SEC Power Rankings: Holding Steady


Not much change in the rankings this week. Ole Miss keeps creeping up, and how ‘bout them bowl-eligible Commodores? MSU can climb out of the cellar with a win over Arkansas. A big if.

Team (Pvs): Comment
1. Florida (1): Not only do the Gators run over opponents, they back up and peel out on their faces. Many times.
2. Alabama (2): Saturday’s win over MSU confirmed my suspicion that the Tide can rise only so high – this year, at least.
3. Georgia (3): The Bulldogs’ defense wasn’t exactly Taco Bell last week, but then, it was facing Auburn’s Ryan’s buffet offense – a lot of choices, none of them appetizing.
4. LSU (4): Troy awoke a sleeping Tiger; problem is, this Tiger has no teeth.
5. Ole Miss (6): The Rebels beat down UL-Monroe 59-0. For the first time in school history, the frat boys got bored before they got plastered. OK, not really.
6. South Carolina (5): That’s not eye black on their faces. Those are tire marks.
7. Arkansas (7): The Razorbacks’ last three losses have come by a grand total of 10 points.
8. Vanderbilt (9): The best college football team in the state of Tennessee. Expect the rapture at any moment.
9. Kentucky (8): Wildcats have a bye week before finishing off Phillip Fulmer.
10. Auburn (10): Nice showing against Georgia, which would’ve meant something four weeks ago.
11. Tennessee (11): This is just getting sad.
12. Mississippi State (12): Bulldogs haven’t been able to beat Razorbacks. Won’t do it this year, either.


One Response to “SEC Power Rankings: Holding Steady”

  1. 2thdoc Says:

    Taco Bell reminds me more of State than Georgia. I like it enough to repeatedly endure the torture that soon follows afterwards each time and each game.

    Enough of this football stuff…the extra nachos stands at the Hump this year will be put to good use.

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