Zoned In: In Today’s Journal


Here, my faithful readers, is the story about MSU switching to a zone coverage scheme. And more on this later, but I spoke with defensive coordinator Charlie Harbison after practice yesterday, and he didn’t act like his cornerbacks had been getting burned worse than a Salem witch. He was probably just screwing with me.

Anway, here is the notebook, feature Brandon McRae, Vandy’s corners and Derek Pegues.

Coming soon: the SEC teleconference.


5 Responses to “Zoned In: In Today’s Journal”

  1. carwwest Says:

    crxxm says he needs to run after the catch more…well yeah but that is hard to do when every pass that comes your way is a 7 yard hook or comeback…

    mcrae is a big fast reciever…it is not typical that a person his size makes a lot of people miss in small space…but thats what we have, big physical receivers…but with that being said…

    what happened to the slant??…we actually ran it at the beginning of the year and it actually had some success…where is it now??….some can be said for ANY wide receiver screen…they talked about getting delmon robinson and elliott (before injury) involved and that is a very easy way to do that…line them up at slot or outside and get it to them quick….i thought that was the Weak Crxxm Offense philosophy anyway…but that would be too simple for us to do….

  2. imabulldog Says:


    I’m positive about this weekend…
    And returning to our Defensive schemes we used last year sounds great, and makes me feel even better about this game.

    Our boys played a lot more disciplined last week, and the O didnt turn it over. Except for some miscues by our gunners on the punt team-we played a pretty clean game, which is what I feel is the first important step in playing and beating a team who prides itself according to those same principles.

    Man, Id love to see the D have a “lights-out” day, and send Vandy home with 200 total yards, 3 TO’s, and 4 sacks-but like I said…I hope.

    We are gonna win this one guys, bring em’ and ring em’

  3. dawgbones Says:

    Ask Harbison why he thinks the fans call Tay Bowser, TOAST? Maybe because he gets burned deep every time?

  4. skydawg706 Says:

    ZONE works great, from what I learned in high school and watching HS, college, and pro games, if you can “put pressure on the QB?”

  5. skydawg706 Says:

    carwwest – on the slant….I with you……aaahhh is that not one of the big productive plays in the WC game plan?

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