SEC Media Days: The Ladies


As you wish, shmuley. Some quotes from the Lady Bulldogs in Birmingham today.

• Coach Sharon Fanning, on injured guard Marneshia Richard, who’s expected back by Christmas: “The upside of that is that some other players get some experience right now. Some other folks have to step up.”

• Fanning on senior guard Robin Porter: “She knows what it’s going to take, and the great thing to is, ‘Coach, whatever I can do.’ She’s not a selfish player. She’s a team player, and whatever role she has to play for this team to be successful, she’s going to do it.”

• Richard: “I think we’ll be OK. It’s just a little speed bump. We have talented players. People might be a little bit out of their comfort zone for the first part, but we can adjust. It’ll probably be a tough transition, but I think we’re more than capable of handling that.”

I hope that satisfies everyone. G’night!


One Response to “SEC Media Days: The Ladies”

  1. shmuley Says:

    Thank you, oh, hydrocephalic one, on behalf of the tens of people curious about ladies basketball.

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