Today’s Opinion Offering


Finally got today’s column posted. It’s about coach Sylvester Croom and his steadfastness. Enjoy, discuss.


17 Responses to “Today’s Opinion Offering”

  1. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Great article. Agree completely.

  2. bulldog22 Says:

    I admire Crooms style. He is a class act. I agree with your article. I would hate to see him leave. He has done alot to help our fooball program.

  3. bleedmaroon Says:

    I agree. I respect the man for sticking to what he believes in, not too much of that in todays time. But what I dont get, why be so stubborn as to not tweak or “fine tune” things to give you an advantage over an opponent? If we cant line up and run it down your throat, we will lose. If you stop our running game, fine, you can have the game. dont expect us to do anyhting else. STUPID!

  4. maroon1white Says:

    I’m all for running it right at them…its just the getting knocked back that is frustrating. I want the man to succeed. I want this program to succeed but, I also invest in this man and this program. I know we’re better and we’ll get there. I believe we get to 6-6, I just can’t help but think what could have been if not for the losses to La Tech & Auburn. I’m glad we have last year’s mentality now its a welcomed friend.

    “The only color that matters, is Maroon.”


  5. bedgood Says:

    I have supported Croom all the way amd have really only got frustrated with him a few times this season, rotating quarterbacks at La Tech, 4th and 15 with Auburn and basically kneeling on the ball against LSU in the first half. But I believe in the program and think that he is doing right. I am thrilled he is doing it his way and not caring what the money people say, to this point. I think if he is replaced at the end of the season, it will set our program back 5 years. The program is for sure in better shape than when he took it over, but it would take a Jimmy Johnson type coach to step in, we can not start over like we did 5 years ago, imho.

  6. imabulldog Says:

    As yall know-I had the oppurtunity to work with the man, and I love the man. He is the definition of class, he loves maroon more than crimson, and he will leave State as the all-time winningest coach in school history, most bowl wins, and a SEC Championship-IF, and ONLY if, we allow him to do so.

    As much as he changed our University for the better, it would take us 10-15 years to recover if we let him go. For those of you who don’t like him, please give him another mile-and you won’t be let down.

  7. carwwest Says:

    im not a crxxm and pretty much everybody on here knows it…im not saying he isnt a good man but there are some aspects of his that i wonder about…and i know im coming off as negative but i have always said i hope he proves me wrong but he just hasnt yet…i hope crxxm does succeed and proves me wrong because that means we are winning games and doing good things but it remains to be seen if he can do that consistently and after 5 years, we should be seeing that…i have always said i think crxxm is a good players coach as in they respect him and want to play for him but his game coaching is very lacking…

    his blind loyalty to the west crxxm xffense and wxxdy is and has been holding back our program for a few years now…and i understand what he is trying to do when he says we arent going to win unless we run it down their throats but that just makes him sound worse because of the numbers we put up on offense…

    in my opinion if he cared more about his players, he would do the things necessary to bring them success such as fire his best friend a few years ago, make adjustments, and fix things that arent working…5 years is 2 too many for this offense to get rolling and we havent even hit on special teams which is just horrible and has been for a while now…

    but like i said, i wish he would succeed and do the things necessary to win ball games and prove me wrong…im not too proud to admit i was wrong…but with that being said, i still dont think he is the man to take us closer to the top of the division and i really dont think we would be set back a multitude of years if we were to lose his job after this season…i believe we have talent on this team, enough to win the against the la techs of the world and beat the auburn team we faced a few weeks ago…game management and special teams were huge factors in those losses…so, sorry to come off as negative (not my intent) but that is just my opinion…

  8. bleedmaroon Says:

    What Croom needs to be sucessful at MSU is a great staff. not a good staff but great. he is a good disciplinary and a great man of character but he does lack that gametime decision making mentality. he needs to just be the ceo of te football team and let his “new” assistants make the decisions.

  9. db33 Says:

    This utter defiance, this complete break from reality, just blows my mind. Well, not really, because I hear this ridiculous CRAP come out of Croom’s trap every single stinking year.

    What Croom fails to realize, and apparently some of you, is that YOU CANNOT PLAN TO WIN BY GETTING LUCKY BREAKS and playing good defense. You have to be good on OFFENSE. The name of the game is SCORING POINTS. Good programs, great coaches, make changes EVEN IF THEY ARE WINNING. If they see an area that is lacking behind the others, they make changes.

    Croom doesn’t. He saw an 8-5 record, and gave Woody a $100,000 RAISE despite the fact his offense ranked #113 out of 119 teams. Despite the fact that only SEVEN teams nationally failed to gain over 300 yards per game. 112 gained over 300 yds/gm. 55 gained over 400 yds/gm. Yet, I say again, a $100,000 raise was issued. And, Larry Templeton APPROVED IT.

    The day is coming. LT ain’t there any more. Greg Byrne is the AD now. And, at the end of the year, regardless of final record, if our offense is in the bottom 10, heck the bottom 1/4, a decision will have to be made. Allow Croom to keep McCorvey and this bullcrap stone age offense that struggles to gain yards & score points, or FORCE HIM TO CHANGE. That’s right, FORCE, because Croom won’t do it voluntarily.

    Does Byrne have the stones to force that? Take it a step further. Does Byrne have the stones to FIRE SLY CROOM if he refuses to make those offensive changes? We’ll see in about 7 weeks.

    The Monday after the Egg Bowl, major offensive style & staff changes need to be announced. We’ll see if Byrne has the guts to do his job. 7 weeks.

  10. bikerdawg Says:

    First off, I didn’t know that the West Coast Offense consisted of lining up in the I and playing smash mouth football. I thought it consisted of a mixture of runs and passes to keep the other team off balance.
    With all that, I like Coach but it appears his stubborness could be his downfall. Most coaches adapt their style of play to match the material they have to work with. WCO requires a very good QB and receivers. Since Coach has been here, we have gone through about 6 or 7 different QBs, in large part due to injuries (problem #1). Problem #2 is that none of the QBs have been the type needed to make the WCO effective. Problem #3 is that none of our receivers for the first 4 years had the speed to get separation or would do what was needed to get open and help the QB. As far as I’m concerned, the jury is still out on this years group.

  11. dawgbones Says:

    Tuberville saw the writing on the wall with his OC. Croom’s stubborness won’t let him do what is needed. BUt at the same time, he often overrides McCorvey on play calling and game plan because he is dictorial. Doesn’t know how to be the “CEO” as someone mentioned earlier. But successful head coaches surround themselves with the best assistant coaches and then get out of the way and let them do their job. Byrne talks about reading Good To Great which is an excellent leadership book, he needs to hand deliver one to Croom or maybe give it to him on CD as he obviously can’t read the handwriting on the wall. And Yes Byrne will have to force any changes. Does he have the guts?? It will be a storm with damage to someone. He will either be the boss and strap it on and do it or he will avoid the situation and not be the boss. It will be quite telling!

  12. irondawg Says:

    All I can say is it’s pretty typical of the common MSU fan to admire and applaud such steadfast defiance of logic, especially when we mostly just lose games at the pricetag of $1.7 million. Only at MSU do we applaud such a thing instead of either force the head coach to make changes or change HIM if he doesn’t. Okay, maybe Vandy can be included in that 2-member club. But I think it clearly shows where MSU fans see our program, as a bottom feeder in the SEC. Vandy owns the bottom of the East, and MSU owns the West.

    It’s subconscious, of course, because I see the same fans saying all the time they bleive we can be a winner, but their words and their actions most of the time simply don’t reflect that. They constantly defend failure, citing numerous reasons/excuses every year as well as pointing out what “good men” our coaches are, and they defy those who say change is needed. That comes even in the face of the FACT that this program is on the verge of it’s 7th losing season in 8 years. And while it may be true that our head coach inherited a program in poor shape, this is his 5th year. At this point in time there really are no more excuses, and blame certainly can’t be laid on the previous staff anymore.

  13. bikerdawg Says:

    Irondawg it’s the same thing that allows us to complain about the idiots in government and keep sending the same people back every time they come up for election because they are “our idiots.”

  14. deaddawg1 Says:

    Croom would make a great team chaplin. Let’s face it, we made a bad mistake by hiring a man with no college head coaching experience. He’s in year 5 and we are looking at a 3 – 9 season, possibly 4 – 8 with a little luck. I don’t think we need a 20 year on- the -job- training program with not much prospect of succeeding. Poor game management is not acceptable at this level of play. It’ tough enough to win in the SEC with good decisions on the sideline. When a good prospect sees poor game management, why would he want to come play in that environment? In today’s football, head coaches need to know how to hire good assistants, motivate his staff and players, excel at public relations and maintain good moral standing. So far, I’ve only seen the last one achieved by our present coach.
    What to do? As I see it, we have two choices. We can be content with being the SEC doormat we are or we can admit we have made a bad choice and set out immediately to correct that. I know it will be costly, but look at Clemson. They took action immediatly, at midseason when their expectations weren’t met. To delay, will prove more costly in loss of fan support and ticket sales in the long run. We need to take what we can get for the remainder of the season and move out now on a plan to fire Croom after the OM game and announce his replacement the next day!

    It may not be worth two cents, but itis my opinion.

  15. buzzardroostus Says:

    Croom doesn’t seem to be the answer at the moment. But, Who else is gonna do better? As soon as we find a better coach he’d be taking a hike to a larger program after his first great season. Face it guys. Your gonna have to hope Croom comes through. There’s no other option. It’s Croom or bust. If your not content with that just join the Satan bandwaggon at Bama or the Nutt house at Oxford or donate $100 million to the bulldog club. Otherwise, learn to live with it. The only way we’re going to be who you want us to be is to stick with what we have. No, we don’t have the best coaches in the SEC or the best players. But, we probably have the only coach that actually likes being at MSU. I’d be fine with dumping Croom and getting a good coach. Problem is, who’s that good coach we’re gonna get. He ain’t there. And he never will be. You fellows would probably settle for a pansy coach like Michigan or USM has now that would run a flag football spread. To bad Rich didn’t go to Bama. Give me one good reason an upper terrier coach would come to Starkville. Ya’ll are always whining it about it taking too long to develop the program. Welcome to being a State fan. Most of you probably weren’t born before 1980 anyways.

  16. buzzardroostus Says:

    by the way, it’ll take Clemson 5 years or more to recover. Mark my words.

  17. carwwest Says:

    no way it would take that long to get over crxxm or bowden…there are a lot of coaches that i think would be enticed by the sec…pat patterson MAINLY, brian kelly, skip holtz, todd graham, many other proven coaches…even if they are here only a couple years, because if they are only here a couple years, that means we are winning a lot of games….crxxm will never take us anywhere near the top and we need to at least make the change at OC this next year….if crxxm doesnt want to, get rid of him which i think we should do anyways…

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