On the Links: GameDay


Mississippi State and Ole Miss might be off today, but we still managed to fill up this week’s GameDay section. I did a story on the state of MSU’s special teams. Elsewhere in the SEC, we of course focused heavily on today’s Alabama-LSU game.

The Birmingham News is relishing the fact that the game is finally here. And go here to see the Baton Rouge Advocate’s wall-to-wall coverage. The Advocate sums up this game succinctly: “Big.”

Remember: 2:30 p.m., CBS.


3 Responses to “On the Links: GameDay”

  1. rwriffe Says:

    What a game! Of course I took LSU and 3.5 which I would have won if Bama makes the field goal at the end. Just my luck. I will say that Alabama is nowhere near the #1 team in the nation. The big 12 is by far the best conference top to bottom this year and Texas Tech is the cream of the crop. Their game with Oklahoma is shaping up to be a monster. I can’t remember two offenses of this caliber playing each other ever. Texas Tech is as fast a team as I can remember.

    I feel that Florida will kill Alabama in Atlanta. At least that is our only hope of an SEC team winning a national title. Whichever team gets to the championship game they are going to have a tough time facing either of the big three from the big 12 should that be who gets there.

  2. bamamanreturns Says:

    Well, fact is Bama is #1 and everyone else has to come and get us…good luck

  3. rwriffe Says:

    Yep, the fact is that bama is rated #1 for now. The key word being “for now”. When Florida gets through with them it will be a different story. Crow while you can for the next couple of weeks for the Turds time is coming. Wonder if you will show your face over here when John Pusser Wilson takes a pounding and gets chomped by the Gators.

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