Blog Bag: High Entertainment Value


I know, I know, I don’t have the answer to what was the most popular question this week: How the play-calling works. What Sylvester Croom said after Woody McCorvey’s return from surgery – that he would call the plays himself if Woody wasn’t up to it – implies that Woody was the main play-caller. I’ll jump on that question early next week, or maybe Saturday if the offense struggles.
Now, for what I do know.

Q: I heard it would cost us $3 million to buy out Croom at the end of the season. Is there going to be new money coming in from the Learfield Media deal we signed a few months ago and the new ESPN deal? If so, could this possibly help us buy him out?
A: Athletics director Greg Byrne hasn’t made public Croom’s buyout amount. MSU will definitely get some money from those media deals, but the buyout money comes from private donations.

Q: Will the Video Board/Mega-tron be ready for the UK game?
A: Byrne said it’s still on track to debut that weekend (Nov. 1), although it probably won’t be 100 percent finished.

Q: Why is it Tay “TOAST” Bowser is struggling in the secondary on the deep routes? How can we correct this?
A: Defensive coordinator Charlie Harbison: “ If you play in the secondary, you’ll get a pass caught on you. That’s anybody. I think they’re doing all right. We’re going to try to get better each week, that’s what we do.”

Q: Croom said AD (Anthony Dixon) is going to get the ball until he’s tired, but what about (Brandon) McRae? He’s such a weapon that I believe isn’t used fully.
A: Croom says he definitely wants to get McRae more involved: “We want to get him into the end zone as much as anything else, get some points to win games. We definitely want to get the football to him. I’ll tell him that his average needs to pick up, he needs to run more after the catch and get that average up a little bit.”

Q: How much thought goes into the schools minds as far as trying to make game day a more fun (and therefore and more attractive) place to spend your entertainment dollar)?
A: Byrne: “A lot. We spend countless hours working on the entire game day environment, from parking to concessions to cleanliness of the stadium, to what shape the field is in, to marketing the program, to the promotions during the game, to the music during the game. We have a lot of things that go into the entire experience that we’re working on year-round.

Q: Has Robert Elliott had surgery yet?
A: He underwent the procedure on his knee earlier this week.


4 Responses to “Blog Bag: High Entertainment Value”

  1. shmuley Says:

    Look, Croom knows his oversized a$$ is getting roasted. He feels the heat something fierce. He’s finally gotten off the ‘protect Woody’ crap, so he’s changed his tune considerably. Woody needs to protect himself from the crush of the tires, because he has clearly been thrown under the bus. Croom told the Jackson Touchdown Club two weeks ago that, because of, “… administrative duties that take up 80% of [his] time …” he “… doesn’t have time to game plan,” and, “[he] doesn’t want his offensive coaches waiting around for him late at night like the offensive guys had to do at Alabama under Ray Perkins, who called all the plays.” Croom told the JTD, “I told myself right then [watching how Ray Perkins routinely kept his offensive coaches waiting for him to finish administrative duties until sometimes 11:00 p.m. during game week], that I’m not going to do that to my staff. And that’s why I don’t call the plays.”

    So, now, Croom has decided that Woody DOES call the plays. I guess it IS Woody’s fault after all now that the gravy train appears to be jumping the track. I guess the guy CAN change his mind about something after all.

    We shall see.

  2. imabulldog Says:

    All I got to say I can’t wait to hear bells ringing and see that stadium.

    Go Dawgs, the turn around happens tomorrow boys!

    Brad you do a great job

  3. msudawginbama Says:

    cowbells in LA, here!

  4. nashdawg Says:

    BL–i hope you continue to press Croom on this playcalling system. He knows, just like the entire Bulldog Nation does, that the heat is on! Exposing the problem will bring real answers.

    Oh, one other ?. Who did Elliot’s surgery?

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