MSU-Tennessee: Stat Comparisons


Mississippi State and Tennessee are remarkably similar teams, especially on the stat sheet. I’ve compiled some national rankings by which to compare the two teams. You can find those NCAA rankings right here.

Total offense: MSU 103, Tennessee 104

Rushing offense: MSU 91, Tennessee 89

Passing offense: MSU 92, Tennessee 93

Total defense: MSU 28, Tennessee 21

Rushing defense: MSU 76, Tennessee 20

Passing defense: MSU 3, Tennessee 34

Scoring offense: MSU 113, Tennessee 108

Scoring defense: MSU 42, Tennessee T29

Time of possession: MSU 37, Tennessee 107

That last stat pops out at me, because I think the key to MSU winning this weekend is working the clock with RBs Anthony Dixon and Christian Ducre. A defensive struggle favors the Bulldogs, I think.


6 Responses to “MSU-Tennessee: Stat Comparisons”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    Total offense 103. Scoring 113. Pitiful. I sure hope Greg forces Croom to replace him at the end of the year. No excuse for these kind of stats year after year. 😦

  2. Mississippi State Message Board... - VolNation Says:

    […] didanybody take a look at the stat comparisons between UT and MSU? MSU-Tennessee: Stat Comparisons Inside Mississippi State Sports with Brad Locke __________________ He has all the virtues I dislike and none of the vices I admire. Winston […]

  3. buzzardroostus Says:

    Maybe Woody will have some incentive to bring his A game to Knoxville. If McCorvey can’t make great calls for this one, he should be gone by the end of the day.

  4. imabulldog Says:

    Yep, nothin like going home and showin out!

    As long as we don’t throw deep to Berry’s side I’m ok with whatever he wants to do

  5. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    “Woody’s A game?”

    Have we seen a B game yet? I think it’s been mostly Cs, mixed in with Ds and Fs so far.

    Not being critical or anything.

  6. bcs714 Says:

    I like the post! Nice comparisons.

    I think this game will be a good one due to the similarities. I am a vol fan all the way but I’m going to say that MSU is the last really good team on our schedule and hopefully the vols can pull it out. It’ll be a tough, hard fault game.

    Good luck to MSU and the rest of their season!

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