Blog Bag: A Few Answers


Sorry I didn’t get more of your questions answered, guys. Been a crazy week what with basketball in Birmingham. Didn’t speak much with coach Sylvester Croom or players besides on Tuesday. But here’s what I’ve got.

Q: What’s realistic expectations for the basketball team, as young as they are?
A: Well, the media picked the Bulldogs to finish fourth in the West, and coach Rick Stansbury thought that was generous. I think there is plenty of talent, enough to get MSU back to the NCAAs soon, but I don’t know if it’ll be this year. I expect State to be a bubble team but probably get an NIT bid.

Q: Who are the first eight or so players?
A: Stansbury: “Pretty tough right now because we’ve got so much balance. It’s probably going to be more parity now, six through 10 or 11 or 12, than I’ve had. I need some of those guys to separate themselves, and that’s good and bad when everybody’s the same.”

Q: Is there any chance the hockey team will be incorporated into the official athletics program in the future, rather than being relegated to a club team?
A: I’ve got no inside info on that, because it’s hockey. And my guess would be, no. Because it’s hockey.

Q: How are the $12,000/pair courtside seats going?
A: At least half have been sold. Going pretty well, I suppose. But sorry, no Kias.

Q: Brad, many fans have become weary of the “players are just not executing” excuses. Do you get any sense from the players that they are tired of the blame being placed solely on them?
A: If the players are irked by that, they disguise it well. I’ve heard nary a discouraging word. In fact, these guys remain astonishingly upbeat and are sometimes quick to take blame themselves. I do wonder what’s up with Tay Bowser, though, and if his situation has to do with any frustration. He’s listed second on the depth chart this week, but I’d be surprised to see him take the field.


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