Blog Bag: The Answers (Finally)


Sorry this took so long to post. The wife and I took our time getting up here yesterday, via the Natchez Trace. But got some answers for you, so hopefully it’s worth the wait.

Q: Is Trae Rutland still at Jackson State, or has he already moved on (again)?
A: The former Bulldog quarterback, now a junior, starts for JSU. He is 67-of-121 for 854 yards, four touchdowns and eight interceptions. He also has 66 carries for 262 yards and three touchdowns. The Tigers are 2-4 heading into today’s game at Texas Southern.

Q: For QB Tyson Lee to survey the field efficiently, would it be better for the offense to use more shotgun.
A: Coach Sylvester Croom: “That’s about all we’re doing right now except when we’re running the football. I can’t believe (we’re doing) all this shotgun stuff.”

Q: With NFL teams using the “Wildcat” formation with great success, has Croom thought about adding it to our play selection?
A: Croom isn’t going to add anything extra to the offense’s plate this year. He’s the kind of coach that when things go wrong, he simplifies.

Q: Have you heard any rumors that offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey is going to retire/step down at the end of the year?
A: I’ve heard nothing. Here’s what Croom had to say about McCorvey on Thursday, though: “Woody’s fine. He’s held up well. It’s a tremendous thing he did that first week, coming back as fast as he did. It was tough on him, and he did it. It showed a lot of courage on his part, and a lot of mental and physical toughness. I think he’s really now just getting back to full speed. He hasn’t missed a beat since he came back.

Q: Can you ask Croom to shed some light on the McCorvey (health) issue?
A: The company line there is to say nothing specific about it. Otherwise, see above answer.

Q: When is Tyson going to throw a pass longer than 10 yards?
A: Good question, hard answer. Croom said that Lee missed on some open receivers downfield last week, and even though the playcalling is often conservative, Lee is cautious himself, which is probably a good thing at this stage in his career.

Q: Think Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer gets the Ron Zook treatment after this weekend?
A: Only if State wins.

Q: Have they given any thought to trying Blake McAdams as a rugby style punter? Have they ever tried this in practice?
A: Maybe McAdams pulled a Shooter McGavin and practiced that in the woods. Otherwise, no and no. Croom: “I don’t really like it. You’ve got to work at that. … I want hang time. I want that ball up there 4.5 seconds or more.”

Q: How intense are the practices?
A: Croom: “We practiced good again this week, and I think we’re ready to go. We’ve just got to get it to the game. We prepared well, we practiced well, and I think they prepared well away from the field as well. They appear to have done a lot of extra film study on their own.”


6 Responses to “Blog Bag: The Answers (Finally)”

  1. bulldog22 Says:

    Go Bulldogs!!!!

  2. imabulldog Says:

    Last week before the game I said, “the turn-around starts here boys”, and I felt that the Vandy win would propel us to a strong finish and bowl game.

    So with that, “go get em’ Dawgs!”

    And continue this ‘turn-around’.

    Car, Rife, and Maroonwhite, bring us home a W

  3. dawgface52 Says:

    Croom on Woody: “He hasn’t missed a beat since he came back.”

    LOL. Very true. He had the offense running like always from the start of the season. 🙂

  4. thespear Says:

    Like your optimism, Ima!

  5. dawgx Says:

    Go DAWGS! Take out day Phil!
    MSU 20
    UT 10

  6. dawgx Says:

    Should say fat Phil!

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