Sylvester Croom Monday Teleconference


No big revelations, but some interesting stuff nonetheless from this morning’s teleconference with MSU coach Sylvester Croom:

• On RB Anthony Dixon‘s increased role now that Robert Elliott is out: “He’s got to go every snap now, he’s got to go. No matter the personnel groups, he’s staying on the field, unless he’s tired. (Christian) Ducre will come in to rest him when he’s tired, and/or (Wade) Bonner. I’m pretty much going to leave it up to AD.”

• On QB Tyson Lee, and the length of his leash: “It’s his job right now, but I reserve the right to make a change as necessary. I think by now, I think you guys know I’m not a guy, if he throws an interception or fumbles the ball, I’m not going to pull him. I do reserve the right to make changes if I need to. In the game, if we need to make a change, I’ll do that. … He doesn’t have to look over his shoulder.”

• On how ex-starter Wesley Carroll is handling it: “It has energized him. He’s a competitor. He said, ‘Coach, you know I’m going to compete and fight and try to get that job back.’ I would expect no less.”

• TE Marcus Green (hip) will not play this week, making it four straight games he’s missed. Otherwise, the Bulldogs are in good shape, according to Croom: “I think everybody’s going to practice today. Everybody’s a lot better than they were when we left (for the weekend).”

• On Vanderbilt: “What they’re doing is a lot like what we did last year. You don’t beat yourself, you play physical and fast football, and you play for 60 minutes.”

• And finally, one reporter asked the question that’s been on all our minds: Do you have any special packages for Derek Pegues on offense? Croom: “Nope.” An awkward silence followed.


22 Responses to “Sylvester Croom Monday Teleconference”

  1. darkcooger Says:

    “You don’t beat yourself[…]”

    Yeah, you just take advantage of the other team beating itself. How about, just once, outright beating the other team?

  2. imabulldog Says:

    I just wish he’d have replaced Carroll with Lee, when the game wasnt ‘going so well’

    We’ll beat Vandy with Lee

    Go Dawgs!!!

  3. imabulldog Says:

    i was talking about the Auburn game, sorry

  4. maroon1white Says:

    Why would he have any special packages for anybody when he believes the WCO should work. I wish I had his home address so I could mail him a copy of the Dolphins/Patriots game a few weeks ago.

    With that gripe I still believe we beat Vandy our schedule lends us the advantage of playing a few of our opponents after they’ve played a big game the week prior. I was rooting for Vandy to beat AU and they put it all out on the field. You can’t get up every game they meet the wall saturday.

    OTS, does anybody know if there will be a big group of State fans tailgating for Fulmer Crxxming in Knoxville?

  5. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Guys, be serious. We aren’t on any level near what Vandy is playing right now. I know it’s easy to hear “Vanderbilt” and think “There’s ONE win right there” but those days are in the past. Now it’s the Vandy fans who see “MSU” on the schedule and pencil in a W.
    Quarterback change won’t be the difference although Lee looked good in the LSU game. Vandy is playing with emotion, confidence and desire. Right now our Bulldogs are O for three in those categories.
    I hope we win. I really do. But right now, let’s prepare ourselves for the usual Sylvester Croom experience. Another loss and another week of excuses and talk of missed opportunities are all we have to look forward to.
    In the end, a victory this weekend would be great but won’t change the place our program has fallen into; the bottom of the football universe.

  6. desertdog2005 Says:

    When I read or hear any of the Coach’s comments, I think of the Tide commercial where the spot is talking over the person.

  7. db33 Says:

    Derek Pegues (from the MSU official website):

    Rushed for 4,104 yards and scored 86 touchdowns in his high school career … In the state championship game to end his senior campaign, he rushed for 244 yards and a state-record five touchdowns….Credited with running a 4.4 in the 40-yard dash and with a 350-pound bench press max by the

    Why must we never have a clue on offense?

  8. carwwest Says:

    crxxm never says anything worth taking seriously….the comments about lee’s leash are a joke because he pretty much contradicted himself ….i think we can beat vandy but i dont know if we will because of our lack of coaching…but like i always say, i hope they prove me wrong…i’ll be there ringing my bell with the rest of yall who are going….

  9. thingreenline Says:

    If anyone wants to check out a closet-homo in action, look at banty freak out on the other board.

    What a nut job. He’s showing his true colors today.

    He probably wears his mother’s panties on his face when he sleeps.

    “She puts the lotion on her skin……” (creepy silence of the lambs voice)

  10. bantyrooster1 Says:

    I have to. I ran out of cucumbers.

  11. thingreenline Says:

    Do you really think that is funny? Really? It just shows what a low-life you are and you obviously have nothing to do with your time.
    You’re a tool.

  12. thespear Says:

    your not a happy person are you, thingreen?

  13. dawgface52 Says:

    Why try Pegues when we have a fine tuned offense? Makes no sense. No, nothing to gain by trying that.

  14. thingreenline Says:

    No, not usually.

  15. thingreenline Says:

    No, not usually

  16. thingreenline Says:

    Hey Brad, how about stepping up and kicking off annoying pricks who have nothing to contribute to the site? If that includes me, then fine. But geeks like banty aren’t worth the space. Or the air they breath.

  17. Braves Dawg Says:

    i thought it was funny, not funny ha ha, funny queer.

    not that there’s anything wrong with that……….

  18. imabulldog Says:

    bantyrooster, come on man?!?

    What level is Vandy on? They are us last year. Their record doesn’t show it yet, but it will.

  19. imabulldog Says:

    we’ll beat Vandy

  20. skydawg706 Says:

    thingreenline –

    for what it is worth – concerning annoying pricks – best thing to do is click on the “ignore” button.

  21. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    ima, I am with you. I believe Miss State can or will beat Vandy.

  22. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Greenline, somebody has been posting using my name. I assure you that I disagree with almost everything you ever say but I haven’t been the bantyrooster1 you’ve been posting with back and forth the past couple of days. All the bantyrooster1 comments that have a picture out beside it, aren’t from me. Sorry but I can’t take credit for anything posted yesterday.

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