MSU-Tennessee: Postgame


Some quick stats:

• First downs: MSU 13, UT 16

• Rushes-Yards: MSU 30-69, UT 39-139

• Passing: MSU 13-30-3, 120 yards; UT 10-21-0, 136 yards

• Total yards: MSU 189, UT 275

Now for some quotes:

• Coach Sylvester Croom, on QB Tyson Lee getting hurt on the game’s first series: “He’s hurt, and the rhythm of it changed. He was playing extremely well at that point, and our confidence was high. Then he gets hurt, and we have to adjust some things. There are some things we do with Tyson, we had to make some adjustments with Wes (Carroll). … A lot of the deep passes, a lot of the things we wanted to throw, those were things we wanted Tyson to do.”

• Lee, on his three interceptions: “Threw to the wrong person. It was a bad decision on my part. I think I tried to force the ball when I shouldn’t have.”

• FS Derek Pegues: “Players didn’t make plays. We had guys in position to make plays, and like coach said, big-time players have got to step up in these type of games, and we just weren’t able to make the plays.”

• LB Dominic Douglas: “The key thing about us today was missed tackles. They didn’t do nothing spectacular for us to have to come up with a big playbook.”

• C J.C. Brignone: “We’re still having problems with being young in some places, and we’ve just got to pick that up. We’ve got good athletes and good guys who are just young in the head and haven’t got the grasp of things yet.”

• Offensive coordinator Woody McCorvey: “We weren’t able to run the football, so then we had to throw it, and that’s not what our strong suit is right now. Once they got us behind in downs, they were able to capitalize on it, put pressure on Tyson, and the results were what we all saw.”


29 Responses to “MSU-Tennessee: Postgame”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    News Flash: We are not very good

  2. maroondog Says:

    Roll the dice with Relf..It CAN’T get worse. We could lose 50 to 0 next week and I wouldn’t be surprised.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Kind of a weird night for me…

    -As y’all know I’m mr optimism, but this whole year many have called for replacing CC, and I’ve stood by him.


    -Tonight was more than I could take! And where my optimism usually lifts me up, and I find some encouragement…tonight I have none.

    -Tonight I went from 100% CC supporter, to 100% doing whatever it takes to turn our program around.

    – you want hear me bash CC though, I’ll never stop going to games, giving $, or ringing my bell. But it’s time… 😦

  4. spaceghost1 Says:

    I didn’t know we had a strong suit, Woody. When you can’t run or pass, what’s left?

  5. dadawg Says:

    MSU is going through tough times. We have a mess at the college board trying to select our next university prez, we have a young AD that has only been in the job a few months and we have a dysfunctional football coaching staff. How will big decisions be made and by whom? Geez, can it get any worse?

  6. msudawginbama Says:

    good lord. bought the game. my fanhood was questioned. don’t know why i still ring the damn cowbell. at least we did’nt pull a washington state…

  7. msudawginbama Says:

    its real damn hard still wearing maroon here in bama. the aubies & the bammers wear me out. i only wish State would give a leg to stand on….

  8. msudawginbama Says:

    “me a leg to stand on”


  9. rwriffe Says:


    At least you didn’t have to suffer the humiliation of sitting among a sea of UT fans and hearing it like I did. Not much fun to say the least.

    Lack of talent + lack of Motivating coaching staff = cellar dwellers. I rather not even have a football program than to suffer this humiliation any longer. I will continue to hope for better but if some kind of changes are not made to make things better then I am (and I never thought I would say this) going to give it up.

  10. jonnychapps Says:

    Hey guys, been following this site for a while, and this is my first post. I am a DIE HARD Mississippi State fan, always have been and needless to say always will. I agree with you guys that it is very hard staying true, but I believe that it what makes a true fan. (through the hard times and the good).
    Although I can’t think of many good 😦

    Something has got to be done. I don’t see how after all this time with the results state has put up that a change SOMEWHERE has not been made. It’s like everyone from the AD to the Coaching staff is turning a blind eye to our situation and waiting for another good game to say “see we told you things were turning around”. How can they put the state of Mississippi, the fans and the players through this BS? I will always be pulling for the Bullies, but damn, they’re making it hard!

  11. dawgface52 Says:

    Yes time to move on. But after signing Croom to a new contract last year, can we get the money up to buy him out? Then to get a new coach worth a damn were going to have to pay him what Croom is making(1.7) or better. I’m afraid were stuck with him. But Greg can certainly force the issue concerning Woody. Demand a replacement for him and we get that or Croom gets pissed and quits. Croom may be loyal to old Woody, but I doubt he will give up his 1.7mil. I hope he does though.

  12. olemsufan Says:

    this sucks. i wont be buying season tickets next season unless Woody is replaced.. or Croom & all of them.

    basketball cant start soon enough.

  13. darkcooger Says:

    msudawginbama: I live in Huntsville, and I’m fortunate enough that my Bama and Aubie co-workers don’t take it too seriously. They offer their condolences every Monday morning. My cowbell is still sitting on my desk, though, right where it will sit until the next time I find my way to Starkville for a game.

    They do keep asking how much longer until we Croom Croom, though.

  14. carwwest Says:

    i was at the game suffering and i live in tenn and tenn fans and my friends are asking me how crxxm is that much worse than fulmer???…ouch…i change has to be made this week…this loss has shown we just cant compete with crxxm and wxxdy at the helm…i know they wont fire crxxm this week but Byrne needs to tell crxxm “the business” and wxxdy needs to be fired or re-assigned and the fan base needs to hear it…

    a couple things though, lee is not the QB we need…say what you want about the line and i know they didnt help at all but lee runs so much because he CANT SEE!!!…he has even said he cant see the receivers a lot…and it is OBVIOUS lee cannot throw an accurate ball further than ten yards down field…he looks like tray rultand use to throwing the ball 15 yards over, under, or around but not to, an open reciever….

    crxxm said they had to make adjustments for carroll, well how bout carroll threw 3 balls that hit his receivers in the face and they dropped the ball…how bout lee has not shown he can do anything BESIDES scramble….im not saying carroll is our future but lets not forget how he started his career and how he lead us to a liberty bowl victory…he is a young guy who we could have developed but i guess crxxm and wxxdy have shown that they cant do that…i dont disslike lee but he just cant see or throw an accurate ball more than ten yards…i guess what i am saying is that carroll DOES have more upside than lee in my opinion…but hell try relf, at least he can see and is a big guy…crxxm has shown he cant recruit anythig that resembles a QB or develop one….

    the entire offensive mindset we have on our coaching staff is a joke…it is clear we have no clue whatsoever…i dont think a new OC is going to help until crxxm is gone…in the long run, how much more is it going to set us back financially to “wait it out” (even more) with crxxm with lost tickets sales, lost recruits, lost boosters, etc. than it is if we buy him out?? i just have to think we can do it this year and move on…

    there are a lot of smaller conference coaches and non-BCS coaches who are prime for the jump to another level…i have been saying it for 2 years that we would be lucky to get a guy like gary patterson of TCU, peterson of boise state, even graham of tulsa, and the list goes on…we deserve better because we have given crxxm EVERYTHING…lets not forget he works for MSU and we have given him anything and everything he has wanted or needed…it is obvious to almost everyone that he cant cut it and needs to go….make it happen BYRNE!!

  15. carwwest Says:

    sorry for the long post, i just cant take it anymore…

  16. skydawg706 Says:

    Hey Woody, do not see your offense having in strong suit – offense line cannot protect QB or open any holes for back to run through.

    Talent wise – appears we are limited on what we can do period – or formation we can run – do not have the “smack you in the mouth” players for the I.

    CARWEST – Man I’d rather had a root canal with no drugs than had to set through what you set through – I’m sure all the UT fans are in love with Fullmer again (this week).

    My question to AD and Croom when are we (You guys) going to put together a winning football team. Other SEC teams can do – why not MSU?

    I thought all the pledges I was making to Bull Dog Club was for to help fund athletic scholarships – all I can see that I got for my money is the huge jumbo screen – hows that suppose to help in recuriting “talented players

  17. 2thdoc Says:

    skydawg, a rootcanal without meds is worse than being at Knoxville for the game. I did get some fine ribs at Calhouns and had a great time except for watching CrxxmBall 2008. I will be back in 2 years hopefully with a different coach.

    Neyland Stadium was like a cemetary until they realized it could be worse than having Fulmer as their coach who makes adjustments at halftime. They realized they could have to watch Crxxm sitting on his golf cart at practice not doing anything to improve the program. “Doing it the Right Way” as Crxxm says, would be approaching Byrne and saying “Let me step down so you don’t have to fire me along with my buddy Wxxdy.”

    I’m sure he would gladly cut you a nice check for your trouble.

  18. carwwest Says:

    2thdoc, i was in calhouns for a little while…you know when the time comes crxxm will chose the money over his buddy…it would be a day to remember if crxxm quits and we dont have to buy him out…we caould only be so lucky….

  19. skydawg706 Says:

    2THDOC: Was not alking about the city. I’ve been to Knowxville several times – there is a lot to do ans see & great places to eat. My son & his wife live in Jefferson CIty, and sister is Seiverillie.

    My reference being surrounded my TN fans – loosing to game we should have won.

    Hard to connect to dots – how we can be on and off so much. Totally unpredictable – rest of the year.

  20. skydawg706 Says:

    I think Croom would resign before being bought out – could be wrong – but feel he’d be the first to admit – he cannot the job done – feel he’ll make a coaching staff change (maybe forced) – if he cannot do it with the change – exit stage left.

  21. carwwest Says:

    skydawg, i just dont see the “on” when you say on and off…we have never been on besides the KY last year…even when we win, we are never really on…i hope you are right about him resigning though…

  22. morecowbell Says:

    Sitting at the game, Vol fans were trying to console me. I would rather get slapped in the face than having opposing fans tell me, “it is alright, you have always had a good defense, if you guys had a good offense, you would contend for the west”. I walked out of the stadium early and had a jacket on, a TN fan said that it was good to actually walk out of the stadium early for the right reason and I showed my maroon shirt under the jacket and he said sorry and walked off as if he might catch something from my marooness. I give up.

  23. skydawg706 Says:

    MORECOWBELL – agree with UT fans “if we had an offense” and OC to compliment them.

    What’s with our offensive line?

  24. mathistondawg Says:

    jonnychapps –
    changes have been made on the coaching staff. Just not for the better. Those who could have bailed. We are left with people expecting Croom to be loyal to them and save their jobs.

    I agree with most on this site. We need to hire someone fresh – not recycled (although it is working out for U of M this year). However that being said, I would welcome most anyone with Div I head coaching experience. I would love to have a guy from Tulsa, Boise, or some other second tier school (that could probably still beat us).

    Wxxdy won’t be here next year. They will blame his health, and he will be relegated to another position – like recruiting. I doubt Crxxm will take him entirely off the payroll. But guess what? I bet whoever takes the job will run the same offensive scheme. Sure makes me wish we had Sparky back (I did actually like him).

    Crxxm is too much like coach Cut. We will have to remove Crxxm to make any real changes. I believe our new AD is weak. Has he made any comment to stem the tide of negativity about the current state of the football program? I sure haven’t heard anything.

    I didn’t buy season tickets this year. I just bought the games I wanted on stubhub. Heck, buy ’em up high and sit down low in the empties. Plenty of them these days.

    I’m used to losing, but it is killing me we offered him an extension after last year. Our offense was awful. Our defense made plays, we got every break in the world, and people like Tubby were so arrogant they helped us to victory. He hadn’t shown any promise the previous three years, and to extend it without giving the AD authority over his staff, or have performance clauses is just pathetic. PATHETIC!!!! All I can say is “PLEASE RESIGN” because we can’t make you, nor can we afford to buy you out in the current economic situation.

  25. irondawg Says:

    mathistondawg, although we played hard and deserved to win most of the games in 2007, you’re right about how we won those games. The fact is that it was a fluke season. It’s one of those seasons where everything happens just right, the ball bounces the right way, other coaches made stupid decisions(Ed Orgeron), etc. MSU didn’t win 8 games, however, because we were THAT good. We weren’t. We were probably a 4-win team that the stars briefly aligned for.

    We are a doormat.

  26. carwwest Says:

    got to disagree about our new AD mathis, he did a ballsy thing in hiring cohen for baseball and has said that he and the coaches will have to sit down at the end of the season and discuss the status of the program…the guy is young and he has already acknowledged the fans more than LT ever did so i think he will surprise some and do what is right for the program…

  27. bantyrooster1 Says:

    The only Right thing to do for the program at this point is to Fire Croom and start over. Bring a YOUNGER guy that will get excited about being at Mississippi State and will motivate the players and the fan base. We are on the verge of losing what little bit of a football program we have left. The worst thing State can do is just let it be and hope Croom will become a great coach over time. He’s a great person but he’ll never be a great coach. The time has come to fire Croom.

  28. skydawg706 Says:

    Was told TN came out in the 2nd half with a different offense – like the tiem against South Carolina – our defense could not adjust.

    Bantyrooster – do ya think there is also a lack of talented player factors to be considered also – and will admit not having a winning program has a lot to do with players deciding to come to MSU or not.

    Need offensive line – bad.

  29. bantyrooster1 Says:

    skydawg, you are very correct about the lack of talented players. We are overmatched at offensive line every game we play. I know this has a lot to do with how bad our quarterbacks look during the game also but surely there are better quarterbacks who would come to State than the two we’ve seen on the field this year.
    The Adjustments made by opposing teams at halftime is the result of good coaches doing their job. Why do our coaches seem to be clueless at halftime. Maybe it’s all about our lack of talent, I just wish we were better. When it gets right down to the bottom line, I’m just disappointed that we’re so terrible this year after showing signs of life last season. I know it’s not all the coaches faults but somebody has to answer for the continued play this year.

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