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First, yes, MSU will play Jackson State next year. Gonna replace Louisiana Tech on the schedule.

As for today’s column, it’s not been posted yet, so I’ll check back with ya on that.

Meant to do this yesterday, but it’s Blog Bag time. Shoot.


27 Responses to “Ye Olde Blog Bag”

  1. dawgx Says:

    Jackson State? You are kidding right?

    Hey Tommy Bowden is available now…should Croom decide to leave what are our chances of picking him up? Would we want him?

  2. buzzardroostus Says:

    Clemson has twice the support and funding from alumni as we do. If Tommy Bowden can’t get it done there, he would surely fail at MSU.

    By the way, are any of you guys sick and tired of the Spread Offense. I learned alot from our game against Georgia Tech. They just lined up and hit us in the mouth. And our offense looked best against Vandy when we took the snap behind center in the Power I formation. Unless you have the speed of a team like Florida, the spread is usuless. Just ask Auburn fans. And I would say the Spread offense is why Tommy Bowden doesn’t have a job today.

    As for JSU, could it be that we’re actually scared of playing LATech? I hope not. And if we gonna play another in state foe it should be USM.

  3. 2thdoc Says:

    Our chances might be slim and none. He’ll probably be hired and recruiting before we even get around to firing Wxxdy, much less Crxxm.

  4. msudawginbama Says:

    wow. is Tray Rutledge still @ JSU? or has he already moved on (again)?

  5. maroon1white Says:

    Q1) TN is bound to game plan against Lee scrambling out of the pocket. Ask Croom if he thinks, for Lee to survey the field efficiently, would it be better for the O to use more shotgun?

    Q2) Ask Croom with NFL teams using the “Wildcat” formation with great success has he thought about adding it to our play selection? I mean with Lee’s escapability, Dixon’s power, & Ducre’s shiftiness we could put up some offensive numbers. Not to mention our O-Line is not blowing people off the line.

    Bowden couldn’t keep up with expectations there with better recruits and facilities what would make you think he would be better here than there?

    BL, have you heard any rumors that McCorvey is going to retire/step down at the end of the year? I “heard” since his surgery before the La Tech game that he has decided that his health is not going to allow him to continue coaching.

    GO DAWGS!!!

  6. desertdog2005 Says:

    Is he going to go ahead and redshirt Oneal Wilder or will he try to get him in the game some. Is there a plan to put some weight on some of our lighter positions player?

  7. carwwest Says:

    when is tyson going to throw a pass longer than ten yards??…dont get me wrong, i love the first downs but they are going to be harder and harder to come by when people start putting 8-9 in the box again and more often…

    and tell him he has to redshirt wilder…no reason not to this year….

    i dont expect him to answer any questions about wxxdy…

    i guess you could ask something that he wont answer like why dont we try to get the ball to our playmakers like mcrae, robinson, dixon, and ducre in space??…and why is robinson wasting this year by not redshirting??…we have barely looked at him since the first game and i think he looks like a future playmaker for us and this year has pretty much been a waste for him…

  8. msurwl Says:

    So we don’t get the return game from La Tech? We went down to Ruston and played an away game, and won’t get a return? Remember the big stink people were putting up about us (big SEC school) going and playing our opener away at a small WAC school? People couldn’t believe it wasn’t a 2 for 1 deal. Now what is it? A 1 and none deal?

  9. BirdZ! Says:

    We moved the return game with La Tech to 2012.

  10. msurwl Says:

    OK…thanks, BirdZ. I missed that.

  11. bedgood Says:

    Can you ask Croom to shed some light on the McCorvey issue? There are way too many rumors flying around. I have heard he has Inoperable Cancer, to he is not calling any plays any more, etc. All the gossip is making a bad situation worse, and making me sick (mainly at the people spreading them).

    Also, what are the plans with the north endzone after the big screen is finished in December, I mean “October” (wink, wink)? I am guessing the old scoreboard will be removed? Are there plans to U the north end?


  12. carwwest Says:

    where did you hear the thing about wxxdy, bed??..the only things i hear about him are on here…

  13. maroon1white Says:

    West, I agree I think we benefit from the WR screen with Bonner & Mcrae. I also think we could incorporate some wildcat formations. We just don’t have the O-Line to give any QB time in the pocket. If we don’t incorporate some quick dump passes over the middle “in space” teams will put 11 in the box. Don’t get me wrong I have been saying since the auburn game we need the power run game but we can’t expect it to work on every play. Last year we hit the tight end on the seam for 15+ yards quite effectively hadn’t seen it in 08. Maybe since we’ve gotten our identity back that route will come with it. I will be in Koxville for the Crooming does anybody recommend a good steak place to eat friday night?

    Go State!

  14. bedgood Says:

    I have some friends in Jackson, they called me on Saturday, I was at the game and they were not, but were with some people from State. Do not know how much is true or not, but rumors are flying and I don’t like them flying like this. I know Croom can not comment, but it would be nice if some of the air was cleared up and some of these rumors were put to bed. And I do not like McCovery as a OC, but I do hope these are rumors and nothing is true.

  15. imabulldog Says:

    First of all, I think all the getting rid of CC talk is ‘real’ classy, and it won’t matter what our record is at the end of the year-half of yall will still want him gone.

    I think Wxxdy will retire (period), and even if his sickness is not that serious-its the ultimate excuse and could be used for a little ‘mandintory’ retirement.

    On passing vs UT…
    We need to call plays where Lee has as many WR’s running routes as possible! Free up the middle like UGA did, hit quick screens and slants that give yards after the catch, and I agree that Ducre outta the backfield occasionally-would change things up from time to time.

    I expect our D, to play exactly the same way, with same intensity, forcing TO’s, and getting pressure. This time we give up 230-240 total yards-which is still a D Cord.’s dream game.

    Hard fought, low scoring victory for the Dawgs this weekend. And Fulmer is fired on Monday. Not for losing to us, but because of their terrible year.

  16. imabulldog Says:

    And for those of you who want Southern on our schedule are NUTS!?!

    -Huge trap game, HUGE.

    -Could you imagine hearing the little “sisters” of MS bragging all year long about a victory over us.

    -I’ve heard enough for a lifetime in 26 years, and its been a while since we’ve played them.

    …And just for any USM fan who might have a response to that statement- you play in one of the weakest conferences in the country, and people could care less.

    Sign up J-State, kill em, get the W, move on

  17. imabulldog Says:

    -I think we’d beat USM, but not worth the risk, this yr or next

  18. msudawginbama Says:

    with ya on that, ima.
    USM is the Troy of Mississippi, as State found out….
    Bama & the Aubies wont play Troy, why should State or OM play USM?

    Think Fulmer gets the Zook treatment after this weekend, Brad?

  19. jcdawgman18 Says:

    O’Neal Wilder is being redshirted. Question was asked yesterday, Coach Croom said he has just fallen too far behind.

  20. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Because of injury, that is.

  21. Brad Locke Says:

    I don’t know, msudawginbama. There’s the problem of his huge buyout – something like $6M – and the fact he recently got a contract extension. The buzz from up that way seems to be that if he’s fired, it won’t be until season’s end.

  22. biloxi13 Says:

    Question for Croom: Can anyone see how predictable our offensive play calls are? I understand lining up and running the power play left or right on first down. That’s his game plan to say here it is stop us. But when 29 comes into the game on 3rd down, we always run the Ducre Draw or the Ducre Screen which are both just delayed handoffs. I am only a fan that enjoys the same “smelly” cups that 2th likes, but if it is that obvious to me, it has be ringing bells for some D Co-ordinator on the other side. I guess the good news against Vandy was that those plays worked. The problem he has is that when teams recognize it and stop those plays, he has no alternative.

  23. carwwest Says:

    i agree biloxi…but it has been that way since he has been here…

  24. BirdZ! Says:

    Here’s a Blog bag question for you: Can you please explain to me why the DJ shows the MSU-UT game starting at 1:30 on Saturday, and yesterday it showed that the Giants were playing the Bengals on Monday Night Football?

  25. sapperdawg Says:

    Questions for Croom: Have they given any thought to trying McAdams as a rugby style punter? Have they ever tried this in practice?

  26. maroondog Says:

    Brad, could you tell us how intense the practices are. It seems that everything looks great in practice, but usually does not translate to the field. Are the players getting enough prep during week and just breaking down in games or is the game speed THAT much different than our pratices?

  27. mathistondawg Says:

    I hate the idea of playing JSU. Nothing to prove and everything to lose. This wouldn’t mean anything to the recruits in the state – if they had the choice I would hope they would go with us (SEC div I). We have everything to lose – even if we can’t blow them out.

    As far as playing USM, I agree they are dangerous and we shouldn’t, but they aren’t all that good. Being an SEC school we should beat them as well. I am so tired of hearing the moaning about not playing that I wish we would just one more time and finish it.

    As far as QB, I know he will probably be used at another position, but our QB Jonathan Banks here at East Webster is a verbal committment to MSU and he is for real – I know we are 1A, but check him out – he has height, and a gun.

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