Croom Teleconference


Belatedly, some comments from coach Sylvester Croom‘s telconference. Wish I could post more, especially all the things he said about Arceto Clark, but I had trouble typing today for some reason. Still trying to get ahold of the replay. Anyway, here’s some of it:

• On Clark: “I still think he’s a guy with the ball in his hands on a single play can hit a home run, and we need that on offense.”

• More on Clark: “He has what I call a quiet arrogance, a quiet cockiness, and good football players have that.”

• On the risk of pulling a redshirt: “If there’s any risk, it’s that from practice to game, it’s different.”

• On the final four games of the season: “One of the big things we emphasize is it’s down to the end now. One of the things we’ve always taken pride in is we finish things strong.”

• On center J.C. Brignone, the SEC’s offensive lineman of the week: “He played an outstanding game. The thing I’m very impressed with, it’s hard making the transition to center. I’ve done it, it’s hard.”

• On Kentucky’s defensive line: “If your feet get crossed over, these guys are so strong they’ll just throw you out of the way.”

Some notes:

• FS Derek Pegues is getting an MRI on his hand today and will miss practice.

• OL Michael Gates (turf toe) should return to the field today.

• Kentucky coach Rich Brooks said today that freshman Randall Cobb, who took over for sophomore Mike Hartline during Saturday’s 63-5 loss to Florida, will start against MSU.


10 Responses to “Croom Teleconference”

  1. truedog4 Says:

    Brad, sometimes Coach Croom comes across as defensive when asked challenging questions. What was his tone/demeanor during the questions about Arceto Clark? Did you get any sense that he was trying to justify the decision to critics?

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    The word “awkward” was used more than once after that postgame press conference. He did sound defensive, although I thought the question was posed without any critical overtones. I’m sure he anticipated that question being asked, especially after telling us all early in the week that he had plans for a “mystery” player.

  3. carwwest Says:

    there is nothing he can say to justify the move…of course he is defensive, he is in his own little stubborn world and really thinks that he did the right thing by ruining the kid’s year…the fact that he will never admit he is wrong or take responsibility is amazing…rich brooks said it was his fault his team didnt execute…wonder why it is the players’ fault when it comes to mississippi state football??…maybe it is because we dont have a coach…

  4. bamamanreturns Says:

    It’s called grasping at straws. Plus Arceto isn’t a come in and take over the game type player like an Eric Berry, Tim Tebow or Knowshon Moreno…for the SEC he’s very mediocre, but I’m sure Woody will be able to develop him

  5. maroon1white Says:

    I have become numb to the idea of trying out a new player to create some kind of offense. I know these guys like Elliot, Clark, & Bonner are fast and thats great we need that, but the scheme doesn’t change. When Elliot came on we were going to “Let the Deuce Loose” or whatever. He got a screen pass against SELA, and a couple hand offs late in the GA Tech game. Same thing with Bonner & now Clark, a screen pass and if the D takes that away (b/c they know its coming with the new guy in the game) then the speed gets benched.

    If these guys are so fast line them up 1on1 w/ the defender and let them out run the guy deep or mid-range (at least for more than 5 yards). Don’t throw them a swing pass 4 yards behind the line of scrimmage w/ little blocking and make them out run 6 defenders only to get forced out of bounds for no gain. I really believe our biggest problem is we have no audibles or check downs. The plays we call go to a certain guy and if he’s not open or the defense stacks the box then we’re hoping for the best.

    All I ask for the Kentucky game is, please, throw a slant & please on 1st down for no other reason except to make the defenders eyes bug out throw a deep fade route on first down.

  6. carwwest Says:

    you think we dont throw slants because lee’s passes will get batted down…i know we didnt throw many with carroll but still threw it a little…it seems lee is only good at the <10 yard out patterns and comebacks…

  7. maroon1white Says:

    I agree Lee would not have to throw many slants b/c of his height but if he gets 1 or 2 good ones at the opportune time it would be big. With as many roll outs as our offense runs we give the QB a little more time to throw but limit his options to throw to. I think we’re saying the same thing b/c it all boils down to getting Lee more time in the pocket to make some completions for us to succeed.

  8. imabulldog Says:

    It would all be worth it, If… Clark catches the game winning touchdown against Ole Miss in the Egg Bowl, propelling us to an actual Bowl

  9. carwwest Says:

    so you are assuming we are going to beat KY and Ark??

  10. maroon1white Says:

    Yes, and don’t count out a W in the Egg Bowl. If they turn the ball over like they have all year we could get that one too.

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