Croom Says …


Some excerpts from MSU coach Sylvester Croom‘s chat on the SEC coaches teleconference this morning:

• On beating Alabama the last two years: “We’ve just played well. We’ve played well on that particular day. We forced some turnovers. I don’t think it’s any one thing. … When we played Alabama, they were in a transition process, and I don’t think they were quite as explosive. Having a guy like Julio (Jones) now makes a huge difference for them. In one play, he can change the ballgame.”

• On playing the No. 1 team: “It’s fun to be in the spotlight. You like to be there because of your own record. The shadow of a No. 1 team spreads very widely. We’re happy to be a part of this. We’re preparing to play as well as we possibly can. But yeah, it’s nice to be able to play the best. This is what you dream about.”

• On his linebackers after losing Jamar Chaney: “I think they’ve handled it. I think they’re still improving, because we’ve got young guys like Bo Walters, who will play a lot more this week.”

• On RB Anthony Dixon playing well against Bama: “I don’t know that there’s a particular reason, but he has played well. He’s played well in some big ballgames for us. For us to have a chance to win, he needs to have another big game, an even bigger one than in the past.”


22 Responses to “Croom Says …”

  1. carwwest Says:

    egh, who really cares what crxxm has to say anymore??….all i hear is blah blah blah im a crzppy cxach…

  2. dawgbones Says:

    ” stay in the bowl hunt” DJ article??? Come on Brad, get real, not a snowball’s chance. Write about something possible or positive, like MSU baseball and John Cohen. Croom is history whether this year or next — only way he will buy another year is to ditch McCorvey. Byrne has stated that he shouldn’t have to tell a highly paid head coach to make needed changes in his assistants. Well, he’s going to and if Crxxm doesn’t take it the right way, then he can be shown the door.

  3. Brad Locke Says:

    Hey, had to do it before they got mathematically eliminated. Seemed obligatory.

  4. carwwest Says:

    we know its not your fault, BL…after all, it is your job and is still football season so i guess you get a pass for covering the biggest joke in college football….

  5. desertdog2005 Says:

    Unfortanely I am also a Cubs fan so I have learned how to accept defeat and disappointment. I don’t know who said this but it sums it up pretty well: “You’ve got to learn to survive a defeat. That’s when you develop character.”- I guess that why our head coach and OC have alot of character.

  6. carwwest Says:

    haha nice desert….wait i could be thinking of somone else on here, but are you a veteran now desert??…dont mean to pry…

  7. carwwest Says:

    ok BL, i am very bored and i hear there is a rumor going around that crxxm is thinking about moving delmon robinson to defense next year….please tell me this holds no water because if this is true, i will truly go down there and slap crxxm in the mouth….

  8. carwwest Says:

    oh and he is thinking about burning another redshirt??

  9. Brad Locke Says:

    I’ve heard nothing of the sort, car. And I don’t expect we’ll see any more burned redshirts.

  10. carwwest Says:

    just saying what i heard BL, but i figured if anyone knew it was you…i heard the redshirt he was going to burn was a walk on redshirt kicker from jackson prep or something…warren or warden or something….i never even heard of him, guess cause he is a walk on….

  11. Brad Locke Says:

    Zac Warden is indeed a walk-on kicker, and now he’s second on the depth chart behind Adam Carlson. With coach Reed Stringer basically saying that Carlson’s job isn’t safe, the kid might get a shot.

    As for Robinson, it wouldn’t stun me if the rumor was true. Bowser’s back on offense, and the receiving corps is pretty crowded. And the secondary will be losing four seniors. Robinson did play DB in the Mississippi/Alabama All-Star Game.

  12. Brad Locke Says:

    So I retract my statement about no more burning redshirts. In the case of Warden, it could happen. (I tend to forget about kickers.)

  13. carwwest Says:

    aaagghh, anybody could see the potential that robinson had with the ball in his hands after the la tech game despite it being la tech…but what is with all the switching??…clark was a recruited as a db, robinson was a db but recruited as an athlete, bowser keeps switching, templeton hardy is now on OL, etc…i understand some switching with athletes but hardy was a 4 star DL…

    next year will be a different story at WR, robinson is playing behind 3 seniors(bell, riley, smith) and a junior in mcrae…that is why i dont understand the switch…if he keeps switching all these people around, it just continues to prove how crxxm cant manage or judge personnel or talent….

    dont really mind the kicker shirt as much because a division one school should be able to get a decent kicker, because trust me, they are out there…plus, i think the new coach will find one before he is gone…haha

  14. imabulldog Says:

    I’m with you car, D-Rob is the man. He could be explosive with about 3 more touches a game. Just on simple slant routes he has the ability to do some damage if he gets it in the middle of the field

  15. dawgbones Says:

    It is a little late in the season to be saying Carlson’s job isn’t safe. I tell you who’s job isn’t safe, it’s Stringer’s.

  16. desertdog2005 Says:

    Carwwest- sorry about that I had left for the day. Yes I am veteran. I fought in Operation Iraqi freedom with the 2nd-114th out of Mississippi. Otherwise known as Dixie thunder and before that I was in the Marines 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines-they were known as the raging devils.

  17. tebmsu97 Says:

    But yeah, it’s nice to be able to play the best. This is what you dream about.”

    Most teams dream about being number one, not playing them…

  18. carwwest Says:

    its cool desert, i was just making sure and was going to say i hope you had a good veterans day and thanks for what you do…

  19. Brad Locke Says:

    I second that, desert.

  20. desertdog2005 Says:

    humbly I thank you

  21. destindawg Says:

    “For us to have a chance to win, he [Dixon] needs to have another big game, an even bigger one than in the past.” – Croom

    I completely disagree. The game for us is in the hands of Tyson Lee. I do not believe we’re gonna have a rushing game until we establish a passing game. I believe we should line up 5 wideouts and roll TL out until they stop TL from running in the open field or making an occasional good throw. If we can catch UA in a 5 or 6 DB set. Then run the 2-minute offense (if we have one) and run the ball to keep them from running players in and out.

  22. carwwest Says:

    we still have crxxm, it aint going to happen destin…

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