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Good morning, dear readers. It’s Thursday, which means A) I’m late with my SEC power rankings, and B) I had a story in today’s Journal on this week’s football opponent.

The rankings will come later, probably in the afternoon after the basketball press conference.

But here is today’s story on the struggling Volunteers of Tennessee. And if case you’ve fallen behind on your reading this week, here is the MSU page at djournal.com.

And from the Knoxville News Sentinel, a story about UT coach Phillip Fulmer thanking his supporters, including the athletics director, who said he’s open to an in-season coaching change if the Vols don’t change direction. There’s also a poll on that page that asks if Fulmer should be “re-elected.”

Speaking of polls, thanks to all who voted on the first one I put up the other day. Please vote on today’s.

Oh, and one more story from up that way: UT’s defense is struggling on third-and-short. To the tune of 7 percent. Ouch.


8 Responses to “On the Tennessee Links”

  1. msudawginbama Says:

    State needs this to keep the ship above water & keep the sliver of bowl chances alive. (and revenge for last year)
    Fulmer needs this one for the same reasons, and to keep his job. however, after what he’s been through the past few years, if he wanted out, can you blame him?

    Cortez (the killer) McCraney, Jessie Bowman, Kyle Love, & Jimmie Holmes need to get ready to fall on some Foster fumbles!

  2. joekstewart Says:

    You are right about Phillip and the unrest in Knoxville, I have lived in Knoxville for almost two years now and it is worst than Starkville. Fulmer is fired, regardless of this game. The question is when though? If the Vols loss, which they will, to State Fulmer, most definately Clawson, is gone after the game. But if they win, it will be the end of the season until Hamilton pulls the plug.

    I have heard alot of alumni’s talking during the NIU game about hiring John Gruden from Tampa and supposily had talked with him during the game. But they did say Fulmer is gone, and the majority say so.

    In the Knoxville paper (News Sentinal), they had an article about Croom calling him the “Terminator.” I foresee another coach Croomed and even UT fans are predicting it.

    BUT we have to play them like they were the team of last year. Croom and this program needs this win. 3-4 going into the MTSU game would be ideal. We would be possibly going 4-4 into UK game, just like last year. Hope the same results come our way. Go Dogs!

  3. maroon1white Says:

    I would not be surprised if we pitch a shutout on D. I am kind of depressed the crowd at Neyland is probably going to be small. This being my 1st trip up there and all. Otherwise, the more advantage we can sneak out I’m all for it. Its amazing how the Spread has been the coaching Grim Reaper this year, and the wild&crazy cat is sweeping the nation. I really hope Croom throws a play or 2 of that formation into our scheme saturday. I would be interested to see if it would benefit us.

    Has anybody discussed a possible OC for State? That’s saying Croom stays and McCorvey doesn’t. If Croom is the end of the line on each play who would we be able to get? I wouldn’t take a job where I was micro-managed on every decision I made. What coach out there at a small school needs the SEC experience to further his career?

    Asta la vista, Fulmer

  4. imabulldog Says:

    Did yall hear? Fulmer got hired by FEMA?
    …They said only Fulmer can evacuate 100,00 people in 10 minutes 🙂

  5. luckydog20 Says:

    Fulmer will be Croomed this weekend!!!!

  6. carwwest Says:

    see, what is more degrading….losing to a bad tenn football team or getting laughed at for beating tenn and getting their coach “crxxmed”….it seems nothing has changed in 5 years…

  7. imabulldog Says:

    Well Carr, I look at it this way, and that is this-Maybe some schools are a too arrogant, forgetting that this is the SEC, and on any given day the worst can be first-because of the talent in our conference. That and they get spoiled. And I hate to say it but their success makes us hold our teams to lower standards and expectations-which is wrong.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    and with that, the less historically sucessfull program will win this weekend, and Fulmer will be bubble wrapping at midnight Saturday.

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