Wrapping It Up


Here, dear readers, the stories in today’s Daily Journal about Mississippi State’s 17-13 win over No. 13 Vanderbilt. Enjoy, discuss.

Game story

Sidebar on QB Tyson Lee


My column

Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer has a teleconference later today, so I’ll check back then. And here are the new AP rankings.


7 Responses to “Wrapping It Up”

  1. carwwest Says:

    i know im going to get crucified for this but i still think lee is going to hae some problems…his best plays were running the ball in both games he has started…i like the fact that he is mobile but i really am beginning to wonder if he can see downfield…i think when the pocket starts to back up and collapse he looks to run because he cant see over the line…if thats the case, we need more bootleg and designed runs so he can see…i still would like to see if he can throw the ball over the middle 15 yards because it seems all of his throws are <8 yards and out patterns…tennessee has a pretty if not very good defense and if we cant go down the field at all, we are going to be in trouble….

  2. jrwojdylo Says:

    Great game by the Bulldogs; lets see if they can follow it up next week!

    Jesse W.

  3. joekstewart Says:

    I have a feelin’ that Fulmer is going to get Croomed!!!

  4. dawgface52 Says:

    At 5’9″, I don’t see how Lee can see down field. I few more roll outs would help. Flutie was short and moved around a lot. He could pass down field pretty well. 🙂

  5. imabulldog Says:

    yeah, I’m pretty sure the main reason we think Lee can’t see downfield, is probably cause he doesn’t have time to think about downfield…

    The kid has heart and he has ‘Onions’, he took some hard shots, and made the plays that won the game.

    I too, yes me and my always optimistic self- think the big orange will get Croomed!

  6. darkcooger Says:

    Given the way this season has started off, can we start saying “Croomed” seems like a more appropriate expression than ever. “You got beat by the worst head coach in the SEC? You’re outta here!”

    I was going to suggest we come up with a new expression due to a lack of faith in Croom, but then I realized that the the current phrase was already a knock against him. So let’s keep it, until he proves that he doesn’t deserve it.

    Go Dawgs! Show the world that you’re better than your coaching!

  7. darkcooger Says:

    Wow, what a nice typo. Take out the “can we start saying” from that first sentence and my post will make more sense. I was originally going to suggest a new term, but then it hit me that “Croomed” makes sense.

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