Vol Talk


A few quotes from three Tennessee players, who were on a teleconference earlier today. And check out the poll at bottom. New feature.

Sophomore QB Nick Stephens:

• On the offense’s recent struggles: “I think all of us feel like we have a responsibility. We all feel like we need to step up and make plays and get the ball moving, because we’re not doing what we want to do right now, and we all know we can.”

• On his wide receivers: “We’ve got guys that can run by people, and it’s just encouraging to know we have that. We’re going to keep taking shots and keep getting better that way.”

Junior center Josh McNeil, younger brother of former MSU center Chris McNeil:

• On what he knows about MSU having watched them growing up: “They’re a team that’s definitely a reflection of coach (Sylvester) Croom. He’s a former lineman, former center, so you know they’re going to play physical, and they’re going to play really hard, just try to play smash-mouth football. That’s what I watched when my brother played there, and that’s what I’m expecting Saturday.”

• On MSU’s defensive line: “They’ve got some really big defensive tackles. They play the combo blocks really well and make it difficult to get up to the linebackers. They’ve got some quick defensive ends that can make some plays in the backfield.”

• On getting their first SEC win: “There’s nothing wrong with our team that a good win can’t fix. Getting a win this Saturday would be really good for our team and would get us back on the right track toward where we want to be.”

Senior defensive end Robert Ayers:

• On what he’s seen of MSU on film: “In those three games I’ve seen, they were pretty much a smash-mouth team, trying to out-man you. Their mindset is they’re going to out-tough you and do what they’re going to do. They’re going to run it and run it until they can’t run it no more.”

• On counteracting MSU quarterback Tyson Lee‘s mobility: “We feel like if we just play responsibility, stay in our rush lanes, not stay out of position, we’ll be all right.”


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