Praising Douglas; Hoops Recap


In today’s opinion offering, yours truly praises MLB Dominic Douglas and the rest of the defense for what they’ve done, and continue to do, despite little to no reward for their efforts.

And here is the recap of last night’s basketball win against UL-Monroe. Good crowd for a Monday night non-SEC game. Tonight, the ladies open their season against Arkansas-Pine Bluff, 7 p.m. at The Hump.

Coming up, a busy day in Starkville: Got the 1 p.m. press conference, and I’ll hopefully be able to track down Jamar Chaney about his decision to return to MSU next year. I’ll have a lengthy story on him for Friday’s paper.

As for this week’s game with Arkansas (1:30 p.m., no TV), the Northwest Arkansas Times writes about QB Casey Dick and RB Michael Smith trying to return from injuries.

And here’s today’s random link, about Tennessee cutting out freebies for its ushers. Sad.


5 Responses to “Praising Douglas; Hoops Recap”

  1. BirdZ! Says:

    “But I’m not here to bash the offense. That’s too easy.”

    Summed things up pretty good right there.

  2. carwwest Says:

    good article, BL…its always good to give praise where is it more than deserved….i only wish douglas could come back next year with chaney….

  3. thingreenline Says:

    Just saw where one of our tennis players got arrested for rape. Maybe our running backs can take lessons from that guy……he’s the only one that can force his way into a hole!

  4. carwwest Says:

    yeah i saw that, that guy can go straight to he((!!!!…if there is one thing a real man should know, it is YOU NEVER MISTREAT A WOMAN NOT MATTER WHAT!!!…i wish the girl’s father could beat the absolute life out of him…send him back to london, i dont want to pay for his sorry azz to eat!!!

  5. Brad Locke Says:

    Why, TGL?

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