On the Links: Croom Loves Vandy


Sylvester Croom loves how Vanderbilt wins football games, mainly because it’s sort of like how MSU won last year. So says my story in today’s Journal.

The Bulldogs (1-4, 0-2 SEC) kick off with No. 13 Vandy (5-0, 3-0) at 1:30 p.m. Saturday. No TV, so crank up Jack. Interesting note: State is 5-1 against Vanderbilt in Starkville.

In case you haven’t read up on it, here’s a story on Auburn telling offensive coordinator Tony Franklin to “get lost.”

OK, I’d better get to work. I’ll have a story on MSU’s defense in tomorrow’s paper. Then Saturday, pick yourself up a GameDay before you go tailgating.


24 Responses to “On the Links: Croom Loves Vandy”

  1. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll definatly pick up a gameday. That thing is great for soaking up the grease of fried catfish.

  2. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    Maybe we can send Woody to Auburn and bring Franklin on board. Or maybe have them as co-offensive coordinators.

    Nah. Never mind.

    Wonder how sales of Tony Franklin’s book are going these days?

  3. bigdraws Says:

    Gameday’s also great for covering up noodles, right bizz? Be sure to be at your seats early for Rafael Palmeiro and Hoyle Granger induction ceremony.

  4. olemiss1581 Says:

    get where early? that old building yall call a stadium? looks awefull all the way around it, by the way, dont worry about getting there early, there wont be anybody there , and whoever is there will be gone by halftime. lol

  5. imabulldog Says:

    1581, you are an idiot.

    Love how you disappeared after thay loss to USC.

    BTW, be glad yall are not playing this week…So you cant lose-Sound Familiar! Get ready for a butt-whoopin in Tuscaloosa next week too.

    Nice avatar, is that your dress pattern you borrowed from your mom that you wore to prom last year?
    …And dont even try a “mom” comeback

  6. dawgintheswamp Says:

    Jerrell Powe is that you?

  7. imabulldog Says:

    I guess we should put up banners that we didnt actually win-Like yall…Co-West Champs-when you loss the deciding game to LSU in your peace of crap stadium? Really…Co-West? I figured since that took place in your stadium, yall would be well aware you did not win it.

    But, I guess what ever you have to do to be like us? You know we acutally won the West, We’ve actually played in that game were the West winner plays the East winner? Its in Atlanta? I send you directions.

    Ole miss (shaking my head), no one wants to be like yall, thats what you dont understand 1851

  8. imabulldog Says:

    I spelt piece wrong, sorry guys, I was writing it to Powe so I knew he’d get it

  9. goldendawg Says:

    Be nice ima. After beating Florida, it was certain that Ole Miss was headed for the national championship game. The South Carolina game ruined those chances.. He’s probably still suffering.

  10. joekstewart Says:

    Vandy artilce to me, sound like Croom is a good coach. If Johnson is doing what Croom did, he shows it works.

    The different between us and them, is not coaching-look at the stats. Vandy’s players are discipline and ours are not.

    I in the Knoxville paper that in Vegas, Vandy is favored by one point. Going to be a physical game. Glad we had the break.

  11. Brad Locke Says:

    As long as it’s good catfish, bigdraws. And I assume you soak up every ounce of info before finding other uses for it.

  12. bigdraws Says:

    I usually only get a chance to glance over it on gameday. We leave out pretty early especially for 1:30 games. I do go back and read the main articles though when I get a chance. Lots of stuff in there. It covers about everything.

  13. Brad Locke Says:

    Well, thank you, bigdraws. I might have to come sample some of that catfish sometime. Can’t get enough of that stuff.

  14. bigdraws Says:

    I’ll be in Knoxville too. Cooking up some gumbo at the tailgate. Oughta be a nice cool day for it.

  15. olemiss1581 Says:

    anywhere is better to be than the Walrus game…lol

  16. bigdraws Says:

    You sir, are a walking billboard for abortion.

  17. bigdraws Says:

    You’re also living proof of rectal conception.

  18. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    “Croom Loves Vandy”. I believe that he does because, and also,I believe that Miss State will beat Vandy.

  19. thingreenline Says:

    Is that the best you can do, 1581? After the fun we had with O, calling Croom a Walrus is your best shot? Pretty weak.

    But then again, we don’t have as easy a target as the infamous O.

  20. skydawg706 Says:

    Latest points spread Vandy by 2.5 points. Does not say much about team rankerd 13…

    Guess reason olemiss1581 chats here UM blog has nothing to talk about…

    MSU wins by 5, love to see a higher score……see CC plans to let AD stay in the game run until he needs a break.

    Let’s go Dawgs (O-line) open some holes for him to run through…..

  21. olemiss1581 Says:

    Well a few buddies of mine on here and myself could break out ALOT of fun on coach broom, but it wouldnt be approiate for this site. all we have to say is, chicken wing! chicken wing! haha

  22. bigdraws Says:

    I think the doctors circumsized to close to your brain.

  23. dawgx Says:

    Hey Olemiss 1581, I guess you have a lot of room to talk about “old buildings” people play in…remind me…the SAD PAD hold how many people? Is that with or without the roof leaks?

    I guess you will just have to envy our new $6.1 million true HD board, will span the roof of the Leo Seal M-Club Centre in the south end zone at Scott Field, and will be operational by October, 2008. When completed, the new board will measure 152 feet wide by 135 feet, 6 inches tall, with a main HD screen 111 feet wide by 47 feet high. It will be the largest true high definition board in the Southeastern Conference.

  24. lollipopkid Says:

    Ironically enough, I found this on Wikipedia:

    # Troll (Internet), a person who is deliberately inflammatory on the Internet in order to provoke a vehement response from other users (See: olemiss1581)

    # Troll (gay slang), a slang term for gay men who wander about looking for sex or potential partners (See: olemiss1581)

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