Kentucky-MSU: Postgame Quotes


Head coach Sylvester Croom:

• On Adam Carlson‘s blocked PAT: “We knew they were going to overload in the middle and try to get push, use their high jumper in there. The big question I want to see is exactly how they played it, as far as how they attacked the nose guard. Of course you’ve got a rule, you’re supposed to give a (one) second delay before they hit the center.”

• On RB Anthony Dixon (15 carries, 48 yards): “I thought he played pretty well. I thought he ran hard, he ran downhill a lot. They’ve got an excellent defensive front. It was obvious they were keying on him, and that’s why we were able to throw the ball as well as we were.”

• On defensive penalties: “The one on (Derek) Pegues I thought was very debatable. I thought the ball was uncatchable. … I’m not disputing the call, I just have a different opinion.”

• “I think we have enough leadership. I think our guys have fought through enough now. They’re hurt as well, and disappointed. They prepared extremely well. From where I was looking, I thought guys were playing hard. The only part of the time where I didn’t think our intensity was there was the drive coming out (of halftime). We talked about how important that drive was.”

• On pass protection and QB Tyson Lee: “When you get any kind of push in the pocket for us right now, with Tyson’s height, it’s a problem. Because the push, he can’t see over the top of it. That makes him have to flush a little bit quicker than you’d like for him to sometimes.”

• “We did some good things passing the ball, but we did miss some opportunities. We had Aubrey Bell open early, and I don’t think Tyson saw him.”
Now for some player quotes:
• CB Jasper O’Quinn: “We can’t point fingers, because we’re all a team. When bad things happen in a game, we’ve got to overcome, keep fighting.”
• LB Dominic Douglas: “Both of them feel equal, just really bad. We had chances to score, on defense we had chances to stop. We didn’t do either. This is a game that, honestly, we should’ve won.”
• QB Tyson Lee: “I think the biggest thing, and I’ll say it the whole time, is execution. I think we had a great game plan going against them, I think we had great plays called. But we didn’t execute, I didn’t make some of the throws.”

26 Responses to “Kentucky-MSU: Postgame Quotes”

  1. imabulldog Says:

    when I get to heaven, you know what I’m asking Jesus?

    -Why was I a State fan?

    …I love our Dawgs, but it’s almost more than we can bear sometimes. Tyson had it right, the main problem was ‘Execution’…on D, on O, sorry I mean X, and most importantly today-Special teams.

    My hats off to McAdams- best day of his career.

    I told some Uk fans leaving the game, “we didn’t wrap it, but we hope you liked it”

  2. mathistondawg Says:

    leadership, execution, missed opportunities, preparation…… blah blah, blah blah, BLEAH!!! ENOUGH!!!

  3. thespear Says:

    and a coach tryin to have an excuse fr everything……pathetic!

  4. darkcooger Says:

    I was proud of Lee for stepping up and taking some measure of responsibility, at least, even though from what I saw, he really should be taking much of the heat. I think that shows a lot of heart and it’s something special about a good leader.

    For what it’s worth, I think Wes Carroll has shown a lot of that as well. He and Lee both impress me with their professionalism, and if Croom has only done one thing right in his career at State, it has been to build a team with character and class. I tend to think he’s done more right than that, but that alone is worth some good praise.

    Also, agreed with ima on McAdams! Way to go, Blake! We knew you could do it! But why is it that only one of our three units ever seems to be able to perform in a given game? And if it’s always going to just be one of the three, why can’t it ever be the offense? 😛

  5. darkcooger Says:

    That should say that Lee shouldn’t be taking much of the heat. That would be classified as a huge typo. 😛

  6. imabulldog Says:

    not looking forward to explaining this one to people at church today

  7. jcdawgman18 Says:

    Well, Carlson is personally responsible for this one, as both of those were on him. Yes there was some push on the extra point, but that ball came out really low. And if a former kicker is blaming the kicker, you know he screwed up.
    However, we should have had a lot more points on the board before then. And those I will point to Tyson Lee. Yesterday proved to me that Tyson is afraid of contact and that is costing us HUGE plays. On those roll-outs to the right we like to run with him, there is a deep route by BMac or Aubrey, and then there is the back in the flat. The typical situation on this play is that there is single coverage on the deep ball, which with either of those guys means the play is there to be made, and now (since we have run these quite often) the back is covered. Usually you have someone coming after Tyson, so he will have to make a quick decision. Here is where he breaks down, though. To make the throw to the back, he doesn’t have to set his feet. He can keep rolling, make the throw to the flat, and go untouched. To throw the ball down the field, he will need to set his back foot. He won’t have any problem getting the throw off. However, by stopping and setting that foot, he will have to take a hit after he releases the throw. EVERY TIME, Tyson picks the back in the flat. It is obviously a decision based on avoiding contact, as the deep ball is open and the back isn’t, yet he still picks the back.
    Sorry for the length of the post. I’ll also say that Tyson’s fear of contact adversely affects his execution of the zone read option. But that’ll have to be an explanation for another day.

  8. thingreenline Says:

    I wish our offense and special teams could be half as “resultful” as the MHP that work the games:

    Stand around – don’t do anything
    Stand in the shade under the ultra-jumbotron (you’re getting paid guys,
    don’t be total deuch-bags) – don’t do anything
    Sit in their vehicles after the game – don’t do anything
    Do their duties that you can actually train a NASA monkey to do

    And they still get the awesome benefits for “doing a good job.”

    Maybe we should give our players smokey-hats and put ’em on ‘roids like our “elite” law enforcement officers……

  9. bantyrooster1 Says:

    Did somebody get a ticket recently?

  10. fr8dawg Says:

    The Game — We lost it the opening drive of the second half. It was obvious UK coaches made some offensive adjustments with the use of misdirection that allowed them to run the ball effectively at us. It was also apparent our coaches changed nothing.

    The players — They played hard, but poor tackling, poor pass protect (sorry Quentin), some bone-headed mistakes (sorry DP) and Special Teams play (a blocked PAT, a missed 17 yard FG and KOs that never went past the 10 yard line!!) kept us from a W. Sure, Lee made some mistakes but this one is not his fault alone.

    The coaches — This won’t happen until the season is over and the AD has made his review but he should tell Sly to make the needed changes (in my opinion that’s his offensive philosophy, the OC and the Special Teams coach). If he refuses, then he’s out also with no apologies!!

    The New Jumbotron — Awsome!!!

    The Rest of the Season — Prepare for more misery!!

    Tuesday — VOTE!!!!!!

  11. thingreenline Says:

    It has nothing to do w/ tickets. Haven’t gotten one since high school.

    When teachers are underpaid and and schools are underfunded, who thinks it is fair that MHP gets the best retirement fund of all state employees when they have the least jurisdiction of any law enforcement agency? They don’t do anything! They know how many tickets they can write to get by w/out being questioned. The rest of their time is spent at the gym or running personal errands.

    Of course, they get special treatment b/c they drive the representatives and senators around.

  12. dawgbone Says:

    I’m with you Greenline, why do you even need them at a game, the
    stop signs were the only things working the event.

  13. thespear Says:

    i hope u refuse their help when u are in an emergency thingreen because obviously u think they are useless… its unappreciative folks like u that should have to worry about ur own problems without help or assistance from our fine law enforcement officers… the national guard is on hand for the games…. do u hate them too?

  14. skydawg706 Says:

    UK shut down supposely what is called our “running game”. We may have one on paper but that is about fars as it goes……looks good on paper.

    BRAD: – how about asking CC how many plays we are able to execute from the playbook.

    Like to see what Tyson could do if he had adequate protection…..(and may a box to stand on)…..

    Besides the missed field goal…….what about the drop interception (#3) nothing between him and the goal line….had TD written all over it.

    It’s down hill from here to end of the season…hey CC/OC…..why not go all out for the rest of the year…..what you/we have to loose…..

    like to see Carroll given opportunity to play again……do like Tyson….just wish he could connect on the lone ones (timing).

    mixed it up in the back field….24, 29, 30 combo or 29/3, 30/3, etc.

  15. thingreenline Says:

    spear, if I am in an emergency situation, I will not call MHP. I will dial 911, and they will dispatch either a city/town cop or a county deputy (depending on where I am at). That’s who will respond. Unless it is a wreck on a state highway, the MHP won’t touch it.

    I think I made myself clear on who I was specifically referring to, spear.

  16. bantyrooster1 Says:

    greenline, I agree with you.

  17. truedog4 Says:

    At least Tyson Lee is man enough to accept blame when he’s responsible (even seems to accept more than his share, if you ask me). I wish Coach Croom would .

  18. imabulldog Says:

    that’s right True, if I ran around as much as him- usually for my life, people can’t blame him for scrambling or getting rid of the ball. I would be very insecure in that pocket, because he gets killed 3 times a game

  19. nocowbell Says:

    TGL I assume that any MHP officers who have been killed in the line of duty were doing nothing as well. You take a job where you don’t know what you will face each day, where each encounter is a potential threat to your life and let some ass tell you that you do nothing and see how you like it. It is easy to run off at the mouth when you don’t know anything about it. Have a gun put in your face, or lose a friend and see how you like it. Those guys deserve something, but I feel that they should get paid if they have to watch the crap that is played on that field. You should have a hell of a lot more to complain about than the MHP. Like paying a coaching staff and giving players free education, room, and board to freaking lose. I guess since you ran off Farley, you want to run off the MHP as well?

  20. thingreenline Says:

    You’re exactly right, nocowbell. They don’t know what each day will bring. But, neither does EVERY other branch of law enforcement. So tell me why they get such special treatment …. rather, why do they deserve it over MBN, DOT, ABC, DWFP, or county/municiple officers. That’s my main point: they have the least jurisdiction, don’t do near as much as the others, and flaunt their “elitism” (not all of them, but way too many).

  21. olemiss1581 Says:

    well well well, has the fire coach croom website came up yet? hahaha hey my friend at state said he left 6 tickets on his winsheild for the next 2 games, and when he came back to his truck there were 12 more on there. hahaha GO STATE!!!!!! bunch of loosers

  22. carwwest Says:

    this game really wasnt crxxm’s entire fault for once but the fact remains that we still lost and something has to change…i think a new OC would be a mute point…if we dont win another game, which i dont think we will, crxxm has to go, not just wxxdy…the entire coaching staff has to go or you will see 20,000 people at the home games next year…i mean we arent we arent very good in any aspect of the game…defense is not anything close to what it was last year and injuries happen so that is not an excuse for any part of the football team….special teams is a joke…xffense, well….

    byrne, think of the nike slogan…JUST DO IT!!! FIRE CRXXM!!!

  23. rwriffe Says:

    1581, what is a looser? Is that the opposite of tighter? I figure your edumication if you have one came from UM. Stay on your own site numb nuts.

  24. skydawg706 Says:

    Someone told me that in the event of a tornado to go to Scott field for shelter because it was unlikely there would be a touchdown there.

  25. bmoy Says:

    haha only missed opportunities

  26. carwwest Says:

    thats pretty good skydawg…

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