Blog Bag: The Answers (Most of Them)


Sorry I didn’t get the John Cohen questions answered. I’ve got to do better at checking the Blog Bag daily. But here is what I have for this week. Thanks for the questions.

Q: Question to ESPN, CBS, Raycom: Why on earth do you want to put this blowout (MSU-Alabama) on TV?
A: Because it’s No. 1 Alabama. But if Bama loses to LSU, expect it to be on Raycom, which simply has to take what it can get.

Q: What are the future plans for the Dawgzillatron?
A: Greg Byrne is brainstorming on that matter. Perhaps movies, or broadcasts of MSU basketball games if they’re in the NCAA Tournament, for example.

Q: I’ve heard members of the Central Mississippi alumni association saying Al Borges will be the OC in ‘09. Do you or anybody know how true this could or could not be?
A: That rumor just won’t die, will it? I don’t think the people in charge of making such decisions are worried about that right now.

Q: What is the deal with kicker Adam Carlson? Does this guy just kill in practice and choke in the game or is he just not that good all the way around?
A: Said Carlson, on the missed 27-yarder: “In practice I make those all the time. It’s one of those things you just can’t explain.” It’s no secret that he doesn’t have a real strong leg.

Q: How are Robert Elliott and Jamar Chaney doing with their injuries? Do you see Chaney returning next season?
A: It’s too soon to make a real good judgment on Elliott’s recovery. But I saw Chaney walking around the other day without a cast. As for next year, coach Sylvester Croom wants a decision by Dec. 1. Whether Chaney returns could depend on how highly NFL scouts think of him. Of course, the motivation to complete unfinished business in Starkville could be strong.


4 Responses to “Blog Bag: The Answers (Most of Them)”

  1. carwwest Says:

    good stuff BL!

  2. imabulldog Says:

    man I hope Chaney stays, having him back, AJ, and Elliot sounds great if we have a good recruiting class

  3. carwwest Says:

    real quick, i read in a different article that AJ would have to sit out next year also???…i was under the impression we would have him back next season and this year could count as a redshirt year, am i wrong??

  4. dawgface52 Says:

    No secret Carlson doesn’t have a strong leg………..yet we recruit him. 🙂

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