Chaney to Return


Coach Sylvester Croom said on this morning’s teleconference that senior middle linebacker Jamar Chaney wants him to apply for a medical hardship and plans to return for the 2009 season. “He and I were just talking the other day, we were standing out at practice talking, he said, ‘Coach, I’ve already made my decision, I want to come back.’ I told hm I appreciated that he let me know.”

Croom said Chaney will move to outside linebacker next year, which he thinks is a better fit for him. “On paper right now, with the guys we’ve got committed and him coming back, that’ll definitely be one of our stronger positions.”

Chaney broke his leg in the season opener against Louisiana Tech.


2 Responses to “Chaney to Return”

  1. carwwest Says:

    definitely gald to hear he is going to come back…nobody wants to end their career due to injury…plus, he is a playmaker which always helps…get well soon chaney!!

  2. msudawginbama Says:

    some good news for next year!
    get well soon!

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