Idiot of the Day


Good news, people. I’m no longer being too negative about Mississippi State football. Apparently, I’m being too positive.

So said an anonymous (I.e., cowardly) Alabama fan on my voicemail this morning. He read my story in today’s Journal on MSU facing No. 1 Bama and, through some sort of twisted, monkeyish logic, concluded that I was implying MSU could or would beat the Tide. He told me to report how many Heisman Trophy winners and national championships State has won compared to Bama. I mean, this dude was bitter.

Uh, anybody else read that story and draw from it that I was implying MSU was going to win? All I did was talk to Anthony Dixon and Derek Pegues and report their thoughts on the game. And y’all know I’m no homer.

I probably shouldn’t even bother mentioning this guy, but sometimes such extreme stupidity needs to be exposed. I’m sure most Alabama fans are intelligent, respectful people, so I’ll just assume this guy recently escaped from a mental ward. Maybe that’s why he didn’t leave a name or number; he probably thinks he’s Bear Bryant and was using a pay phone.



19 Responses to “Idiot of the Day”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    “I’m sure most Alabama fans are intelligent, respectful people,”


  2. dawgfan77 Says:

    You might want to call him back and tell that State and Bama have the same number of Heisman Trophy winners ZERO!

  3. shmuley Says:

    Well, HydrocephaLocke, I must commend you on your effort to deflect the flames licking at your azz for daring to question Croom onto some anonymous, alleged Bama fan. Not a bad effort.

    But, really, the sheep on Jeanie Weenie’s page are going to hate you for the simple fact that you graduated from the unmentionable place regardless of your attempts to ingratiate yourself by vilifying Bama. Just man up and call these sheep what they are. They are losers. They accept losing. They accept laziness. They accept half-assedness. They accept the Larry Templeton mentality.

  4. goldendawg Says:

    Maybe the new president will “share the wealth” and give us a few of Bama’s wins. I mean they have eight and we have three. They can afford to give us a couple…

  5. rwriffe Says:

    Smuley, I know you can’t be comparing us to UM when you say we are losers because you and the UM fans are pretty much in the same boat with your athletic department.

  6. BirdZ! Says:

    shmuley is an MSU fan, rwriffe.

  7. maroon1white Says:

    I am in no way surprised by this phone call. There are thousands just like him in north MS that I have to encounter daily. What’s really funny is they’ve never been to a game in T’town, never lived in AL, & basically have not ties to the university scholastically. They jumped on the band wagon sum years back in the glory days & are recently starting to come back out of the wood works.

  8. carwwest Says:

    i agree with your first post BirdZ…bama fans are freaking idiots…

  9. maroon1white Says:

    BTW, I bet you didn’t get any calls like this last year around this time.

  10. Brad Locke Says:

    No, last year around this time I was probably getting angry calls from Ripley fans.

  11. imabulldog Says:

    Man oh man, stupid, stupid, stupid…

    May I say it-I HATE Bama!

    The biggest SPOILED Brats in the country. All they do is run their mouths, winning or losing-their crap doesnt stink. If I hear ‘We’ve Got 12!’ one more time I might bring the toaster in the shower with me later tonight.

    It would be hilarious to see SATAN pitch a fit again like he did last yr, head set off- fire red face-kicking and screaming-his thinning cowlick blowing away.

  12. imabulldog Says:

    Bama are the only people who suffer continual amnesia

  13. imabulldog Says:

    Sorry to post 3 in a row, but if theres one thing I love besides MSU fball, its LSU fball.
    -I’ll have my purple and gold on, hat and hoodie and all-Saturday night
    -Hopefully they’ll win, and batter, bloody, and bruise every star player on Bama’s team for us

  14. luckydog20 Says:

    Typical Alabama fan. They bring up all of there NC trophies. Sounds like a dumbass.

  15. rwriffe Says:

    My mistake Smuley. Misunderstood your post. After reading it again slowly I now get it. Sorry. Thanks Birdz.

  16. skydawg706 Says:

    Brad consider the source….maybe you should have included pictures.

    My years of experience working around Bama fans and observation of Bama fans the only time you see them fly/wear their colors — like Ole Miss – when they are winning.

    Othewise you do not see anything…go in hiding.

    Win or lose I fly and wear our colors.

  17. rwriffe Says:

    I’m with you on that Skydawg. I also wear my MSU stuff regardless of how bad we are and thats tough living in Northeast Tennessee.

  18. leeearl Says:

    I live in Huntsville and work with all Bama/Auburn fans every day and wear my MSU gear proudly.
    Every Auburn fan I’ve dealt with living here has been great…..on the other hand, Bama fans are a different breed, I’ll leave it at that…I hope Bama beats the crap out of LSU so, we’re playing the #1 team in the nation…
    We have an off-week, and plenty of time to prepare for this game…..we’re playing Bama at home and they actually play better on the road….look at how they played Tulane at home and Kentucky…..John Parker has not laid an egg yet but he will and my wishes are that he lays a big fat one like he did last year against us…this is the same team that we beat last year with the exception of a lot of inexperienced Bama freshman…..Croom, just give me this one win against a #1 Bama team and I’ll be satisfied….

  19. skydawg706 Says:

    RWRIFFE, I feel for you….my son lives in Jefferson City (attending Carson-Newman)…….stranded bulldog for sure.

    LEEEARL – feel for the Dawgs playing at BAMA….would be a great win. We may hang defensely (for awhile) but do not have the offense.

    All I really care about at this point is win over Ole Miss in their backyard.

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