SEC Power Rankings: Halfway Home


This took quite a while to put together. The 5-12 spots aren’t going to make much sense, because none of those teams make sense. Last week just fouled everything up.

Team (Pvs): Comment
1. Alabama (2): The Tide is the only remaining unbeaten SEC team. Can’t last long.
2. Florida (3): I still can’t figure out what happened in that LSU game.
3. LSU (1): Never thought I’d see someone drop 51 on that Tigers defense. Seriously, what happened?
4. Georgia (6): I just keep thinking Vandy is going to come frighteningly close to an upset this weekend.
5. South Carolina (8): Gamecocks have won four straight, and the two SEC losses were by seven points each.
6. Vanderbilt (4): You got any better ideas who to put here?
7. Kentucky (7): Played South Carolina tough, but still winless in SEC.
8. Auburn (5): Wow. Arkansas. Wow. I’m thinking … fluke.
9. Ole Miss (9): Rebs were idle last week, but it won’t help them avoid a Bama beatdown.
10. Mississippi State (11): I really, really want to put MSU higher than this, but I need to see them get on more than a “one-game roll.”
11. Arkansas (12): Congrats, Razorbacks, you’re no longer the worst team in the SEC.
12. Tennessee (10): You are, Volunteers. They’ve got the talent, but that UT program is in a bad way.


3 Responses to “SEC Power Rankings: Halfway Home”

  1. carwwest Says:

    i can agree with this list…USC has quietly won four straight but i woulnt want to be playing LSU this week after what happened last weekend…

  2. dadwithpride Says:

    And TN might be down, but a average TN team is better tha a good MSU,UM or ARK team

  3. tebmsu97 Says:

    LSU has shown weaknesses all year. You get a good feel for a team when you live in the same city, they aren’t the team many thought they would be. The defensive line has underachieved or was overhyped, the secondary is a mess and the LB corps is nothing special. Fortunately for them the first 4 games were pretty easy teams, but lets face it MSU hung 24 on them. They are in for some more bumps this year…

    UT last is a bit of a stretch, that has to go back to Ark. I would also leave us a 11 until, like you said, we do something for more than one game. Winning at UT this weekend would set us up for a nice mid-season run. I think every game on the rest of the schedule (except Bama at this point) is winnable, but we need to come out of this mid stretch 4-0.

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