MSU Players Speak


The team is practicing outside in the rain this evening. Gonna be tough come Saturday night weather-wise.

Some excerpts from the players who spoke at today’s MSU football press conference:

• DE Tim Bailey, on Alabama OL Andre Smith: “Big Andre, he’s a good one, I must admit. But he’s not supernatural. As long as I play my technique right and lean with leverage, he’s not going to be a big factor in the game, that’s what I feel like.”

• Bailey on Alabama being a first-half team: “We know they jump out on other people early, so we’ve got to come out with a sense of urgency. We have to get them in some bad situations, get them out of their comfort zone and make them adapt and adjust to us.”

• C/G J.C. Brignone, on Alabama NG Terrence Cody (6-5, 365): “He’s one of those guys that’ll stop a hole, and he can hold up three gaps. When you take two guys out of an offensive line with just one D-lineman, that’s a big deal, because you’re keeping one guy off of a linebacker.”

• DT Jessie Bowman, on reaching bowl eligibility: “It’s my senior year; it’s four guys’ on the D-line senior year, and we would love to get back to a bowl game. We don’t want to go back home early.”

• LB Dominic Douglas, on whether Alabama has any weaknesses: “All around, honestly, no. They’re a complete team. They play well together offense, defense and special teams. But we’re going to take that and try to turn that around and use it to our advantage.”


2 Responses to “MSU Players Speak”

  1. carwwest Says:

    how do you turn around a complete team and use it to your advantage???…crxxm must have told him to say that…

  2. maroon1white Says:

    Dominic must have been shuffling through the “player speak” cue cards Croom handed him going into the press conference and picked the wrong one.

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