Tuesday Press Conference: Croom Says …


Some excerpts from coach Sylvester Croom at today’s MSU football press conference. This first one’s for you, schmuley:

• On long snapper Aaron Feld‘s eye injury: “After practice was over with, they were out there playing catch, he missed the ball, it hit him in the eye. He got blood in his retina.

• Did Feld see the ball coming: “Obviously he didn’t. I wish he did.” By the way, Feld was cleared today to practice full speed, and he will play Saturday.

• On motivating his players with a bowl bid out of reach: “You play to win the game. That’s the most important thing, and that’s what you play for all the time. That in itself is motivation enough.” He did not say that first sentence as Herm Edwards-type passion, but he meant it.

• On struggles in the run game: “If anything has been disappointing to me about the offense more than anything else this year, it’s been our inability to consistently to run the football as well as I’d like to. Nobody practices the running game more than we have. It seems on game day, for whatever reason, we have not been effective at consistently being able to run the ball. … What we’ll do this week, we’ll do our base things, and see if we can do them a lot better than what we have done up to this time.”

• On the offensive line’s overall bulk: “[T]he offensive line when everybody’s healthy and playing the positions that we expect for them to play, our size will be OK. … Our new cafeteria and those kinds of things are set up, how we’re consistently eating well, that’s a part of it as well, making sure our guys have good eating habits and going through another offseason.”

• On WR Jamayel Smith: “He seems to be, even in practice, running a lot better. Jamayel’s had some things to deal with during the course of the year, and it’s been pretty obvious that he hasn’t had the kind of season that we anticipated, that he anticipated. From the time we started camp, he overheated early, he’s had some illnesses, he had some difficult things happen to him in the first ballgame. I think the bottom line, I think he lost his confidence.”


2 Responses to “Tuesday Press Conference: Croom Says …”

  1. maroon1white Says:

    Nothing burns me up more than for our coach to know the running game is bad, admit the running game is bad, & yet say:

    …”What we’ll do this week, we’ll do our base things, and see if we can do them a lot better than what we have done up to this time.”

    I know at this point in the season changing the running game seems hard but it can’t be as hard as getting your ass kicked each week!

    BTW, doing it good in practice means nothing…if it fails on gameday!

  2. carwwest Says:

    still think we could at least try to run some more zone blocking but oh well…did crxxm forget ducre was on the team??…

    i heard crxxm finally semi-admitted or kind of hinted today that there will probably be changes made at the end of the year…but talking about the critism the players and coaches have been taking, he said he told his players he wouldnt leave them out to dry…well that doesnt really make sense considering he blames them after every game for not making plays and executing…i think his quote was something like “when i come to the public, a plan will be in place…”….interesting…

    and i dont usually get over excited about potential recruits but i saw the video of kendial lawrence, a RB from tx…small fast but muscular back…looks like he would be exciting to watch…he is only a 3 star but just something about him intrigues me…4.4 forty and i know the highlight video is glorified but still looks fast and agile…i dont know, maybe he just looked good because he wasnt playing for us right now…

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