Brad’s Week 6 SEC Power Rankings, Etc.


First, the weekly power rankings. We’ll have staff rankings in Saturday’s GameDay.

Team (Pvs): Comment
1. LSU (1): Tigers say they want to take out Tebow this week. Easier said than done.
2. Alabama (2): Either Kentucky is better than we thought, or …
3. Florida (3): Nice bounce-back win at Arkansas. The Gators are picking it up in the fourth quarter of late.
4. Vanderbilt (5): Welcome to the big time, boys. Wonder how many tries it’ll take them to get that sixth win.
5. Auburn (4): Stop that spread offense now, while you still can.
6. Georgia (6): I think they’re better than sixth, but what can you do?
7. Kentucky (9): Pansies no more. That, or Bama’s overrated.
8. South Carolina (10): Should’ve seen that Ole Miss win coming.
9. Ole Miss (7): Should’ve seen that South Carolina loss coming.
10. Tennessee (8): Northern Illinois? 13-9? Seriously?
11. Mississippi State (11): Show me something this week, MSU. I beg you.
12. Arkansas (12): Razorback fans can stop calling the Hogs now; they ain’t coming.

Now, for some highlights from today’s SEC teleconference:

• Tennessee’s Phil Fulmer, on QB Nick Stephens: “He’s seeing things better and understanding things better. Nick’s got an air of confidence about him, toughness, and he’s handled himself pretty well.”

• South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier, on his QB, Chris Smelley: “I hope he has a real solid game this week, and we can move on. I don’t particularly like changing quarterbacks, some people think I do. My philosophy of coaching is give the next guy a chance if the guy in there isn’t getting it done.”

• Florida’s Urban Meyer, on his team’s recent fourth-quarter success: “I think having a veteran quarterback, Tim (Tebow) has played very well in the fourth quarter. It’s almost like you feel it building on the sidelines.”


15 Responses to “Brad’s Week 6 SEC Power Rankings, Etc.”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    “6. Georgia (6): I think they’re better than sixth, but what can you do?”

    Move them to fourth. They are much better than Vandy and Auburn.

  2. bigdraws Says:

    This has gotta be the weekest the SEC has been in a long time.

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    I’m not so sure, BirdZ. Kentucky played Bama tougher than Georgia did.

  4. carwwest Says:

    yeah last year the sec was DOMINATING everybody but this year…not so much…it is a down year but what it might have something to do with all, seems like 20 coaching changes this offseason….

    but come on brad, vandy and auburn have no right being ahead of UGA…

  5. The Vice Prez Says:

    Brad, i always did this with Gregg so i hope you don’t mind. (thats what she said)

    1. LSU – Either State improved that much or LSU was looking 2 weeks ahead. i’m going with the latter.
    2. Bama – Their 1st half annihilation of Georgia was impressive. However, the NCAA has since notified Alabama that conference games are 4 quarters long.
    3. Florida – No Heisman this year. Doesn’t look like an SEC championship either. That home loss to the Rebels will come back and haunt them
    4. Georgia – Looks like they had more than injury problems against Bama.
    5. Vanderbilt – That $37,000 a semester has finally paid off.
    6. Auburn – If this year keeps going like its going Tony Franklin may want to make a few copies of his resume.
    7. Kentucky – Looks like Kentucky could be going bowling again. Their fans won’t like that though. Interferes with basketball too much.
    8. South Carolina – The Head Ball coach finally found him a quarterback against Ole Miss. He’ll probably find another one before the UK game.
    9. Mississippi – “To win a championship you have to be able to win on the road” i know this quote doesn’t say it but this also means you have to win at HOME.
    10. Tennessee – Maybe David Cutcliff will need an assistant coach next year at Duke. I think i know a coach with some head coaching experience who will be available……..
    11. Mississippi State – Just because i’m a fan. THATS why State is not #12.
    12. Arkansas – Atlanta is looking pretty good right now isn’t it, Bobby?

  6. imabulldog Says:

    I like the list, but put UGA above Auby.

    Wish we could take a hint from Tubby and fire Woody, and go get Al Borges before they get him back

  7. rebelnate Says:

    You think Auburn is better than Georgia. You should go back to covering the high school ranks. Arkansas has more wins than State why do you put State ahead of them?

  8. msudawginbama Says:

    Arky beat 2 really small schools… and almost lost to a midwestern directional school… and has been outscored 139-31 against D-1 opponents the past 3 weeks.. maybe thats why nate… just some #’s, ya know. they dont hurt to look at em…

  9. Brad Locke Says:

    Thank you, msudawg. And Georgia’s sixth because that’s where they were the week before, after crapping themselves against the Tide.

  10. RoastBeef1 Says:

    msudawg “outscored 139-31 against D1 opponents the past 3 weeks”. I love how you fail to mention the names of those three D1 schools. Alabama, Texas, Florida. Sure, they got blown out in those, but three top 10 schools is a lot better sounding than three D1 schools. State and Arkansas are more of a 11A and 11B right now with Tennessee and Ole Miss just above them. All four suck.

  11. mathistondawg Says:

    Yes, the state/arky game will be a “barnburner” won’t it. I say we just list them as “unranked” at this time, because they aren’t worthy to be.

  12. msudawginbama Says:

    the bottom of the SEC is pathetic right now… Arkansas owns and deserves the bottom spot… at least until this weekend when they beat Auburn… i think Mr. Potatohead will find a way to throw the game against Petrino to get back @ Bobby Lowder…
    i’m losing hope for this weekend. way too many people are picking State to win this…. Beano Cook, Chris Low, Cowherd…

  13. olemiss1581 Says:

    nice votes, but state should be below arkansas, i think petrino is a better coach than the Walrus, the only hope of them winning that game is that its at SCUUUUUT field

  14. imabulldog Says:

    once again, and my only considerations of the practice would be reserved for you. Abortion, like Draws said

  15. olemiss1581 Says:

    imabulldog , its all in good fun, you cant help it yall suck. its all good!!!!!

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