some slack in the leash and yank him back when we punt a few times? Or does he evaluate each play called from start to finish and veto the ones he doesn’t like?

  12. nashdawg Says:

    Yep, I agree m1w. There is much more we would like to know about the play-calling system.

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