Croom Speaks; Players of the Week


As I wrote in the below post, the big news of the day was senior LB Jamar Chaney applying for a medical hardship in hopes of returning next season. He broke his leg in the season opener.

But there was plenty else discussed on this morning’s Sylvester Croom teleconference. Some nuggets:

• On if he feels bad for his defense: “I feel bad for whole team. I think people forget, this is an entire football team. Everybody out there has played hard all year.”

• On where the offense breaks down: “I know exactly where the breakdown starts happening. At times we don’t do things like we practice. The effort’s good, but if we block well, you might miss a read. If the protection’s good, we might miss a read as far as the throw. We might make the throw, but the catch isn’t made. … That’s what we’ve dealt with all year long.”

• On the general disappointment of this season: “We’ve had lot of things happen. Some things have not gone our way, and we’ve created some misfortune for ourselves. We started off, didn’t have quite the leadership we had last year. Some have emerged, and that’s been a positive. … It’s just been a struggle from start to finish. But I’m proud our guys have competed all year, and that’s a positive.”

• On how this year’s affected him: “I’ve gotten a lot more mentally tough. I’ve grown a lot thicker skin. You do that, I guess, as you get older.”

• On center D.J. Looney, who made his first start Saturday: “I knew there were going to be some mistakes on his part, but I thought he played with a lot of poise, and he fought them all night long.”

• On what he expects when Arkansas comes in Saturday: “Those guys want to end on a good note just like we do. I think it’s going to be two teams out there battling for pride and respect.” And, in Arky’s case, a bowl game.

• On what must be one to make next year better: “This recruiting year is absolutely critical to the future of this program. That’ll make three straight good recruiting years. … The ability to get players, I mean top SEC players, was extremely difficult, and the last two years we’ve been able to do that. For us to have a quality program in the future, we have to maintain this class.”

Also, the SEC has released its players of the week:

• Offense: WR/RB Percy Harvin, Florida

• Defense: CB D.J. Moore, Vanderbilt

• Special teams: KR Javier Arenas, Alabama

• Offensive line: T Michael Oher, Ole Miss

• Defensive line: DE Jermaine Cunningham, Florida

• Freshman: WR A.J. Green, Georgia


10 Responses to “Croom Speaks; Players of the Week”

  1. carwwest Says:

    maintain this class???…i could be wrong but this sounds like he has been reading stuff on the internet and knows that is his only argument right now to keep his job…ha…i hope byrne gets a real coach soon and trust me, a good coach will keep a lot of this class intact…

    i love how he still talks about missing assignments, and “At times we don’t do things like we practice.”….10 games into the season and we are still having trouble taking stuff from the practice field to the game, coach??…i dont buy it for a second….but on a more positive note, im glad chaney is going to come back, he will be a leader on a young defense next year…

  2. imabulldog Says:

    I agree Car, 10 games in-that can’t happen.

    I do feel bad for CC, and Im sure his skin has gotten thicker due to his lack of a coaching staff, that in return causes us to question his abilities.

    Chaney counts for like 2 extra players on D-when he’s on the field. Javing him back will be huge.

    Most importantly, we have to hold on to atleast some of our recruits. If not, we are dead in the water without a solid class. If we’d won just the games we were supposed to-Im sure we’d still be in the top 20 as far as recruiting classes. But, ….oh well

  3. deaddawg1 Says:

    Hey guys, I have a plan for our football program. It’s simple.

    1. Fire crxxm and company.

    2. Hire a new coach with a base salary of $1,000,000/yr.

    3. Incentivise His contract as follows:
    He gets $50,000 bonus for each non-SEC win.
    He gets $100,000 bonus for the first SEC win.
    He gets $200,000 bonus for each SEC win thereafter.

    There you have it. It is simple, but I guarntee it’ll produce a winning program.

  4. tupelobizbuzz Says:

    Find an offense that works – and a coach who can teach it – and we’ll attract recruits.

    Staying ranked above 100 five straight years on offense – something’s got to give. Sometimes, it’s the system. If it ain’t working, move on. The ESPN commentators said that Croom and his offensive staff went to Michigan to get pointers from Rich Rodriguez …. yeah, good move there!

    Our defense can only be on the field for so long, and they were worn down – again – on Saturday.

    And special teams seems to have been a problem for most of the last five years, too.

    It’s time for that evaluation of the staff now, and not at the end of the season. When only 40,000 show up once again for an SEC home game – and many will be Ark fans, that will hopefully show the coaches and admin that there are some very unhappy, disatisfied fans who want a change – not excuses.

  5. dadwithpride Says:

    For what its worth, local(Meridian) talk radio this morning was saying, if McCorvy isn’t fired, then Croom will be. Not soon enough for me.
    Don’t know who we could get for above figures.

  6. msudawginbama Says:

    my drunken buddy kept throwing empty beer cans at the television every time they popped McCorvey on screen.
    and he’s an auburn fan… i guess i rubbed off on him this season…!

    Tyson keeps looking a little better each week (ignoring the UT debacle).
    if you take out the special teams snafu’s and some of those passes ended up complete, the game wouldve had a much different flavor.
    well, here’s to “waiting for next year”….

    btw: anyone see alabama’s dramatic loss to perennial powerhouse Mercer yesterday?

  7. carwwest Says:

    dadwithpride, im glad to hear the media is finally starting to hold crxxm accountable instead of continuing to give him half decade free pass…but i think firing wxxdy would be a mute point at this time…think about it…

    if we keep crxxm, season tickets will be way down next year so less money there, concessions, parking, eating, hotels, etc….then we are probably going to have to offer the new assistant coaches and OC at least a two year deal just to get them to think about coming to state while crxxm is probably in his last year…then we’ll have to buy out those and wxxdy and crxxm after next year and then ticket sales will be down again after another terrible season…i just have to think byrne is smarter than that…

    and why is no one talking about using the espn money and the leerfield media money to use on the buyout??…tennessee already said that’s where a majority of fulmer’s buyout would come from and rumor had it auburn was thinking about the same thing….i think we can come up with the money…i know the only way im going to keep buying my season tickets is if crxxm isnt there next year….just me, but i dont think im alone it that feeling…

  8. carwwest Says:

    oh and i have been meaning to ask yall this….i have heard a rumor that feld, our normal long snapper, was hurt but it wasnt just his ankle…i heard that during practice carlson, our all-hooked-on-phonics kicker, was throwing the ball with feld…well carlson decided to throw the call really high in the air like a punt and while feld was looking up to catch the ball, carlson thought it would be funny to throw another ball at him…well supposedly it hit him in the eye and hurt him pretty bad…if this is true, WFT!?!?!?!?….

  9. bleedmaroon Says:

    you are not alone car..everyone knows that money speaks louder than words. if the bulldog club members want a change, then the donations will stop. if mr byrne wants to keep the club numbers up then a change will have to be made cause i would be willing to bet that we will see a drastic drop in donations and season tickets if crxxm stays.

  10. imabulldog Says:

    Yeah, we could go from one of the best % rises in season tix ever- to the worst in school history if no changes are made.

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