Vandy-MSU: Postgame Quotes


Sylvester Croom quotes:

• “I’m happy for our players they won, but I’m more proud of them for the men they are. When we started this season, this is what I told them in the dressing room: I knew we were in trouble. Because I knew we didn’t have leadership. I didn’t know just how much character we had on our football team. I didn’t really know if we were a team, because I hadn’t seen it.”

• “I’m happy for our players they won, but I’m more proud of them for the men they are. When we started this season, this is what I told them in the dressing room: I knew we were in trouble. Because I knew we didn’t have leadership. I didn’t know just how much character we had on our football team. I didn’t really know if we were a team, because I hadn’t seen it.”

• “We are not the same team we were at the beginning of the season. They are not the same people they were at the beginning of the season. As happy as I am about the win, I’m more proud of that. They’ve been through the fire, and they came out the other side.”

• “We’re going straight at people, and we’re going to hit them in the mouth. When it gets third-and-1, fourth-and-1, everybody’s going to know where the ball’s going, and we don’t care. Because that’s the way we play, and that’s the way we’re going to be the rest of the year.”

• “This was the first game where I thought we played smart football all the way through the game in all three phases.”
Now, for some player quotes:
• DL Cortez McCraney: “Coach Turner has been on the D-line, saying get pressure, get in their face, and we had two weeks to work on it. We kept trying to get a push, and the three-man front did a great job getting pressure.”
• FS Derek Pegues: “Everybody got back to doing their 1/11th. Coach been preaching it all year. Guys have been trying to make too much happen, getting away from their job and trying to do somebody else’s job.”
• RB Anthony Dixon: “I feel like every time I walk on that field that I own it. He gave me the ball, and I ran hard today. I was out to prove a point.”

30 Responses to “Vandy-MSU: Postgame Quotes”

  1. sapperdawg Says:


    Here is a question for your next opportunity: Have we ever tried McAdams as a rugby style punter? It is very obvious he is having a hard time doing it the traditional way.

  2. skydawg706 Says:

    Listening to Jack on the radio – could be wrong – but I heard him say – on the bad punts – ball was tipped.

    The dumb penalities – personal files – hurt us big time – felt we could have scored one time – when we were 2 & 3…..offense called for “face mask”…

  3. skydawg706 Says:

    How about them Hogs beating Auburn –

    so much for Tub firing his OC – assume he thought Akansas was going to be an easy game (win) – followed by off week – give him time to work his magic.

  4. Jimmy Barbee Says:

    Great win today dawgs.

  5. dadawg Says:

    Just returned from the game….GO DAWGS!!! I thought it was the best game this year for both O line and D line. It all started there and the rest was taken care of. Lee looked good, made some mistakes but overall good game management. AD ran hard and the receivers played well. I listened to Jack during the game and he just got it wrong on the punts…they were shanked not tipped. John C told him from the sideline later. Sometimes the game doesn’t actually happen as Jack calls it, but I wouldn’t want to listen to anyone else. Hey, did I mention…GO DAWGS!!!

  6. buzzardroostus Says:

    Those two punts were definitely NOT even pressured. McAdams had no excuse at all. They were just as bad as having 2 turnovers. If he hits even a 30 yard punt we probably spank the overrated dores. They stink even more than we do.

  7. buzzardroostus Says:

    By the way. If McAdams punts well against LA Tech & Auburn we’re possibly 4-2 rather than 2-4

  8. theconquistador2 Says:

    A much needed win.

    McAdams….no words to describe.

    Vandy is HIGHLY overrated. How have they won 5 games? They may not win another one.

  9. maxdawg Says:

    I really appreciate our AD blacking out the game in MS so I couldn’t watch it on gameplan. THANKS BYRNE!!!!!!!! I had to go to a wedding and didn’t have a choice of going to the game.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    For ALL the Haters…

    “I told you so!”

    Lee was awesome with his feet, and really only threw 2 bad passes- and on one AD ran the wrong route.

    AD had the same amount of yards as Vandy- by himself.

    The D was lights out! Great pursuit all night, all 11 were ballhawks.

    McAdams…sign up the punt, pass, and kick kid from the game.

    Proud of the Dawgs, the turnaround starts here

  11. imabulldog Says:

    BTW, did I mention “I told you so”

    And the Haters know who they are

  12. maroondog Says:

    Just a thought, can we give the kid who won free tuition a tryout, or the kid from the punt, pass, and kick. Both of them kick further than McAdams today. By the way, I have never heard a punter cheered as loudly as McAdams was during the halftime warmups. If only he did it in the games.

  13. bleedmaroon Says:

    what about Crxxm saying at the first of the season that he knew we were in trouble? what a way to encourage your kids coach! great win dawgs! i hate to bring out the negative in a win, but there were still some coaching mistakes. main one, why call a timeout on 4th and 23 from the vandy 40 something with only 7 seconds left in the 3rd qrtr? WHY? hey try this, the clock stops at the end of each qrtr! at that point it was a 10-7 game. those timeouts run out after 3 coach!

  14. cnd46 Says:

    First of all, Greg has no say in TV matters, that is up to the networks. Second, I thought we played well today, not amazing or anything like that, but well enough to beat an overrated Vandy team.

  15. skydawg706 Says:

    Do you think if CC would let McAdams just punt the ball straight down field – hask mark – instead of trying to nail a corner – he would do better.

  16. carwwest Says:

    what about the atmosphere at and after the game??…it was kinda dead the whole day, even after we won….im glad we won but lets not fool ourselves and say we played great or anything…lee looked ok, made some good plays with his feet and made some good throw and some very bad throws…the coaching and time managment is still that of a 2 year old…timeout on 4th and 24, throwing the ball inside the 20 with like 2 minutes left and i thought it was picked at first, glad it worked out….offense didnt play terrible and is still very bad, no ifs ands or buts…why did we abandon trying to get mcrae the ball after the first series???

    BUT mcadams should not step on the field the rest of the year…that guy is TERRIBLE!!!….the guy has been punting for 7+ years and i think he just gets worse….no excuses….

    it kind of bothers me that we are still making a lot of stupid penalties this late in the season…crxxm keeps talking about disciplin or lack of it, well its HIS JOB to fix that!!!…

    overall the defense dominated almost the entire game and it looked a lot better than it has the rest of the season…i will say im glad adams didnt play the whole game…nickson looked just bad….but overall, im glad we won, glad the defense played lights out but we are still going to have to find SOME offense if we want to win more games….

  17. skydawg706 Says:

    Carwest – I do not know where you setting but I thought the atmosphere was great….crowd was loud.

  18. carwwest Says:

    i was sitting in section 208, never sat there before but i could tell it felt like i was kind of cut off from the crowd…but i really mean before and after more so than during…to me it just seemed like it was not like we just beat the #13 team in the country, even if it was vandy…

  19. imabulldog Says:

    I have to say that the crowd for this game was louder than the larger crowd for Auburn. Great atmosphere, but I feel the O really killed the crowd a few times, but it was hype for the D.

  20. 2thdoc Says:

    bleedmaroon, I think what they were trying to do with the TO was give McAdams a chance to “punt” with the strong wind before the quarter ended. They wouldn’t have gotten the “punt” (or whatever McAdams is doing these days) off before the end of the quarter and then he would be “punting” into the wind.

    I was surprised that the crowd was into it as much as they were and the noise definitely messed with some of check offs at the line for Vandy.

    Vandy is awful but not bad day at all to be a bulldog and the weather was perfect. Fulmer has a chance of being fired by Halloween if we can pull out a better offensive performance at Knoxville. Defense was impressive.

  21. carwwest Says:

    yeah i heard that thing about trying to punt with the wind but we were on their side of the field at like the 45 or something….all it was ever going to be was a pooch punt, with or against the wind, it shouldnt merit a timeout in a close game…

  22. 2thdoc Says:

    For any other punter it would have been a pooch punt, but for McAdams it could have gone backwards without the wind. I’m serious when I say I flinched in Section C with the punt that went 4 yards. It came straight at me like a loose bottlerocket or one of Draws’ golf shots with a fairway wood…unbelievable for a college punter.

  23. 2thdoc Says:

    By the way, the game is on at 3 at CSS.

  24. thespear Says:

    Carwwest, I’m not sure what game you attended. From my vantage point(student section) The atmosphere was great…. I even had to slip out as Tyson began kneeling the ball to keep from getting hit by any more thrown cups!!!!!

  25. carwwest Says:

    why were cups being thrown??…but like i said i was sitting up underneath the upper deck and i felt kind of cut off from the crowd…maybe it was just me…

    just seemed like everybody after the game was like “oh we beat vandy, ok”….but like i said, maybe it was just me…thanks 2thdoc, i was wondering when it was going to come tv…

  26. warbirdz44 Says:

    Ima, get over yourself. When the team is 1-4, the fans have every right in the world to hate. I’m going to wait until we beat a good team (yeah i know vandy was 5-0 but they aren’t a very good team) until I start getting too excited about the rest of this season.

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  28. skydawg706 Says:

    The defense was the most exciting to me – few times made me flench when Vandy came close to catching couple deep slants – but dropped them – PTL.

    Loved the Henderson catch, and like when Tyson ran – wished he tuck it earlier – had some big alleys to run up couple of times.

    Like some runs of AD made – taking players with him.

    Anyone notice when Vandy catch ball on the sidelines they were slow about stepping out of bounds – felt maybe they were hopping State player would hit them late – get a penality.

    Carwest – I set upper deck – west side – section 706 – and to me our side and fans below where into it “after” the game.

  29. lollipopkid Says:

    “By the way. If McAdams punts well against LA Tech & Auburn we’re possibly 4-2 rather than 2-4”

    Obviously, you didn’t see the Auburn game. McAdams pinned them inside the 5 and kept us in that game when our offense was yielding field position left and right. I haven’t seen the Vandy tape yet, but there’s no way the Auburn game is on McAdams. Dumbest comment of the year.

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