Wednesday: Fill ‘er Up


Got a bit of everything for you this morning. First, what we had in today’s Daily Journal from the Tuesday football press conference:

•There’s the story about how Tennessee’s recent struggles mean nothing to Mississippi State.

• And there’s the notebook, led with the news about MSU opening 2009 against Jackson State.

But wait, there’s more! We finally had space to run an MSU basketball update. The defending SEC West champs start practice at 4 p.m. Friday, and I’ll be reporting from tomorrow morning’s press conference with coach Rick Stansbury.

In facilities news, the state college board is meeting today and tomorrow and has on its agenda a couple of projects seeking approval: the indoor basketball practice facility, as well as a baseball practice infield. There is already the Palmeiro Center, of course, shared by the baseball and football teams. So the diamond boys would get something to themselves.

And finally, for those of you itching to know what the heck is up with kicker Eric Richards (I almost called him Keith), don’t ask coach Sylvester Croom. Said he yesterday when asked what’s wrong with Richards, “You’d have to ask Eric that.” So we media types did just that, and Richards told us, “I’m fine now. I had a week or two where they just wanted me to recover from getting hurt earlier in the season. I just took a few weeks off, got a little rest, I’m good now.”

What’s been bothering Richards, a redshirt freshman who was rated the nation’s No. 3 high school kicker his senior year at Warren Central, is a tendon in his right hip. When asked if he was ready to go if called upon, he said, “Yes, sir.”


9 Responses to “Wednesday: Fill ‘er Up”

  1. starkvegas Says:

    Smells awful fishy. We have a kid who is highly recruited but hasn’t seen the field yet really. A couple weeks ago when Croom was asked about his status he made the comment that it was Eric’s hip and that he just needed a couple weeks of rehab. Now when asked, Croom is abrupt and snippy and says “ask Eric that” to which Eric replies “I’m good now”…. something else is underlying there and I really am wondering what.

    As much as I respect the stand up job Croom has done for building our program with a classier perspective and attitude, I am sensing some dissension among the troops and rightfully so. He has made some of the worst coaching decisions in the history of football this year. You would think after the X amount of years he has been a head coach at MSU, he would have learned by now how to BE a head coach, good grief.

  2. darkcooger Says:

    I used to work with Eric Richards’s dad, and I’ve been disappointed that he hasn’t had more playing time. However, Croom’s comment and Richards’s response just makes me more curious as to exactly what the hell is going on. Sounds like some contention, not just an injury.

    Incidentally, Richards’s dad was an Ole Miss fan before Croom went to Vicksburg to visit. He had to hide all of the Ole Miss stuff in his house and borrow MSU stuff from friends to put out on display. In his defense, he only cheered for Ole Miss to have an easy way to annoy all of us Bulldogs at work.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    First of all “dissension among the troops”, really?…

    -Thats the last thing, CC has an awesome relationship with his ‘troops’, trust me.

    If it sounds like anything to me, its that Richards needs to ‘buck up’ and earn it if he wants it. Coaches get tired of kids with injuries all the time, to the point that you wonder sometimes, and I mean sometimes, if the kid even “wants” to play.

    Not a CC issue, and as far as Im concerned-sounds like the ball ‘is’ and ‘has’ been in Richards court. Its his position to win

  4. imabulldog Says:

    And stop with the excuses-all of yall who don’t like CC.

    Stop giving him props before you tear him down, Im as sick of that as people are of my optomism. Have some onions behind what you say. “Well, I appreciate all he’s done, but….” Just say it.

    And some of yall are as bad as Allan Combs, I swear

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    Do you mean Allan Combs the neuropsychologist?

  6. imabulldog Says:

    Know I mean Combs the liberal, suspcicious guy, who thinks the Govt is out to kill him, unless Obama is president and then his worries are non-existent.

    I just feel people are overly suspicious of CC, like there is something ‘else’ always going on

  7. starkvegas Says:

    No one is tearing Croom down. I used to work for the guy for 2 years. Loved my experience with him. He is a stand up guy. He just hasn’t seemed to show much progression in terms of head coaching ability. He could very well turn this thing around and prove me wrong. I hope he does. However, its our jobs as fans to question our leaders. That policy should be taken in any format of life.

    No dissension, really? I would love to trust you there but I happen to have a close friendship with many of the players, and would disagree with you based on what I see from them.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    I worked with him too, so that’s why I was worrying about the comment. Do those players play though? Because everybodys mom thinks they should play and so do some of the players. I know a lot who use to complain, but the sucked 🙂

  9. starkvegas Says:

    I know what you mean by everybodys mom thinking their kid should be playing haha. Most of the players I know are starters or do see significant playing time.

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