Tuesday Press Conference


Oh, the joy of having the players talk before the coach does. With MSU on fall break, the football team is practicing earlier than normal. Thus, the players spoke with the media prior to today’s press conference.

So, what the players told the assembled media throng is that the Bulldogs will be returning to the zone coverage schemes that worked so well last year.

Said free safety Derek Pegues: “I think this week we’re getting back to playing middle-field safety and letting me roam a little bit more. I think we’ll have a lot more chances of getting our hands on the ball and giving the offense a better opportunity to score.”

So less pressure on the cornerbacks, who have been subpar this season. When coach Sylvester Croom learned that his DBs had been expounding on the scheme change, he said, “I’m sure not going to talk about that, and they shouldn’t be, too. I’ll remind them of that today.”

Too late. I don’t really see this as a huge revelation. Anyone who didn’t think MSU was going to make some changes in the secondary obviously hasn’t been watching. More on that topic in tomorrow’s Journal.

Other highlights:

• CB Tay Bowser, who’s still got third-degree burns from the LSU game: “I need to start playing my ball, quit trying to do everybody else’s job. Just stay inside. I know I need to stay inside as far as my covering skills.”

• Pegues, who’s averaging only 6.5 yards per punt return: “I really haven’t been able to find a seam yet. … Punt returns, you’ve just got to be patient, you can’t press things. You know you’ve just got to let the game come to you.”

• Croom on off-week practices: “We’re practicing faster. That’s something we need to continue to improve on, and playing faster.”

• On second-half season goals: “The realistic goal is beat Vanderbilt. That’s where we start, with that one. We want to get on a one-game roll, and then after that get on another one-game roll.”

• On Vandy’s cornerbacks: “They don’t get up in your face very much. Now, I’ll be surprised if that doesn’t change very much this week. I think they’re going to challenge our receivers, I think they’re going to get up on top of them a little bit.”

• Injuries: Everbody’s been practicing, even TE Marcus Green (hip), though on a limited basis. LB Dominic Douglas and DL LaMarcus Williams are fighting sore backs.


4 Responses to “Tuesday Press Conference”

  1. carwwest Says:

    blah blah blah…you’re doing a good job BL, but i just let the words of crxxm go in one ear and out the other now…but the change in coverage isnt going to matter much…every football team every assembled knows how to at least read the coverage throughout the game….and stop with the goals thing crxxm…that’s fine with the players in the locker room bt you came out before the season with these HUGE goals and now its your fault they arent being reached so just keep them out of the media…douglas better get healed up very fast….

  2. maroon1white Says:

    I am tired of the open ended goals. Every team has goals like, getting better and playing more consistently. What about goals that you can actually check off the list and not have to re-visit? Beat teams your supposed to beat, inspire your players to do better when things are going bad, & make every effort to score as many points as possible no matter what “could” happen. These are just the 3 that came to mind I know there are more. Check these off and we’re probably 3-2 not 1-4.

  3. OleBull Says:

    Thats good news, thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    Last years Defensive set up sounds a lot better than this years- let’s try it!

    Man we gots sum Humbugz up n dis’ piece! 😉

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