Eric Richards Suspended


Kicker Eric Richards has been suspended indefinitely from the football team for violating team policies. Coach Sylvester Croom‘s only comment is from a press release: ““I’m disappointed in Eric’s lack of judgment. We talk to our guys about their actions and decisions away from the football field on a regular basis, and they know that bad decisions carry consequences.”

Richards hasn’t played much this year due to a hip injury, and that injury has left Croom shaking his head at times. After Tuesday’s practice, which Richards did not participate in, Croom told reporters he didn’t know where the kicker was but figured he was off taking care of the injured hip.

Richards said on Oct. 14, just before the Tennessee game, that he was ready to go, and he handled both of MSU’s kickoffs that week. He did not play against Middle Tennessee State last week.


16 Responses to “Eric Richards Suspended”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    I’m guessing DUI.

  2. jcdawgman18 Says:

    He was evidently AWOL from practice on Tuesday. He wasn’t on the field, then he wasn’t in the training room. Now I don’t think that that’s enough for this suspension, but it sure couldn’t have helped.

  3. dawgbones Says:

    What a waste of a scholarship. Time for Crxxm to own up to it that he made a recruiting mistake and send Richards on the road. I’m for holding open tryouts like Auburn and others have done. There has got to be some former high school kickers enrolled at State who can kick and punt as well as the guys we have.

  4. Says:

    Speaking of the crappy kicking game we’ve had for awhile, I wonder if the morons down there will offer P Heath Hutchins from Saltillo High/ICC a scholarship? He has stated that he would like to play at MSU, and leads the nation in juco punting. I don’t think he has an offer yet from MSU. I’ve seen him punt, and his hang time is world class. Does anyone know if MSU has offered him a scholarship?

  5. darkcooger Says:

    A rumor floated by me that he failed a certain “test.” I’d be interested in knowing what the real story is, though. DUI seems reasonable and fairly easy to verify – police blotter, anyone?

    I don’t understand what’s going on with this kid. Everyone says he’s healthy, he says he’s healthy, but when called on to kick he tells the coaches he’s hurt. I still believe there’s more to this story.

    One thing’s for sure – if I was this kid, I would be terrified of pissing dear ol’ dad off. Mr. Richards is a big man and can probably handle sonny boy.

  6. carwwest Says:

    well…i dont really know what to think about all this…seems he and crxxm havent been on the same page since he has gotten here and i still think there is more to the story….

    i am all for holding open tryouts, the texas tech student went 9-9 in his first game haha

  7. imabulldog Says:

    Happy Trails…Mr.#3 kicker in the country outta high school, see ya

  8. jcdawgman18 Says:

    A guy I know who is a manager on the football team said it’s basically Richards just won’t man up and take the jobs. He kinda questioned the guy’s desire.

  9. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Kids will make stupid mistakes and knowing Croom, this wasn’t the first or second one this youngster had made. Coach Croom may not be a good coach but he is a good role model and he’s shown in the past that he doesn’t give up on kids unless they do something that puts his back to the wall.

  10. maroon1white Says:

    Kickers are weird people. I’ve never met one that was completely right in the head.

  11. thingreenline Says:

    Lou Holtz is a good role model, too. When he’s not spittin’ all over the place. But you see how well that worked out for the Gamecocks…..

  12. dawgface52 Says:

    Oh well, what looked like a good prospect when we signed him has now crashed and burned. 😦

  13. skydawg706 Says:

    Be interesting what the reason was – lack of self-discipline can cost ya big time – given big opportunity (on the field – in the class room, I’m sure others would like to had the opportunity) – follow the rules – leads to success (college degree, they do not come cheap).

  14. CBdawg Says:

    Richards was arrested for DUI, possession of marijuana, driving with no license and having expired tags. Croom will likely kick him off the team. He was due to have surgery on his hip in December and was going to be redshirted next year because it would take a full year to recover. I think they should just cut him loose.

  15. db33 Says:


    Hutchins, ICC P, was offered yesterday and accepted on the spot. He’s AVERAGING 47 yds/punt!

    I fully expect to Sean Brauchle, PK Gulf Coast CC, to join Hutchins soon.
    Basically Richards’s screwup has cost us a scholarship. I don’t think they planned to take 2 juco kickers.

  16. beaudawgs Says:

    The Juco players making commits come on their own merrit. LET THE STATS SPEAK FOR THEMSELFS! Tyson Lee is just the beginning of good things coming from ICC. Lee, Mcphee (hope we can keep them FL teams away from him) & Hutchins all three all americans possess great work ethics, leadership skills & character both on and off the field!

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