Dixon, Pegues on Bama


Caught up with RB Anthony Dixon and FS Derek Pegues before practice. Pegues, by the way, was wearing the purple jersey, meaning limited action for him. He wasn’t catching kickoffs when I was out there. “I feel like an old man,” he said. “I’ve got too many injuries right now.” But he’s got time to heal up before MSU faces No. 1 Alabama on Nov. 15.

Speaking of Bama, I’ll have a story in tomorrow’s Journal about what Dixon and Pegues think of facing the Tide. State has won the last two meetings. Some excerpts from today’s interviews, first from Dixon:

• “They seem like they’re the same old, same old. They’re going to play physical, they come to play.”

• “I just see that they’re 8-0 this year. We’re going into the game, we’re 3-6, we need three wins to even think about a bowl. We’ve got to have it.”

• “Playing the No. 1 team in the nation, everybody wants to do good against them. We know everybody’s going to see it, the highlights’ probably going to be on SportsCenter when we finish playing. … Everybody’s going to get a little exposure, everybody’s going to get a little bit more hyped up. They know they’re going to get our best shot. They already know that, and they already know what we’ve done against them the last two years.”

Now, Pegues:

• “hey just seem like they’re playing with a lot more confidence. They’re real physical, now. They’re probably the most physical team we’re going to play this year. They can run the ball, and they’re going to try to stop the run.”

• “The one thing we’ve got to do that we’ve been doing the last couple years is play physical. That’s the only thing – play physical, tackle well, and I feel like we’ll have a chance.”


3 Responses to “Dixon, Pegues on Bama”

  1. carwwest Says:

    i admire their confidence and hope they are right but i have a bad feeling about this game….i dont care about the whole “crxxm gets them up to play bama” thing…i think they are going to take out the last two years of frustration on us next week…its at bama….

    but here are some telling stats…bama is number one in rushing offense in the sec, we are number 11 in rushing defense….they are number one in the sec in rushing defense and #2 in the nation…i think those are THE key stats for this game…if we cant run against KY, i really dont see us being able to run against bama…and think terrence cody is going to give us fits since our guards are playing very well so tyson is going to have about .04 seconds to get rid of the ball….bottom line, i just have a bad feeling about the game and it could be very embarassing….

    BL, i look forward to your articles…

  2. carwwest Says:


    i saw this on sixpack and it is the post of the year…NO MORE EXCUSES!!!

  3. darkcooger Says:

    I’m glad the players still have confidence, but I don’t know where they get it from. I’m still excited about the Bama game, though. I know it will be a slaughter. I know it’s going to look awful. But I’m still excited.

    I guess this is what it means to be a Bulldog fan?

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