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Well, here you are. The stories in today’s Journal off MSU’s 34-3 loss to Tennessee. For some reason, they’re all piled together on the same page. Whatever.

Time to hit the road. Later.


25 Responses to “On the Links”

  1. dawgface52 Says:

    Brad, last night I made a post that said you should request a transfer to another dept of the DJ. I suggested writing obituaries would be more fun than covering MSU sports. But that is exactly what your having to do anyway. Writing MSU’s obituary each Sunday morning. May God bless you. You deserve a better life than this.

  2. carwwest Says:

    there is still nothing lee can do that carroll cant…neither is very good but i think carroll is better because he can see…

    dawgface, i read that post and thats the first thing that came to my mind, he is already doing that haha…

    but it is comical to watch what crxxm has out on the field as our offense…changes HAVE to be made…

  3. skydawg706 Says:

    Not knocking Tyson, but if CC thought he was hurt – listening on the radio (Jackie) he was not mobile – keep waiting to long to throw.

    My impression in Vandy game, understandable to some point, he does not liek to get hit.

    Why CC did nto go with Carroll – your guess is good as mine – Carroll can not be that bad.

    Oh well, next year.

  4. darkcooger Says:

    Yeah, next year. When does basketball season start? Why does that question sound so familiar?

    Also, does anyone know if the Dawgs played LSU in hockey this weekend as scheduled? If so, know the score?

  5. imabulldog Says:

    How can we look so good and then look sooo bad.


  6. 2thdoc Says:

    Carroll looked miserable when he came in and on every single play looked like he had never been on the field before. Lee could be a foot shorter and would still be an upgrade from Carroll. Lee missed alot of open receivers but otherwise had to run at least 300 yards on some pretty crazy scrambles because no one was blocking. I would rather see Relf get some looks than Carroll.

    Not that any of it matters, because this season has been flushed down the Crxxmer.

    Byrne, Please make it end!

  7. carwwest Says:

    carroll did not look great but no worse than lee…three drops by receivers and by the time he came in towards the end, the team had quit…and the play calls when he was in there on third and long twice and wxxdy rolled him to the short side of the field…that is a recipe for disaster…relf deserves a look because if he is worse than what we have now then he should not be on the team…

  8. skydawg706 Says:

    Read stats on Dawgs – lost for words.

  9. theconquistador2 Says:

    Is it too much to ask for our football program to be competitive??? I’m realistic and I know that we’ll likely never be a “LSU” or a “Florida”. I even realize that winning 7, 8 or 9 wins every year may be too much to ask for in today’s game. But why is it that we aren’t even competitive? Why is it that I consider the game over when our opponent gets a double digit lead no matter how much time is left in the game? Why is it that Vandy is our biggest win of the year? Freakin Vanderbilt!!! Why is it that every Saturday I have to watch or hear about many of these “lower tier” teams compete with and even beat some of the “big boys”. Many on a consistent basis. Why is it that I get sick to my stomach when I watch our team play? Why is it that our football team is bad in nearly every aspect of the game? Why is it!!!???

    If there are any Croom supporters left all they need to do is look over in Oxford and see what a difference a coach can make.

    I can guarantee you if Croom is the coach next year I WILL NOT buy season tickets. My MTSU tickets are in the drawer and that’s where they’ll be come Saturday.

  10. charleston11 Says:

    Don’t let it be a total shock but MTSU will beat MSU!

  11. dawgx Says:

    A loss to MTSU equals a 2-10 season. Does Byrne have the onions needed to fire Croom or even force him to resign? What about forcing him to fire Woody? This may be a his first true test. Some would say that hiring Cohen was a test, but I think everyone knew that was going to happen.

  12. mathistondawg Says:

    Lets revive the 12th man sherrill had. We can use the walk-on as a punter, offensive lineman, or QB. I’m kidding of course, but we have holes everywhere.

    I say we go after Dubose at Millsaps. That’s right, a Div III coach – who has SEC and head coaching experience. Yeah, he didn’t fare too well there (however he was 10-3 in 2000) Probably hates bama too –

    Why? Well, we won’t have much to spend after buying crxxm out, and I am willing to try just about anything.

  13. bamamanreturns Says:

    Since a loss to MTSU is a foregone conclusion, how about that new jumbomegatron…will it be ready? They’ve been working late on it the last week or so, but it looks like it still has a long way to go

  14. carwwest Says:

    the new jumbotron will be of no use except for advertising because there will be no plays that we will want to see again as long as crxxm is here…

  15. shmuley Says:

    Mr. Byrne, it’s time.

  16. townball Says:

    Our offensive line is terrible!

  17. 2thdoc Says:

    Our offense is terrible, our cxach is terrible, our AD is the only glimmer of hope that this will end….soon…please.

  18. dawgface52 Says:

    “the new jumbotron will be of no use except for advertising because there will be no plays that we will want to see again as long as crxxm is here…”

    Maybe the new jumbotron could be used to show other games around the country. Have a split screen and show a couple of games. That way we could watch some entertaining games while we have our head handed to us on the playing field. 🙂

  19. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    I firmly believe in second chances – but we’ve been suffering offensively for FIVE years. Enough is enough! Our defense the past couple of years has kept us competitive at times (and even got us to a bowl game). But the defense is wearing down because the offense is going back three steps for every one step we gain defensively. This team is starting to look like the last two years of Jackie Sherrill’s reign, and that’s BAD.

    Where’s the inspiration from the sidelines, from the coaching staff? Helloooooooo???

    Do the honorable thing and step down, Woody. And if Coach Croom stands by his man, well, been nice knowin’ ya.

    Last year’s “breakthrough” season is a distant memory. What’s important is this year’s team and the support it and the coaching staff get. If 40,000 show up for homecoming, I’ll be surprised

    Love my Dogs, but good God, we suck.

  20. bantyrooster1 Says:

    I won’t put Croom down anymore. I won’t put Woody down anymore. I refuse to mention how pathetic our offense is and how our defense has been steadily going down hill since the Auburn game. From here on out I want to focus on who could do a better job than Croom at State. Let’s look at some of the candidates:

    George W. Bush- He’s going to need something to do.
    Crazy Karl from Slingblade- We could pay him in Mustard and Biscuits.
    Timmy from SouthPark- He would say a lot more intelligent things at press conferences than Croom.
    Ron Polk- He’d comeback and start a fight with NCAA over football recruiting restrictions and we’d be on the map again.
    My 2 year old nephew- Smarter than Croom.
    Bear Bryant- Dig him up and put him in a chair on the sidelines. He’d be a great improvement.
    Any pee-wee league coach in the state of Mississippi- Better than our current coach.

  21. imabulldog Says:

    Reckon you could fix me sum biscuits….mmm.hmmm

  22. darkcooger Says:

    If we have to buy Croom out of his contract, we might not be able to afford to pay the next coach more than mustard and biscuits and french fried taters.

  23. maroondog Says:

    Can someone explain this, why is it that we cannot get a punter? I mean a punter on our team gets about as much face time as a a Big XII QB.
    Same thing for a field goal kicker – you know we are not punching it in often – good chance to make some 40 and 50 yarders.
    As much as our offense is blasted, our special teams are autrocius. Pegues can’t field a punt because there is no blocking, we can’t pin an offense deep, and we make approx 1/25 of field goals UNDER 30 yards. As bad as offense is, I actually beleive special teams is worse.

  24. maroondog Says:

    Other than fire coaches (not happening), I would love to hear what some of you think we should do from this point on (QBs, etc.)

    I think we should give the ball to Relf. There is nothing to slavage from this season. If he tuns out to be good, he have something to look foward to next year. If he sucks, well, Lee and Carroll don’t get hurt at least and can maybe improve in the offseason.

    I also think that we should just stop punting. Instead, just let the QB throw a deep ball to a safety and have the receiver ready to tackle him. It would get more yards.

    Play the youngest guys possible. At least get them some good practice for next year.

    Take all clocks and calendars away from the players. During every game, just tell them that it is Tuesday at practice and we bought uniforms of the opponent to fire them up. If our team plays 1/100 as good as it supposedly plays in practice, WE WILL DOMINATE!!!

  25. skydawg706 Says:

    At least with the jumbotron – we can see something we got for our money -one thing we have at the moment no other SEC team has – we’re the first.

    Guess it is suppose to help draw fans (recruits?).

    I like it – just wish we had a team to go with it.

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