Practice Update, Players Speak


Quick practice update: FS/KR Derek Pegues was on the field despite an injured thumb. Wearing red cross jerseys were TE Nelson Hurst (shoulder), LB Terrell Johnson (eye), OL Michael Gates (toe), LB Karlin Brown (shoulder). Not practicing was PK Eric Richards, who played at Tennessee but sat out last week.

In big honkin’ video board news, athetics director Greg Byrne – after thoughtfully picking up some trash next to the track complex – informed us that there will be picture but no sound when the big honkin’ video board debuts Saturday for the Kentucky game.

I wanted to post some audio clips from my interviews with some players, but I can’t figure it out. Maybe next time. But here are some excerpts:

• LB Dominic Douglas, on Kentucky QB Randall Cobb: “We know he has the ability to run. It’ll be the same story this week like every week, a quarterback coming in, being able to run. They still can put the other guy in (Mike Hartline) and try to be efficient on the passing. We’re just going to have to prepare for both run and pass and just be solid on defense.”

• C J.C. Brignone, on the offensive line’s play: “One thing that we have been able to do a lot is run the ball and block very well against it. Now we need to work on the aspect of pass blocking. It’s one thing to have young guys and a few mistakes happen, but I think as you start getting deeper into the season, we’re starting to pick up more and more things every game.”

• RB Arnil Stallworth, on his four-catch, 60-yard game last week: “I guess you could say it was a coming-out party for me. … It was as open on the game field as it was on the practice field, so I just carried it over to that.”

• DL LaMarcus Williams, on MSU’s tackling troubles: “We always do tackling drills. I think it’s more emphasis on, as far as the secondary, as far as the roll tackle, instead of just trying to knock a man out, we want to really get a lot of body on the ball and get him down.”


4 Responses to “Practice Update, Players Speak”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    No sound on the jumbo-tron, WTF?!?

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Byrne said the explanation for why there won’t be any sound is pretty technical. Just won’t have that part done in time, I don’t guess. I heard that the construction crew is working nights to finish it. Brrr.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Burnin’ that midnight oil for our enjoyment…Thanks guys I’ll never meet

  4. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Maybe they can show other games when we have the football. That or put up a video of grass growing or paint drying. Anything would be more exciting than watching our offense.

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