MSU-Alabama Postgame


A few quotes, but not many since it was a tight deadline and a short press conference. First off, DT Jessie Bowman appears lost for the season with a torn quad tendon. FS/KR Derek Pegues suffered a concussion.

Coach Sylvester Croom:

• On Alabama return man Javier Arenas: “He got the ball.” He said that again, and that’s all he said about it.

• On special teams: ““We gave up 16 points in the kicking game, and that’s the ballgame.”

• On his offensive line shuffle: “We put the best five offensive linemen we had out there. That’s the bet five we’ve got.”

Specials teams coach Reed Stringer:

• On Arenas: “We had a game plan of trying to kick the ball away from him, and for the most part tonight we did. … On the second one, we didn’t put the ball where we’re supposed to put it. That’s my fault, I’m the one that called where to kick the ball where it was kicked.”

Quarterback Tyson Lee:

• “Their defense played a great game tonight. When you have that and you have an offense that can move the ball, that makes you a good team.”

• “When it comes to bringing different guys and (having) playmakers, when you have those two things, it can make it hard on an offense.”


• First downs: MSU 9, Bama 17

• Rushes-Yards: MSU 22-35, Bama 48-198

• Passing: MSU 11-28-0, 132 yards; Bama 12-19-0, 166 yards

• Total yards: MSU 167, Bama 364

• Penalties: MSU 5-25, Bama 5-52

• Punting: MSU 10-37.4, Bama 5-43.0


• QB Tyson Lee: 11-28-0, 132 yards, 1 TD

• RB Anthony Dixon: 11-26 rushing, 4-32 receiving

• WR Jamayel Smith: 2-46, 1 TD

• LB Dominic Douglas: 11 tackles


• QB John Parker Wilson: 10-17-0, 148 yards, 0 TDs

• RB Mark Ingram: 13-78, 1 TD

• RB Glen Coffee: 17-71

• WR Julio Jones: 3-53

• LB Rolando McClain: 11 tackles, 2 sacks


24 Responses to “MSU-Alabama Postgame”

  1. carwwest Says:

    im sorry to hear about bowman and pegues….hope they recover well…they along with the rest of the team deserve better than crxxm’s fat azz…

  2. Brad Locke Says:

    Hey, somebody’s still up!

  3. jrc211 Says:

    Something has got to give.

    Don’t you just know all those offensive recruits just loved seeing the stat ESPN put up last night..the one that said MSU has not broken into the top 100 since Croom (and more importantly Wxxdy) has been here. I am not one of the guys who is in favor of firing Coach Croom, but I do strongly believe that he is going to have to make some changes in his staff and quite possibly his offensive system…starting with McCorvey and after last night (and the rest of this seasons kicking game for that matter) ending with Reed Stringer.

  4. hailstate Says:

    I feel bad for our defensive guys, for five years they have busted their butts, only to have our offense to get on the the field and spell them for two minutes. It’s not the players fault either. I like Coach Croom, but his unwillingness to let our strengths/ weaknesses dictate our offensive style is hurting us. I’m not saying we could score like a Florida, but I know we could do better. We have a good defense, but you can’t expect them to keep every opponent at zero and pray we get a field goal.

  5. goldendawg Says:

    And as bad as the offense played last night.. they were efficient enough to keep us in the game. This one all belongs to special teams.

  6. jrc211 Says:

    I agree, not doubt special teams was the deciding factor. Though our offense didn’t exactly give our defense any help…sending them back out on the field after 3 plays..time and time again. Check out article in Clarion Ledger this morning, pretty good. (sorry Brad haha)

  7. carwwest Says:

    the offense was not efficient…special teams and offense has cost us how many games now since crxxm has been here??…the whole staff is a joke…anybody see dominic douglas’s comments on the offense??…things are pretty bad right now…

  8. charleston11 Says:

    2004- 3-8, 2-6 SEC
    2005- 3-8, 1-7 SEC
    2006- 3-9, 1-7 SEC
    2007- 8-5, 3-5 SEC
    2008- 3-7 with 2 to play, 1-5 SEC

    Overall 20-37, 8-30 SEC Games

  9. skydawg706 Says:

    I know we have coaching problems (O-coordinator and line coach) to some degree, but how can you blame 10 drop passes on a coach, and offense line not blocking/opening up holes like they should.

    Looking ahead on recuriting State needs to have depth – strong bench.

    Seems we’ve sucked for long time on offense – defense has been our bread & butter.

  10. carwwest Says:

    about half of those drops werent real drops…at least 3 of those were lee throwing the ball as hard as he could to a guy 4 feet away…another one that they called a drop, lee threw it about 2 yards behind a guy and it hit off his hand with no chance of a catch…so i will say about 4-5 of those “drops” were actually catchable…but the fact remains we still dont make adjustments and we have the mind of a high school kid coaching our football team….

  11. bamamanreturns Says:

    We gave up 16 points in the kicking game, and that’s the ballgame.”
    The genius of Croom…that would still leave you 10 points shy of a W.
    Also, who does Sly’s wardrobe, clearly he is paying someone to look that ridiculous.

  12. skydawg706 Says:

    CARWEST….have of those catches or less may not have been catchable, or the ones thrown that was not even close to the player or way over his head.

    Just feel players have to execute, no excuse for some things. Not all the coaches fault. May be a case of coaches unable to get players motivated. Do not know. Me I am num now….weather the rest of the season out…..if we win we win if we lose we lose……..the thrill is gone.

    Also looking at some of the players faces on the side line, this game and others……picture I see “let’s hurry up and get this season over with”.

    Feel bad for the defense..may not have been played prefect this game but they sure put forth an effort each game.

  13. jbuzz74 Says:

    hey Car in 2007 we beat Auburn, Alabama, Kentucky and Ole Miss… we were 4-4 in the SEC. ( not that thats much better)

    Second I do think that the kicking game has cost us 2 maybe 3 games this year. I dont think Reed Stringer is doing a good job at special teams, but he is doing an excellent job recruiting. Check out the commitments he is responsible for. He should be moved to TE coach or something to retain his recruiting ability.

  14. carwwest Says:

    i understand we won those games last year…but that is last year…4-4 in the sec is fine with me as long as we win most if not all of the OOC games depending on who they are…but my main point is we always have the same problems every year under crxxm, there is no improvement…last year in those games, the only offense we really showed was in the KY game…in the auburn game, we scored 1 offensive TD….bama game, we scored one offensive TD, ole piss, we scored one offensive TD…

    that is very rare you can win 3 sec games with only one offensive TD a game…i just want to see improvement on the field and from the staff and i dont see it and havent seen it…

  15. tebmsu97 Says:

    Bottom line is the team has not improved under Croom. I have never wanted a coach to succeed more than Croom, I love the guys personality and think he could have been a great figure head for a program. But when push comes to shove he or his staff (who he is responsible for so his fault either way) or both are not cut out for this job. 5 years is more than enough time to prove you know what you are doing and he has failed in that regard.

    GB it is time to move on…

  16. bantyrooster1 Says:

    I think it’s obvious by looking at Croom’s 5 year history that he’s not going to be the head coach much longer. Big mistake was giving him the extension last year. Now it’s very unlikely that we will attempt a buyout. There are two reasons for this: 1. Too much heat for firing the first black coach in the SEC and 2. The amount of money to buyout the head coach and the assistants. The only way for the fans to have a major say in getting rid of Croom now would be for everybody to stay home next Saturday. I know this is exactly the opposite of what the players need but it’s the only way the administration would consider firing Croom this season. If only 15,000 people show up Saturday, a fire would be lit. I’m not going simply because I’m sick of watching our offense. It’s been 5 years and our offense makes me sick.

  17. carwwest Says:

    im not going for a few reasons….it will be interesting to see how many people show up this weekend…i will be in martin, tn watching a fun team….utm, that div 1-AA team that gave auburn everything they wanted last weekend, needs to win to make it to the playoffs and they are fun to watch…plus its cheaper and the have an offense…

  18. leeearl Says:

    We would’ve beat Bama IF:

    – we had not punted to Javier Uranus
    Blame = Blake McAdams for punting it to him and the Special Ed team for not tackling

    *Note – It looked as if Croom had this in his game plan, not to punt to him by the way he chewed Blake’s ass out….

    – we actually had an Offense:

    – we had a better Offensive line to block for Dixon and Lee
    Blame = Coaching staff e.g. blocking schemes, recruiting, etc…

    – we had a good QB….. Ole Miss, Vandy, and KY has a way better QB than us….
    Blame = Coaching staff e.g. recruiting

    How can Wes Carroll just all of sudden suck?
    What the hell is wrong with Christian Ducre’s hands, he has the worst running back receiving hands of all time…

    Ya know what? I’m done with this post…..I don’t have enough time in a day to give all the reasons our offense sux so bad….

    Thank goodness for MSU basketball!

  19. olemiss1581 Says:

    yea, you will be saying thank goodness for MSHOE basketball after they go 500 in the SEC this year, ….football isnt over yet, a few more weeks of good ole losing for you guys then you can concentrate on basketball. haha. Hey i hope you guys enjoyed the “liberty” bowl, because its the last one you guys will have in a long long time. Good choice peagues, way to go state!!!! please sign croom another 5 years! please pretty please!!!

  20. skydawg706 Says:

    Carwest – I plan to show up at the game – Dawg fan to the end. rain forecasted for this weekend, deer season opens (guns).

    Besides, hear what the new jumbotron sounds like.


    If State decides to fire croom – race will not be a factor. Besides I think Croom would resign – type of character he has. I think some of the players is at fault also – cannot catch, block, tackle, or see over the line for them.

    There is enuff alumni money to buy out croom. Examples, family that paid for the upper deck (east side) and the “one” that paid for the jumbotron.

    I plan to stay at home “next saturday” since the game is at Ole Miss. Do hope it is televised.

    I plan to attend this weekend game for the team (coaches/players).

    If State does fire croom – why don’t you and others put in your resume for the job.

    Be interested to hear Olemiss after the pounding LSU is going to give them.

  21. carwwest Says:

    skydawg, i will be a dawg fan till i die but its a long drive down there fro where i live to sit in the cold and watch a crappy game….i few of my old friends, are coming into town too so all of that sounds like more fun thatn driving 4 1/2 hours to get mad… haha…i thought about going because of the seniors and the new sound system but eghhh…

  22. skydawg706 Says:

    Carwest – my bat – forgot u live in TN….

    I’m pass being mad….gone num….nothing State does upset me anymore……

  23. carwwest Says:

    yeah its not a bad trip but still a trip…see, my dad still gets on me to this day because even when we are bad and i know it, i still get ill during the games because, honestly, i really dont think there are many people in the world that are more competitve than me….i cant help it…

  24. skydawg706 Says:

    yeah I am competive to…..

    biggest think that burns me up is “stupid penalaties”…..head not in the game.

    Which State had my highschool coach…..break’em from making stupid penalities….big time.

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