Croom Teleconference: Changes Up Front?


He was rather coy about it, but MSU coach Sylvester Croom is shuffling his offensive line for this week’s game at Alabama. It will involve center J.C. Brignone playing some at guard, his original position, while getting his backup, D.J. Looney, into the game. I’ll have something more on that tomorrow.

Some excerpts from today’s press conference. I’ll have some player quotes later:

• On the offensive line changes: “We’re just trying to get better, try different things and see how things will work.”

• On Alabama QB John Parker Wilson: “He is running the offense extremely well. One of the things I thought John Parker is doing, is he’s doing exactly what he’s coached to do, he’s putting the ball exactly where he’s supposed to.”

• On Bama’s offensive line being biggest difference this year: “Their coaches challenged the offensive line, it was pretty obvious, they accepted the challenge that they were going to set the tempo and be the heart and soul of the football team and be the leaders of the football team. To me, that’s the biggest difference.”

• On Bama center Antoine Caldwell: “He is without question in my mind one of the best centers in the country. And quite often he gets so much push in the middle that there’s a 3-yard gain before any contact is made with the running back. If that happens, it’s going to be a long day for us.”

• On the MSU offense’s fourth-down struggles (6-for-15): “I think some of it’s attitude, some of it’s just guys getting it done. In our conference, everybody’s going to line up and try to run the football on you. Because that’s the safest way to do it without turning the football over. Some years you’ve just got the people to get it done with, some years you don’t.”

• When asked if he’s thought about what it would feel like to beat Bama: “What it’s like after the victory is your motivation. That 10 to 15 minutes in the dressing room, that is your motivation. That’s the reason you do everything you do, for that 15 minutes in the dressing room. Because after that it’s over, you’ve got to get ready for the next one.”


6 Responses to “Croom Teleconference: Changes Up Front?”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    I really hope this swap on the line helps but changing the center is a big deal! Looney and Lee better get a lot of reps in this week. Your flirting with disaster on a move like this. Snap exchanges, counts, & timing could cause a snowball effect of fumbles & penalties. OH, and not to mention the guy lining up opposite of the new center is only the biggest baddest NG in the SEC!!!!!!!!!

    Tyson Lee, if you read this I feel for you buddy. I foresee night fall on Mr. Sunshine. OUCH!

  2. carwwest Says:

    egh, i dont think it will matter all that much but maroon1 is right about them getting the center-QB exchange down….they need to practice that double time if we are going that route this weekend…who’s guard spot is brignone taking??…i know gates has been hurt but i thought he was practicing this week and i thought jenkins was starting anyway??…

    BL, how many snaps has looney taken this year??…it is going to be hard to put a kid into his first real playing time against the biggest and best NG in the country…i, like maroon1, smell more than a couple sacks no matter who is on the line but maybe crxxm is a genius….haha sorry i couldnt even type that with a straight face….

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    Brignone is listed on the depth chart as first-team left guard, ahead of Strauder. Jenkins will start again; Gates should play but is still getting over that turf toe.

    Looney has played 24 snaps this year – 7 against La. Tech, 17 against SE Louisiana. He hasn’t played since.

  4. carwwest Says:

    hmmm…doesnt smell all that good to me….oh well, the line has struggled all year so i guess it cant hurt that much…

  5. Mississippi State - Alabama Hump Day Linkage - Mississippi State Sports Blog Says:

    […] Locke tells us that Croom is planning to make changes on the offensive line, possibly moving Center J.C. Brignone to Guard and getting some playing time for D.J. […]

  6. maroon1white Says:

    here’s a thought…Croom is always keeping secrets and telling his players not to reveal their plans why is he announcing the change on the line? If anything I wouldn’t let the press know about the switch till friday or later. But I digress.

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