Fulmer Says, Croom Says …


Just got off the SEC teleconference. First, some tidbits from Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer:

• On his QB situation vs. MSU’s: “I think you could make that comparison. Certainly in our situation, Jonathan Crompton had some really nice plays in the course of the early part of the season, and we were just looking for more consistency. Nick (Stephens), much like the young man at Mississippi State, (Tyson) Lee, has some moxie about him, is throwing the ball on time, but in our case has a good ways to go to be all we want him to be.”

• On his offensive line: “It was a strength of our football team early in the season. We actually did some things very well, but as we’ve shown struggles and throwing the football consistently, and not putting ourselves in a situation where we have receivers making plays for us, people have been more committed to stopping the run.”

And from MSU coach Sylvester Croom:

• On UT’s defense: “They always play good defense. John (Chavis, defensive coordinator) does a real good job with the schemes. The players are athletic. We looked a whole bunch to see if we could find a weak spot as far as talent, and we couldn’t find one.”

• On what he’s changed in his offensive approach from the beginning of the season: “Not any different. We’re just executing better. When I said early in the season we weren’t executing and we were missing assignments, I wasn’t joking, and that’s what was happening. We’re executing better now.”

• On last year’s 33-21 loss to UT: “That was a very physical game on both sides. We go up, and I thought at one point we had control of the game. They turned (tailback) Arian Foster loose, and we couldn’t stop him. It was a back-and-forth ballgame all the way to the end.”


4 Responses to “Fulmer Says, Croom Says …”

  1. buzzardroostus Says:

    This is going to sound a little odd to most of you, but I have a gut feeling the game this weekend may be a high scoring game. Fulmer has everything to lose. Croom has nothing to lose. It wouldn’t (probably should) surprise me to see both teams scoring over 20 points. Both defenses have played great and horrible. It just seems like the kind of game that’s going to give us something we don’t expect. We’re all expecting a 12-9 score or less, but desperation causes the unpredictable.
    As the old Chinese proverb says, “A dog in desperation will leap over a wall.”

  2. imabulldog Says:

    it might happen Buzz, I can’t get away from 12-9 though

  3. 1msucub Says:

    As the old Starkville proverb says, “A dog in desperation will leap over a wall unless it doesn’t execute the gameplan which apparently takes SIX years to totally get into place with or without a punter or D-1 caliber quarterback at which point the dog will urinate on the wall then roll over and play dead and then you go get another dog.”

    28-10 not us.

  4. carwwest Says:

    cub, i just laughed out loud at work…nice….

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