Petrino Says …


Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino just got done with his weekly press conference. I listened in, and here’s what I heard:

• On RB Michael Smith, who’s recovering from a shoulder injury: “Michael practiced last night, looked very quick, fast. I think his legs are back, feeling good.”

• On possibly playing two QBs, starter Casey Dick (concussion) and backup/little brother Nathan Dick: “I’m never going to say never. … I don’t anticipate doing that, but who knows?” Petrino said Casey Dick will be evaluated daily.

• On Nathan Dick, a redshirt freshman: “I’ve been impressed with how serious he’s taken it, how prepared he’s been for every practice, the leadership he’s shown stepping into the huddle, and just the different guy that comes out, the different personality that comes out when you step up to No. 1.”

• On his team’s general health: “We’ll be as healthy as we’ve been all year, I think.”

• On MSU’s defense: “They have a very good defense, very similar in some of the things they do to South Carolina. They go back and forth between a four-man front and a three-man front. They’ll pressure you. They try to get an extra guy down into the box somehow to stop the run, whether that’s seven guys or eight guys or nine, depending on what personnel group you have in the game.”

• On MSU’s offense: “The biggest concern you have is their ability to run the ball, add option to the package and then their quarterback can do two things: He can throw the ball deep, or he can scramble around. So we have a challenge to make sure we keep him in the pocket and defend the deep pass.”


13 Responses to “Petrino Says …”

  1. truedog4 Says:

    Brad, is there any video hookup to these opposing coaches press conferences? Was Bobby Petrino having to choke back the laughter as he talked about his concern over the MSU offense?

  2. BirdZ! Says:

    “He can throw the ball deep,”

    Deeper than the WR can run.

  3. imabulldog Says:

    Uh…we have ability to run the ball! Awesome, maybe we’ll actually see it this weekend!

    I’m the #1 AD fan, but we haven’t been able to run. I hope we can the rest of the yr tho

  4. leeearl Says:

    I laughed when I saw the mentioning of the Bulldog’s offense, the offense is absolutely positively pathetic….I really think it comes down to having a good O-line and a QB that can make some plays and get the ball to the receivers…

  5. moorebs Says:

    Hey Ima,

    I was talking to a buddy of mine over here today and reminded myself of something. Wasn’t Croom supposed to be some miraculous RB coach in the pros? What happened to that? He has done absolutely NOTHING to develop AD. I was scared to death watching AD dance in the end zone Sat. night. Come to find out i should have been more scared about punting out of the endzone.

  6. carwwest Says:

    hahahahaha im sorry….deep pass!?!?!?….we have run the option like 2 TIMES all year…imnot sure if these coaches are trying to be nice or just mocking us….

  7. leeearl Says:


    Before coaching at Mississippi State, Croom was an assistant at Alabama for 11 seasons, one as a graduate assistant coach and ten more variably as inside and outside linebackers coach. During this eleven-year period on the Alabama staff Croom participated in ten bowl games, two national championships in 1978 and 1979, and he coached four eventual NFL first-round draft picks, including Cornelius Bennett and Derrick Thomas.

    He then spent 17 years in the professional ranks as running backs coach at Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, San Diego, and Green Bay. Before going to Green Bay he served as offensive coordinator for Detroit from 1997-2000, and during his tenure in San Diego was on the Chargers’ staff for Super Bowl XXIX.

  8. desertdog2005 Says:

    I usually don’t side with the ESPN announcers, but I have to on this one point: “Mississippi State would be an elite team if they had a some resemblance of an offense”,-I think it was good ole Verne that said that. I never doubted our defense.
    Watching Croom before the game with the Crimson tie on-going around shaking hands and what not—I think he understands that this is his last hooray with State. I would ask him this Brad (if given the chance). —I admire Coach Croom – he has been a beacon of light for the university and his staff. He has been a true friend to Woody MC and stood by him in front of the media and while under pressure to fire him. When is Woody going to be his friend and allow him to succeed? Can’t Woody see that he doesn’t have what it takes to be successful OC? Be an amazing special teams coach or something else-it is just not what he does well. Thank you… I enjoy reading the articles and the blog even if my Blood pressure raises from frustration with out football program.

  9. nextyeardawg Says:

    Anthony Dixon needs to be moved to fullback if Croom’s dumb butt will allow it. He could be very effective as a blocker and safety valve while Ducre or Stallworth totes the rock.

    It’s hard to believe our offensive output is as bad as it is with the stable of backs and wideouts we have. I hope and pray we have a new OC and quarterbacks coach when TR arrives on the scene. I can’t bear to see another good qb digress under incompetence. Of course, I doubt Croom and McCorvey will be there for year 2 of the TR era if we don’t win at least 6 games next year. HELP GREG!!! THIS IS AN SOS !!!!

  10. imabulldog Says:

    that’s true, eventhough he’s helped out at a lot of positions- you think more development would have taken place

  11. carwwest Says:

    we have regressed, there is no doubt, in many areas…but i think dixon is still capable of being a very, very good back…i havent watched a ton of game film really hard to see how much assignment blocking versus zone blocking we do when running the football but im willing to bet we do a lot more assignment blocking since we run so much A and B gap stuff…

    from my experience in football, there are backs that can excel in one type of blocking and not do so well in the other and there are ones that just can do it all….

    to me dixon, can do both but only to a certain extent…like when we run off a and b gap dixon hesitates because our line isnt as good as it has been and can hold the their assignments like the famous crxxm says and he is too slow to hesitate…but it seems when we run him off tackle while zone blocking and he makes a cut to go north, thats when he gets that 5-6 yards a carry…i dont claim to be an expert but i do have some experience and when a line like ours struggles so much with their “assignments”, it is very common to start zone blocking because it is not as “hard” (cant find the right word) and you dont necessarily have to have to strength to over-power everyone, just a little more speed on the line…

    we all know dixon needs to be a one cut and go but i think we do a lot more assignment blocking and the lineman just arent opeing holes…those draw plays ducre used to run so much are zone and the big runs dixon had during the lsu game were zone…im not sure about the bama game, i havent seen the replay yet …but zone “usually” compensates for lack of power….

    now i could be completely wrong, but if i were to go back and study all of our game film, my gut says im somewhat right and this leads back to managing talent and playcalling…this is coaching once again….

    i was not a lineman but i played fullback but was recruited to be a kicker and punter and i coached a little…actually got paid for a little bit but i figured out i could have as much fun coaching little kids for free and making more money doing people’s taxes…. haha …sorry for the long post…hope it didnt waste yall’s time…

  12. Brad Locke Says:

    Excellent post, carw.

  13. carwwest Says:

    i hear montrell “choo choo” conner is opening up his recruiting again…supposedly he went to oregon and liked it along with florida also…people talk about keeping crxxm just to keep this class intact…

    well i think the real studs of the class are looking elsewhere because of the season and will continue to do so no matter who the coach is…supposedly hutchins at ICC is trying to talk mcphee into sticking with state after his trips to florida and michigan…

    a good coach can come here and keep most of the recruits, yeah we will lose some but im sure a new coach will get as much and more out of the players if he is the right guy…you can put all the talent in the world on the field but if you cant manage or coach it, there is no use….

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